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Título Advances in the Control of Markov Jump Linear Systems with No Mode ObservationLibro Electrónico / En Línea - Libro
Parte de Springer eBooks 2016: Colección 2016
Autor(es) Vargas, Alessandro N (Autor)
Costa, Eduardo F (Autor)
do Val, João B R (Autor)
Publicación Cham, 2016.
Descripción Fí­sica 1 recurso en línea
Idioma Ingles;
Series SpringerBriefs in Electrical and Computer Engineering
ISBN 9783319398358
Materia(s) System analysis; Probabilities; Control engineering; Engineering; Control; Systems Theory - Control; Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes; Operator Theory;
Nota(s) Preliminaries -- Finite-Time Control Problem -- Approximation of the Optimal Long-Run Average-Cost Control Problem -- References
Resumen This brief broadens readers’ understanding of stochastic control by highlighting recent advances in the design of optimal control for Markov jump linear systems (MJLS). It also presents an algorithm that attempts to solve this open stochastic control problem, and provides a real-time application for controlling the speed of direct current motors, illustrating the practical usefulness of MJLS. Particularly, it offers novel insights into the control of systems when the controller does not have access to the Markovian mode
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