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Título Springer eBooks 2013: Colección 2012Libro Electrónico / En Línea - Libro
Contenidos 21st Century Learning for 21st Century Skills: 7th European Conference of Technology Enhanced Learning, EC-TEL 2012, Saarbrücken, Germany, September 18-21, 2012. Proceedings
7th RILEM International Conference on Cracking in Pavements: Mechanisms, Modeling, Testing, Detection and Prevention Case Histories
Abdominal Imaging. Computational and Clinical Applications: Third International Workshop, Held in Conjunction with MICCAI 2011, Toronto, ON, Canada, September 18, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Abdominal Imaging. Computational and Clinical Applications: 4th International Workshop, Held in Conjunction with MICCAI 2012, Nice, France, October 1, 2012. Proceedings
Abiotic Stress Responses in Plants: Metabolism, Productivity and Sustainability
Abstract State Machines, Alloy, B, VDM, and Z: Third International Conference, ABZ 2012, Pisa, Italy, June 18-21, 2012. Proceedings
The Acheulian Site of Gesher Benot Ya‘aqov Volume III: Mammalian Taphonomy. The Assemblages of Layers V-5 and V-6
Activation and Detoxification Enzymes: Functions and Implications
Active Media Technology: 8th International Conference, AMT 2012, Macau, China, December 4-7, 2012. Proceedings
Activity-Based Protein Profiling
Ad-hoc, Mobile, and Wireless Networks: 11th International Conference, ADHOC-NOW 2012, Belgrade, Serbia, July 9-11, 2012. Proceedings
Adaption of Microbial Life to Environmental Extremes: Novel Research Results and Application
Adaptive and Learning Agents: International Workshop, ALA 2011, Held at AAMAS 2011, Taipei, Taiwan, May 2, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Adenosine Deaminases Acting on RNA (ADARs) and A-to-I Editing
Adherens Junctions: from Molecular Mechanisms to Tissue Development and Disease
Adipose Tissue Biology
Adult and Embryonic Stem Cells
Advanced Agent Technology: AAMAS 2011 Workshops, AMPLE, AOSE, ARMS, DOCM3AS, ITMAS, Taipei, Taiwan, May 2-6, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Advanced Ceramic Technologies & Products
Advanced Computing, Networking and Security: International Conference, ADCONS 2011, Surathkal, India, December 16-18, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems: 14th International Conference, ACIVS 2012, Brno, Czech Republic, September 4-7, 2012. Proceedings
Advanced Data Mining and Applications: 8th International Conference, ADMA 2012, Nanjing, China, December 15-18, 2012. Proceedings
Advanced Decision Making Methods Applied to Health Care
Advanced Information Systems Engineering: 24th International Conference, CAiSE 2012, Gdansk, Poland, June 25-29, 2012. Proceedings
Advanced Intelligent Computing: 7th International Conference, ICIC 2011, Zhengzhou, China, August 11-14, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Advanced Intelligent Computing Theories and Applications. With Aspects of Artificial Intelligence: 7th International Conference, ICIC 2011, Zhengzhou, China, August 11-14, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Advanced Manufacturing Technology in China: A Roadmap to 2050
Advanced Planning in Supply Chains: Illustrating the Concepts Using an SAP APO Case Study
Advanced Research in Applied Artificial Intelligence: 25th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems, IEA/AIE 2012, Dalian, China, June 9-12, 2012. Proceedings
Advanced X-Ray Crystallography
Advances in Advertising Research (Vol. III): Current Insights and Future Trends
Advances in Artificial Intelligence: 25th Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Canadian AI 2012, Toronto, ON, Canada, May 28-30, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Artificial Intelligence - SBIA 2012: 21th Brazilian Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Curitiba, Brazil, October 20-25, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Artificial Intelligence – IBERAMIA 2012: 13th Ibero-American Conference on AI, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, November 13-16, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Autonomous Robotics: Joint Proceedings of the 13th Annual TAROS Conference and the 15th Annual FIRA RoboWorld Congress, Bristol, UK, August 20-23, 2012
Advances in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology: 7th Brazilian Symposium on Bioinformatics, BSB 2012, Campo Grande, Brazil, August 15-17, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems: 5th International Conference, BICS 2012, Shenyang, China, July 11-14, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Cancer Stem Cell Biology
