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Título Analytic Methods in Interdisciplinary ApplicationsLibro Electrónico / En Línea - Libro
Parte de Springer eBooks 2015: Colección 2015
Autor(es) Mityushev, Vladimir V (Editor)
Ruzhansky, Michael (Editor)
Publicación Cham, 2015.
Descripción Fí­sica 1 recurso en línea : online resource
Idioma Ingles;
Series Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics
ISBN 9783319121482
Clasificación(es) 515.353
Materia(s) Mathematics; Mathematical physics; Partial Differential Equations; Functional analysis; Mathematical Applications in the Physical Sciences.;
Nota(s) Omer H. Abdelrahman, Erol Gelenbe: Search in Big Networks and Big Data -- David Applebaum, Rodrigo Banuelos: Probabilistic Approach to Fractional Integrals and the Hardy‐Littlewood‐Sobolev Inequality -- R. V. Craster: Dynamic homogenization -- Tadeusz Czachorski: Queueing Models for Performance Evaluation of Computer Networks ‐Transient State Analysis -- Tokio Matsuyama, Michael Ruzhansky: Global well‐posedness of the Kirchhoff equation and Kirchhoff systems -- Wieslaw L. Nowinski: Brain atlasing: design principles, methods, tools and applications -- Grigory Panasenko: Method of asymptotic partial domain decomposition for nonsteady problems: wave equation on a thin structure -- Aleksandr Rusakov: The first student of Andrei Nikolaevich Kolmogorov -- M. Zhuravkov, L.Drozd, N. Romanova, A. Krupoderov: Mechanical-mathematical modelling of biological tissue behavior
Resumen The book includes lectures given by the plenary and key speakers at the 9th International ISAAC Congress held 2013 in Krakow, Poland. The contributions treat recent developments in analysis and surrounding areas, concerning topics from the theory of partial differential equations, function spaces, scattering, probability theory, and others, as well as applications to biomathematics, queueing models, fractured porous media and geomechanics
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