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Título Approaching the Kannan-Lovász-Simonovits and Variance ConjecturesLibro Electrónico / En Línea - Libro
Parte de Springer eBooks 2015: Colección 2015
Autor(es) Alonso-Gutiérrez, David (Autor)
Bastero, Jesús (Autor)
Publicación Cham, 2015.
Descripción Fí­sica 1 recurso en línea : online resource
Idioma Ingles;
Series Lecture Notes in Mathematics
ISBN 9783319132631
Clasificación(es) 515.7
Materia(s) Mathematics; Convex geometry; Discrete geometry; Probabilities; Functional analysis; Convex and Discrete Geometry; Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes;
Nota(s) The Conjectures -- Main Examples -- Relating the Conjectures -- Appendix -- Index
Resumen Focusing on two central conjectures from the field of Asymptotic Geometric Analysis, the Kannan-Lovász-Simonovits spectral gap conjecture and the variance conjecture, these Lecture Notes present the theory in an accessible way, so that interested readers, even those who are not experts in the field, will be able to appreciate the topics treated. Employing a style suitable for professionals with little background in analysis, geometry or probability, the work goes directly to the connection between isoperimetric-type inequalities and functional inequalities, allowing readers to quickly access the core of these conjectures. In addition, four recent and important results concerning this theory are presented. The first two are theorems attributed to Eldan-Klartag and Ball-Nguyen, which relate the variance and the KLS conjectures, respectively, to the hyperplane conjecture. The remaining two present in detail the main ideas needed to prove the best known estimate for the thin-shell width given by Guédon-Milman, and an approach to Eldan’s work on the connection between the thin-shell width and the KLS conjecture
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