Advances in Citrus Nutrition
Advances in Computational Intelligence: IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, WCCI 2012, Brisbane, Australia, June 10-15, 2012. Plenary/Invited Lectures
Advances in Computer Entertainment: 9th International Conference, ACE 2012, Kathmandu, Nepal, November 3-5, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Computer Games: 13th International Conference, ACG 2011, Tilburg, The Netherlands, November 20-22, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Advances in Conceptual Modeling: ER 2012 Workshops CMS, ECDM-NoCoDA, MoDIC, MORE-BI, RIGiM, SeCoGIS, WISM, Florence, Italy, October 15-18, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Cryptology – ASIACRYPT 2012: 18th International Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptology and Information Security, Beijing, China, December 2-6, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Cryptology – CRYPTO 2012: 32nd Annual Cryptology Conference, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, August 19-23, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Cryptology – EUROCRYPT 2012: 31st Annual International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Cryptographic Techniques, Cambridge, UK, April 15-19, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Data Mining. Applications and Theoretical Aspects: 12th Industrial Conference, ICDM 2012, Berlin, Germany, July 13-20, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Databases and Information Systems: 16th East European Conference, ADBIS 2012, Poznan, Poland, September 18-21, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Flow Research
Advances in Grid and Pervasive Computing: 7th International Conference, GPC 2012, Hong Kong, China, May 11-13, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Image and Video Technology: 5th Pacific Rim Symposium, PSIVT 2011, Gwangju, South Korea, November 20-23, 2011, Proceedings, Part II
Advances in Image and Video Technology: 5th Pacific Rim Symposium, PSIVT 2011, Gwangju, South Korea, November 20-23, 2011, Proceedings, Part I
Advances in Information and Computer Security: 7th International Workshop on Security, IWSEC 2012, Fukuoka, Japan, November 7-9, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Information Retrieval: 34th European Conference on IR Research, ECIR 2012, Barcelona, Spain, April 1-5, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Intelligent Data Analysis XI: 11th International Symposium, IDA 2012, Helsinki, Finland, October 25-27, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining: 16th Pacific-Asia Conference, PAKDD 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 29-June 1, 2012, Proceedings, Part I
Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining: 16th Pacific-Asia Conference, PAKDD 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 29 – June 1, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
Advances in Mitochondrial Medicine
Advances in Multimedia Information Processing – PCM 2012: 13th Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia, Singapore, December 4-6, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Multimedia Modeling: 18th International Conference, MMM 2012, Klagenfurt, Austria, January 4-6, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Natural Language Processing: 8th International Conference on NLP, JapTAL 2012, Kanazawa, Japan, October 22-24, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Neural Networks – ISNN 2012: 9th International Symposium on Neural Networks, Shenyang, China, July 11-14, 2012. Proceedings, Part I
Advances in Neural Networks – ISNN 2012: 9th International Symposium on Neural Networks, Shenyang, China, July 11-14, 2012. Proceedings, Part II
Advances in Neuromorphic Memristor Science and Applications
Advances in New Technologies, Interactive Interfaces and Communicability: Second International Conference, ADNTIIC 2011, Huerta Grande, Argentina, December 5-7, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Advances in Rapid Sex-Steroid Action: New Challenges and New Chances in Breast and Prostate Cancers
Advances in Software Engineering Techniques: 4th IFIP TC 2 Central and East European Conference on Software Engineering Techniques, CEE-SET 2009, Krakow, Poland, October 12-14, 2009. Revised Selected Papers
Advances in Stem Cell Research
Advances in Swarm Intelligence: Third International Conference, ICSI 2012, Shenzhen, China, June 17-20, 2012 Proceedings, Part I
Advances in Swarm Intelligence: Third International Conference, ICSI 2012, Shenzhen, China, June 17-20, 2012 Proceedings, Part II
Advances in Systems Biology. - Primera edición.
