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Título Wiley E-books 2012Libro Electrónico / En Línea - Libro
Contenidos Connected services: A guide to the internet technologies shaping the future of mobile servicesand operators
Neonatal formulary 6: Drug use in pregnancy and the first year of life
Probability concepts and theory for engineers
Post traumatic stress disorder
Teaching psychiatry: Putting theory into practice
Eating disorders and the brain
Neuromuscular disorders
Occupational emergency medicine
Concise physical chemistry
Global property investment: Strategies, structures, decisions
Accounting ethics. - Segunda edición.
Positive psychology at work: How positive leadership and appreciative inquiry create inspiring organizations
PMP Certification All-in-One for Dummies
Technology - Enhanced assessment of talent
Appreciative inquiry: Change at the speed of imagination. - Segunda edición.
Edison to enron: Energy markets and political strategies
Economics and history: Surveys in cliometrics
The world economy: Global trade policy 2010
Global securities markets: Navigating the world's exchanges and OTC markets
Ben graham was a quant: Raising the IQ of the intelligent investor
X-Ray photoelectron spectroscopy: An introduction to principles and practices
Aberration - Corrected analytical transmission electron microscopy
Illicit drugs in the environment: Occurrence, analysis, and fate using mass spectrometry
LC-NMR and other hyphenated NMR techniques: Overview and applications
Kinetics of enzyme action: Essential Principles for Drug Hunters
Risk and crisis communications: Methods and Messages
Pump wisdom: Problem solving for operators and specialists
Geological Storage of CO2: Modeling approaches for large-scale simulation
Biomechatronic design in biotechnology: A methodology for development of biotechnological products
An introduction to petroleum technology, economics, and politics
Problem solving for process operators and specialists
Teach yourself the basics of aspen plus
European women in chemistry
Energy for a sustainable world: From the oil ageto a sun - powered future
Excel for Chemists: A comprehensive guide. - Tercera edición.
The chemical element: Chemistry's contribution to our global future
Letters to a young chemist
Antibiotics and antibiotic resistance
Writing chemistry patents and intellectual property: A practical guide
Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting: Combating the real danger from fake drugs
The dose makes the poison: A Plain-Language guide to toxicology. - Tercera edición.
Electrochemical science and technology: Fundamentals and applications
Chemielogistik: Markt, Geschäftsmodelle, Prozesse
Cloud computing: Principles and paradigms
Codecharts: Roadmaps and blueprints for object-oriented programs
Algorithms and parallel computing
Data mining: Concepts, Models, Methods, and Algorithms. - Segunda edición.
Model-based visual tracking: The open TL framework
Practical database programming with Java
Beyond redundancy: How geographic redundancy can improve service availability and reliability of computer-based systems
Java For Dummies. - Quinta edición.
Convert!: Designing Web sites to increase traffic and conversion
Adobe Acrobat X PDF bible
Drupal 7 bible
Information security: Principles and practice. - Segunda edición.
Tectonic geomorphology. - Segunda edición.
Soil carbon in sensitive European ecosystems: From science to land management
Field geophysics. - Cuarta edición.
Environmental hazards and disasters: Contexts, perspectives and management
Classics in cartography: Reflections on influential articles from cartographica
The map reader: Theories of mapping practice and cartographic representation
Living Dinosaurs: The evolutionary history of modern birds
The weather almanac: A reference guide to weather, climate, and related issues in the United States and its key cities.. - Décima segunda edición.
Mapping the chemical environment of urban areas
Computer processing of remotely-sensed images: An Introduction. - Cuarta edición.
Handbook of erosion modelling
Frontiers in geochemistry: Contribution of geochemistry to the study of the earth
Flood risk science and management
Economic geology principles and practice: Metals, Minerals, Coal and Hydrocarbons - Introduction to formation and sustainable exploitation of mineral deposits
Arid zone geomorphology: Process, form and change in drylands. - Tercera edición.
Urban remote sensing: Monitoring, synthesis and modeling in the urban environment
Frontiers in geofluids
Biophysico-Chemical processes of anthropogenic organic compounds in environmental systems
Modeling uncertainty in the earth sciences
Die Finite-Elemente-Methode für Anfänger
An Introduction to critical thinking and creativity: Think more, Think better
Shifting the earth: The mathematical quest to understand the motion of the universe
The Ellipse: A historical and mathematical journey
Misconceptions of risk
Complex surveys: A guide to analysis using R
Knowledge-Based bioinformatics: From analysis to interpretation
Effective experimentation: For scientists and technologists
The essentials of biostatistics for physicians, nurses, and clinicians
Statistical distributions. - Cuarta edición.
Analyzing the large number of variables in biomedical and satellite imagery
Question evaluation methods: Contributing to the science of data quality
AAGBI core topics in Anaesthesia
A practical approach to cardiovascular medicine
Diagnostic dermoscopy: The illustrated guide
Concise guide to pediatric arrhythmias
Visual diagnosis in emergency and critical care medicine. - Segunda edición.
