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Título The analysis of intercultural awareness through the perceptions of postscript's magazine editorsTesis / CD-Rom - Tesis
Autor(es) Asprilla Mosquera, Stephanie A. (Autor)
Cepeda Valencia, John E. (Autor)
Giraldo Mejía, Hugo A. (Autor)
González Marín, Clara Inés (Asesor de Tesis)
Publicación Colombia : Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira. Facultad de Bellas Artes y Humanidades. Licenciatura en Lengua Inglesa, 2016
Descripción Fí­sica 1 CD-ROM
Idioma Ingles;
Clasificación(es) 306.44
Materia(s) Multiculturalismo; Cultura; Comunicación;
Nota(s) Tesis/Disertación: Tesis. -- Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira. Facultad de Bellas Artes y Humanidades. Licenciatura en Lengua Inglesa.
Autorización de publicación: Si
Formato: PDF
Introducción: More than any other space of time during the whole history, information has become asrelevant as today is. Individuals, regions, and nations are affected by all the elements that contribute to their development: education, economics, politics, and technologies. Taking into account the mass media, information has a great impact on public’s perceptions about the reality that surrounds people. Furthermore, language learners must face the contemporary society and learn how to function successfully in a new cultural environment, with different values, sociocultural rules, and norms of behaviour. This project is centred on the interaction of the official magazine of a language teaching program at a state university in Colombia, attempting to analyse and diagnose the status of Intercultural Awareness of the editors from the magazine which is called PostScript. Since its foundation in 2008, it was not considered the possible benefits that a creative space like this could represent for the population of the Licenciatura en Lengua Inglesa’s program (LLI), especially for those who actively participate in its entire process of construction. Its influence as an information tool, may impact the way the academic population reacts creating the research
scenario which this study is focused on. This paper is structured in different sections: the first section, statement of the problem, explores how the concept of culture has impacted the ELT field from international to local perspectives debating how culture derives into the emergence of cultural awareness and possibly, an intercultural phenomenon inside the language program. Then, the theoretical framework will introduce the constructs and how they will guide the study.
In third place, the literature review will draw how similar studies have been conducted in this area.
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