Advances in the Theory of Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics
Advances in Understanding the Biology of Halophilic Microorganisms
Advances in User Modeling: UMAP 2011 Workshops, Girona, Spain, July 11-15, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Advances in Visual Computing: 8th International Symposium, ISVC 2012, Rethymnon, Crete, Greece, July 16-18, 2012, Revised Selected Papers, Part I
Advances in Visual Computing: 8th International Symposium, ISVC 2012, Rethymnon, Crete, Greece, July 16-18, 2012, Revised Selected Papers, Part II
Advances in Water Treatment and Pollution Prevention
Advances in Web-Based Learning - ICWL 2012: 11th International Conference, Sinaia, Romania, September 2-4, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Yersinia Research
Advancing Democracy, Government and Governance: Joint International Conference on Electronic Government and the Information Systems Perspective, and Electronic Democracy, EGOVIS/EDEM 2012, Vienna, Austria, September 3-6, 2012. Proceedings
Agent and Multi-Agent Systems. Technologies and Applications: 6th KES International Conference, KES-AMSTA 2012,Dubrovnik, Croatia, June 25-27, 2012. Proceedings
Agent Based Simulation for a Sustainable Society and Multi-agent Smart Computing: International Workshops, PRIMA 2011, Wollongong, Australia, November 14, 2011 Revised Selected Papers
Agents and Data Mining Interaction: 7th International Workshop on Agents and Data Mining Interation, ADMI 2011, Taipei, Taiwan, May 2-6, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Agents and Peer-to-Peer Computing: 7th International Workshop, AP2PC 2008, Estoril, Portugal, May 13, 2008 and 8th International Workshop, AP2PC 2009, Budapest, Hungary, May 11, 2009. Revised Selected Papers
Agents for Educational Games and Simulations: International Workshop, AEGS 2011, Taipei, Taiwan, May 2, 2011. Revised Papers
Agile Service Development: Combining Adaptive Methods and Flexible Solutions
Aging Research in Yeast
Agroecology and Strategies for Climate Change
Agroforestry - The Future of Global Land Use
AI 2012: Advances in Artificial Intelligence: 25th Australasian Joint Conference, Sydney, Australia, December 4-7, 2012. Proceedings
AI Approaches to the Complexity of Legal Systems. Models and Ethical Challenges for Legal Systems, Legal Language and Legal Ontologies, Argumentation and Software Agents: International Workshop AICOL-III, Held as Part of the 25th IVR Congress, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, August 15-16, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Algebraic and Numeric Biology: 4th International Conference, ANB 2010, Hagenberg, Austria, July 31- August 2, 2010, Revised Selected Papers
Algorithm Theory – SWAT 2012: 13th Scandinavian Symposium and Workshops, Helsinki, Finland, July 4-6, 2012. Proceedings
Algorithmic Game Theory: 5th International Symposium, SAGT 2012, Barcelona, Spain, October 22-23, 2012. Proceedings
Algorithmic Learning Theory: 23rd International Conference, ALT 2012, Lyon, France, October 29-31, 2012. Proceedings
Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing: 12th International Conference, ICA3PP 2012, Fukuoka, Japan, September 4-7, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing: 12th International Conference, ICA3PP 2012, Fukuoka, Japan, September 4-7, 2012, Proceedings, Part I
Algorithms and Computation: 23rd International Symposium, ISAAC 2012, Taipei, Taiwan, December 19-21, 2012. Proceedings
Algorithms and Models for the Web Graph: 9th International Workshop, WAW 2012, Halifax, NS, Canada, June 22-23, 2012. Proceedings
Algorithms for Sensor Systems: 7th International Symposium on Algorithms for Sensor Systems, Wireless Ad Hoc Networks and Autonomous Mobile Entities, ALGOSENSORS 2011, Saarbrücken, Germany, September 8-9, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Algorithms in Bioinformatics: 12th International Workshop, WABI 2012, Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 10-12, 2012. Proceedings
Algorithms – ESA 2012: 20th Annual European Symposium, Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 10-12, 2012. Proceedings