Challenging and emerging conditions in emergency medicine
Cardiovascular problems in emergency medicine
Diabetic emergencies: Diagnosis and clinical management
Practical diabetes care. - Tercera edición.
Practical endocrinology and diabetes in children. - Tercera edición.
Clinical dilemmas in diabetes
The Philosophy of Evidence-based medicine
Diagnostic tests toolkit
Clinical dilemmas in primary liver cancer
Portal Hypertension V.: Proceedings of the fifth baveno international consensus workshop. - Quinta edición.
Problem-based approach to Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Personal health records: A Guide for Clinicians
Inpatient anticoagulation
The knowledgeable patient: Communication and participation in health
The essential guide to becoming a doctor. - Tercera edición.
Getting started in health research
Patient and public involvement Toolkit
Concise guide to hematology
Current and future issues in Hemophilia Care
Transfusion medicine. - Tercera edición.
Diabetic foot care: Case studies in clinical management
Comorbidity of migraine and epilepsy
Labor and delivery care: A practical guide
Disorders of menstruation
Pregnancy in the Obese Woman: Clinical Management
Chronic pelvic pain
Counseling about cancer: Strategies for genetic counseling. - Third edition.
Standard electroencephalography in clinical psychiatry: A practical handbook
Substance abuse disorders: Evidence and experience
Depression and heart disease
Depression and cancer
Child psychology and psychiatry: Frameworks for practice. - Second edition.
Community mental health: Putting policy into practice globally
Manual Of perioperative care In adult cardiac surgery. - Quinta edición.
AST handbook of transplant infections
An introduction to fire dynamics. - Tercera edición.
Liquid crystal displays: Fundamental physics and technology
QOS-Enabled Networks: Tools and Foundations
Global software and IT: A guide to distributed development, projects, and outsourcing
Self-adaptive systems for machine intelligence
A guide to electrical installations on shipboard
Digital signal processing using MATLAB for students and researchers
Oracle database performance and scalability: A quantitative approach
Onshore and offshore wind energy: An introduction
Military laser technology for defense: Technology for revolutionizing 21st century warfare
MPLS-Enabled applications: Emerging developmentsand new technologies 3e. - Third edition.
Lean for systems engineering with lean enablers for systems engineering
Transmission lines in digital systems for EMC practitioners
The dark side of software engineering: Evil on computing projects
VHDL for logic synthesis. - Third edition.
Design of Multithreaded Software: The entity-life modeling approach
Making sense of agile project management: Balancing control and agility
Project management metrics, KPIs, and dashboards: A guide to measuring and monitoring project performance
Project management ROI: A Step-by-Step guide for measuring the impact and ROI for projects
Advances in solid oxide fuel cells VII
Pathogenesis of bacterial infections in animals. - Cuarta edición.
Companion animal zoonoses
Comparative pharmacokinetics: Principles, techniques, and applications. - Segunda edición.
Dairy production medicine
The UFAW Handbook on the care and management of laboratory and other research animals. - Octava edición.
Developments in strategic materials and computational design II
Nanostructured materials and nanotechnology V
Green corrosion chemistry and engineering: Opportunities and challenges
Mechanical properties and performance of engineering ceramics and composites VI
Advances in ceramic armor VII
Sensors, sampling, and simulation for process control
Plastics and sustainability: Towards a peaceful coexistence between Bio-based and fossil Fuel-based plastics
Shaping our world: Engineering education for the 21st century
Engineering solutions for sustainability: Materials and resources
Recycling of electronic waste II: Proceedings of the second symposium
TRIZ for Engineers: Enabling inventive problem solving
Spacecraft systems engineering. - Cuarta edición.
Basic helicopter aerodynamics. - Tercera edición.
Foundations of homeland security: Law and Policy
Comparative homeland security: Global lessons
An introduction to network modeling and simulation for the practicing engineer
Lasers: The power and precision of light
Computer system design: System-on-Chip
Probabilistic transmission system planning
Practical lighting design with LEDs
Psychodynamic psychotherapy: A clinical manual
Salivary gland cytology: A color atlas
Schizophrenia: Current science and clinicalpractice
Handbook of psychotherapy in cancer care
Managing Dementia in a Multicultural Society
Ethical Issues in Forensic Psychiatry:: Minimizing Harm
The Paralympic Athlete:: Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science
High Voltage Protection for Telecommunications
Autor(es) Baron, David (Editor)
Publicación Estados Unidos : John Wiley & Sons, c2011
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Idioma Ingles;
Clasificación(es) 384
Materia(s) Economía; Química; Ingeniería de sistemas; Medio ambiente; Matemáticas; Estadística; Medicina; Ingeniería; Veterinaria;
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