Alice in the Land of Plants: Biology of Plants and Their Importance for Planet Earth
Alkaloid Synthesis
Alkane C-H Activation by Single-Site Metal Catalysis
Alpine Treelines: Functional Ecology of the Global High Elevation Tree Limits
Ambient Assisted Living and Home Care: 4th International Workshop, IWAAL 2012, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, December 3-5, 2012. Proceedings
Ambient Intelligence: Third International Joint Conference, AmI 2012, Pisa, Italy, November 13-15, 2012. Proceedings
Analysis and Design of Biological Materials and Structures
Analytical and Stochastic Modeling Techniques and Applications: 19th International Conference, ASMTA 2012, Grenoble, France, June 4-6, 2012. Proceedings
Analytical Imaging Techniques for Soft Matter Characterization
Analytical Techniques for Studying the Physical Properties of Lipid Emulsions
Analytical Tools for Assessing the Chemical Safety of Meat and Poultry
Anatomy of Global Stock Market Crashes: An Empirical Analysis
Animal farming and environmental interactions in the Mediterranean region
Animal Lectins: Form, Function and Clinical Applications
Anoxia: Evidence for Eukaryote Survival and Paleontological Strategies
Antibiotic Discovery and Development
Antibiotic Resistance
Anticarbohydrate Antibodies: From Molecular Basis to Clinical Application
Antiplatelet Agents
Anxiety and Depression in Children and Adolescents: Assessment, Intervention, and Prevention
Appetite Control
Application and Theory of Petri Nets: 33rd International Conference, PETRI NETS 2012, Hamburg, Germany, June 25-29, 2012. Proceedings
Application of Bacterial Pigments as Colorant: The Malaysian Perspective
Applications of Density Functional Theory to Chemical Reactivity
Applications of Discrete Geometry and Mathematical Morphology: First International Workshop, WADGMM 2010, Istanbul, Turkey, August 22, 2010, Revised Selected Papers
Applications of Electrochemistry and Nanotechnology in Biology and Medicine II
Applications of Evolutionary Computation: EvoApplications 2012: EvoCOMNET, EvoCOMPLEX, EvoFIN, EvoGAMES, EvoHOT, EvoIASP, EvoNUM, EvoPAR, EvoRISK, EvoSTIM, and EvoSTOC, Málaga, Spain, April 11-13, 2012, Proceedings
Applications of Graph Transformations with Industrial Relevance: 4th International Symposium, AGTIVE 2011, Budapest, Hungary, October 4-7, 2011, Revised Selected and Invited Papers
Applied Computational Genomics
Applied Cryptography and Network Security: 10th International Conference, ACNS 2012, Singapore, June 26-29, 2012. Proceedings
Applied equine nutrition and training: Equine NUtrition and TRAining COnference (ENUTRACO) 2011
Applied General Equilibrium: An Introduction
Applied Parallel and Scientific Computing: 10th International Conference, PARA 2010, Reykjavík, Iceland, June 6-9, 2010, Revised Selected Papers, Part II
Applied Parallel and Scientific Computing: 10th International Conference, PARA 2010, Reykjavík, Iceland, June 6-9, 2010, Revised Selected Papers, Part I
Approximation and Online Algorithms: 9th International Workshop, WAOA 2011, Saarbrücken, Germany, September 8-9, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Approximation, Randomization, and Combinatorial Optimization. Algorithms and Techniques: 15th International Workshop, APPROX 2012, and 16th International Workshop, RANDOM 2012, Cambridge, MA, USA, August 15-17, 2012. Proceedings
Aralkum - a Man-Made Desert: The Desiccated Floor of the Aral Sea (Central Asia)
Architecture of Computing Systems – ARCS 2012: 25th International Conference, Munich, Germany, February 28 - March 2, 2012. Proceedings
Argumentation in Multi-Agent Systems: 8th International Workshop, ArgMAS 2011, Taipei, Taiwan, May 3, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Arithmetic of Finite Fields: 4th International Workshop, WAIFI 2012, Bochum, Germany, July 16-19, 2012. Proceedings
Arsenic & Rice
The Art of Deliberating: Democracy, Deliberation and the Life Sciences between History and Theory
Arterial Chemoreception: From Molecules to Systems
Arthropod Management in Vineyards: Pests, Approaches, and Future Directions
Arthropod-Plant Interactions: Novel Insights and Approaches for IPM
Arthropods as Vectors of Emerging Diseases
Articulated Motion and Deformable Objects: 7th International Conference, AMDO 2012, Port d'Andratx, Mallorca, Spain, July 11-13, 2012. Proceedings
Artificial Evolution: 10th International Conference, Evolution Artificielle, EA 2011, Angers, France, October 24-26, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Artificial General Intelligence: 5th International Conference, AGI 2012, Oxford, UK, December 8-11, 2012. Proceedings
Artificial Immune Systems: 11th International Conference, ICARIS 2012, Taormina, Italy, August 28-31, 2012. Proceedings
Artificial Intelligence and Computational Intelligence: 4th International Conference, AICI 2012, Chengdu, China, October 26-28, 2012. Proceedings
Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing: 11th International Conference, ICAISC 2012, Zakopane, Poland, April 29-May 3, 2012, Proceedings, Part I
Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing: 11th International Conference, ICAISC 2012, Zakopane, Poland, April 29-May 3, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
Artificial Intelligence: Methodology, Systems, and Applications: 15th International Conference, AIMSA 2012, Varna, Bulgaria, September 12-15, 2012. Proceedings
Artificial Intelligence: Theories and Applications: 7th Hellenic Conference on AI, SETN 2012, Lamia, Greece, May 28-31, 2012. Proceedings
Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning – ICANN 2012: 22nd International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, Lausanne, Switzerland, September 11-14, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning – ICANN 2012: 22nd International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, Lausanne, Switzerland, September 11-14, 2012, Proceedings, Part I
Artificial Neural Networks in Pattern Recognition: 5th INNS IAPR TC 3 GIRPR Workshop, ANNPR 2012, Trento, Italy, September 17-19, 2012. Proceedings
Assessing Literacy in Deaf Individuals: Neurocognitive Measurement and Predictors
Assessing the Functional Structure of Molecular Transporters by EPR Spectroscopy
Asymmetric Economic Integration: Size Characteristics of Economies, Trade Costs and Welfare
Asymmetric Organocatalysis in Natural Product Syntheses
Atlas of Forensic Pathology
Atlas of Genetic Diagnosis and Counseling. - 2
Atlas of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells: Derivation and Culturing
Atlas of Interstitial Cells of Cajal in the Gastrointestinal Tract
Atom Probe Microscopy
Auditory Prostheses: New Horizons
Augmented Environments for Computer-Assisted Interventions: 6th International Workshop, AE-CAI 2011, Held in Conjunction with MICCAI 2011, Toronto, ON, Canada, September 22, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Automata, Languages, and Programming: 39th International Colloquium, ICALP 2012, Warwick, UK, July 9-13, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
Automata, Languages, and Programming: 39th International Colloquium, ICALP 2012, Warwick, UK, July 9-13, 2012, Proceedings, Part I
Automated Organizations: Development and Structure of the Modern Business Firm
Automated Reasoning: 6th International Joint Conference, IJCAR 2012, Manchester, UK, June 26-29, 2012. Proceedings
Automated Technology for Verification and Analysis: 10th International Symposium, ATVA 2012, Thiruvananthapuram, India, October 3-6, 2012. Proceedings
Autonomous and Intelligent Systems: Third International Conference, AIS 2012, Aveiro, Portugal, June 25-27, 2012. Proceedings
Bacillus thuringiensis Biotechnology
Bacteria and Cancer
Bacteria in Agrobiology: Plant Probiotics
Bacteria in Agrobiology: Stress Management
Bacterial Fish Pathogens: Disease of Farmed and Wild Fish. - Fifth edition 2013.
Balanced Growth: Finding Strategies for Sustainable Development
Beauty in Chemistry: Artistry in the Creation of New Molecules
Becoming a Food Scientist: To Graduate School and Beyond
Behavioral Neurobiology of Aging
Behavioral Neurogenetics
Behavioral Neuroscience of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Its Treatment
Behind the Executive Door: Unexpected Lessons for Managing Your Boss and Career
Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology: Volume Five The Actinobacteria, Part A. - Second edition.
Beta maritima: The Origin of Beets
Beyond Individual Differences: Organizing Processes, Information Overload, and Classroom Learning. - 1
Big Data Analytics: First International Conference, BDA 2012, New Delhi, India, December 24-26, 2012. Proceedings
Bio and Nano Packaging Techniques for Electron Devices: Advances in Electronic Device Packaging
Bio-Geo Interactions in Metal-Contaminated Soils
Bio-Inspired Computing and Applications: 7th International Conference on Intelligent Computing, ICIC 2011, Zhengzhou,China, August 11-14. 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Biochemical Roles of Eukaryotic Cell Surface Macromolecules: 2011 ISCSM Proceedings
Biocommunication of Fungi
Biocommunication of Plants
Biodegradable Metals: From Concept to Applications
The Biodiversity Observation Network in the Asia-Pacific Region: Toward Further Development of Monitoring
Bioinformatics for High Throughput Sequencing
Bioinformatics for Personalized Medicine: 10th Spanish Symposium, JBI 2010, Torremolinos, Spain, October 27-29, 2010. Revised Selected Papers
Bioinformatics Research and Applications: 8th International Symposium, ISBRA 2012, Dallas, TX, USA, May 21-23, 2012. Proceedings
The Biology of Hover Wasps
Biology of Marine Fungi
The Biology of Subcellular Nitric Oxide
Biomass Conversion: The Interface of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Materials Science
Biomedical Applications
Biomedical Applications of Peptide-, Glyco- and Glycopeptide Dendrimers, and Analogous Dendrimeric Structures
Biomedical Applications of Polymeric Nanofibers
Biomedical Image Registration: 5th International Workshop, WBIR 2012, Nashville, TN, USA, July 7-8, 2012. Proceedings
Biometric Recognition: 7th Chinese Conference, CCBR 2012, Guangzhou, China, December 4-5, 2012. Proceedings
Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems: First International Conference, Living Machines 2012, Barcelona, Spain, July 9-12, 2012. Proceedings
Bionanoelectronics: Bioinquiring and Bioinspired Devices
Biopatent Law: Patent Strategies and Patent Management
Biosimulation in Biomedical Research, Health Care and Drug Development
Biotechnology for Pulp and Paper Processing
Biotechnology in China III: Biofuels and Bioenergy
BipolART: Art and Bipolar Disorder: A Personal Perspective
Bismuth-Mediated Organic Reactions
Bisociative Knowledge Discovery: An Introduction to Concept, Algorithms, Tools, and Applications
Blastocystis: Pathogen or Passenger?: An Evaluation of 101 Years of Research
Bones, Genetics, and Behavior of Rhesus Macaques: Macaca Mulatta of Cayo Santiago and Beyond. - 1
Brain Aging and Therapeutic Interventions
Brain Imaging in Behavioral Neuroscience
Brain Immune System Signal Molecules in Protection from Aerobic and Anaerobic Infections
Brain Informatics: International Conference, BI 2012, Macau, China, December 4-7, 2012. Proceedings
Brand Communities for Fast Moving Consumer Goods: An Empirical Study of Members Behavior and the Economic Relevance for the Marketer
Branded Component Strategies: Ingredient Branding in B2B Markets
Breast Imaging: 11th International Workshop, IWDM 2012, Philadelphia, PA, USA, July 8-11, 2012. Proceedings
Building a National Distributed e-Infrastructure–PL-Grid: Scientific and Technical Achievements
Building Corporate IQ – Moving the Energy Business from Smart to Genius: Executive Guide to Preventing Costly Crises
Building Successful Partnerships: A Production Theory of Global Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration
Business Intelligence: First European Summer School, eBISS 2011, Paris, France, July 3-8, 2011, Tutorial Lectures
Business Process Management: 10th International Conference, BPM 2012, Tallinn, Estonia, September 3-6, 2012. Proceedings
Business System Management and Engineering: From Open Issues to Applications
Calcium Handling in hiPSC-Derived Cardiomyocytes
Calcium Signaling
Camera-Based Document Analysis and Recognition: 4th International Workshop, CBDAR 2011, Beijing, China, September 22, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Cancer Caregiving in the United States: Research, Practice, Policy
Capital Equipment Purchasing: Optimizing the Total Cost of CapEx Sourcing
Capture and Utilization of Carbon Dioxide with Polyethylene Glycol
Carbon Nanotubes as Platforms for Biosensors with Electrochemical and Electronic Transduction
Carbon Sequestration in Agricultural Soils: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Innovative Methods
Carbon Sequestration in Urban Ecosystems
Case Studies in Service Innovation
Case-Based Reasoning Research and Development: 20th International Conference, ICCBR 2012, Lyon, France, September 3-6, 2012. Proceedings
Catalysis for Alternative Energy Generation
The Causes and Consequences of Income Tax Noncompliance
Caveolins and Caveolae: Roles in Signaling and Disease Mechanisms
Cell Signaling & Molecular Targets in Cancer. - 1
Cellular Automata: 10th International Conference on Cellular Automata for Research and Industry, ACRI 2012, Santorini Island, Greece, September 24-27, 2012. Proceedings
Cellular Physiology and Metabolism of Physical Exercise
Cellular Trafficking of Cell Stress Proteins in Health and Disease
Central European Functional Programming School: 4th Summer School, CEFP 2011, Budapest, Hungary, June 14-24, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Central Nervous System Metastasis, the Biological Basis and Clinical Considerations
The Centrosome: Cell and Molecular Mechanisms of Functions and Dysfunctions in Disease
A Century of Sovereign Ratings
Certified Programs and Proofs: Second International Conference, CPP 2012, Kyoto, Japan, December 13-15, 2012. Proceedings
Challenge Social Innovation: Potentials for Business, Social Entrepreneurship, Welfare and Civil Society
Challenges at the Interface of Data Analysis, Computer Science, and Optimization: Proceedings of the 34th Annual Conference of the Gesellschaft für Klassifikation e. V., Karlsruhe, July 21 - 23, 2010
Challenges in Molecular Structure Determination
Characterization and Authentication of Olive and Other Vegetable Oils: New Analytical Methods
Chemical and Physical Behavior of Human Hair. - Fifth edition 2012.
Chemical and Physical Signatures for Microbial Forensics
Chemical Thermodynamics: An Introduction
Chemical Transformations of Vinylidenecyclopropanes
Chemistry for Sustainable Development
Chemistry of Nanocontainers
Chemoinformatica: Soluzioni e strumenti per scienze e tecnologie biomediche
Child Soldier Victims of Genocidal Forcible Transfer: Exonerating Child Soldiers Charged With Grave Conflict-related International Crimes
Children's Discovery of the Active Mind: Phenomenological Awareness, Social Experience, and Knowledge About Cognition
China's Neighbors: Who is Influencing China and Who China is Influencing in the New Emerging Asia. - Third edition 2012.
Chinese Entrepreneurship: A Social Capital Approach
Chocolate and Health
Click Triazoles
Climate change and sustainable development: Ethical perspectives on land use and food production
Climate Change and the Sustainable Use of Water Resources
Clinica psicologica dell' obesitá: Esperienze cliniche e di ricerca
Clinical Cases in Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases: A Problem-Solving Approach
Clinical Use of Anti-infective Agents: A Guide on How to Prescribe Drugs Used to Treat Infections
Clusters in Automotive and Information & Communication Technology: Innovation, Multinationalization and Networking Dynamics
Coalgebraic Methods in Computer Science: 11th International Workshop, CMCS 2012, Colocated with ETAPS 2012, Tallinn, Estonia, March 31 – April 1, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
Coating Substrates and Textiles: A Practical Guide to Coating and Laminating Technologies
Cochlear Mechanics: Introduction to a Time Domain Analysis of the Nonlinear Cochlea
Cognitive and Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy with Couples: Theory and Practice
Cognitive Behavioural Systems: COST 2102 International Training School, Dresden, Germany, February 21-26, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Cognitive Remediation for Brain Injury and Neurological Illness: Real Life Changes
Collaboration and Technology: 18th International Conference, CRIWG 2012 Raesfeld, Germany, September 16-19, 2012 Proceedings
Collaborative Communities of Firms: Purpose, Process, and Design
Collaborative Model for Promoting Competence and Success for Students with ASD
Combinatorial Algorithms: 23rd International Workshop, IWOCA 2012, Tamil Nadu, India, July 19-21, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
Combinatorial Image Analaysis: 15th International Workshop, IWCIA 2012, Austin, TX, USA, November 28-30, 2012. Proceedings
Combinatorial Optimization: Second International Symposium, ISCO 2012, Athens, Greece, April 19-21, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
Combinatorial Optimization and Applications: 6th International Conference, COCOA 2012, Banff, AB, Canada, August 5-9, 2012. Proceedings
Combinatorial Pattern Matching: 23rd Annual Symposium, CPM 2012, Helsinki, Finland, July 3-5, 2012. Proceedings
Common Corporate Tax Base in the EU: Impact on the Size of Tax Bases and Effective Tax Burdens
Communicability, Computer Graphics and Innovative Design for Interactive Systems: First International Symposium, CCGIDIS 2011, Córdoba, Spain, June 28-29, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Communication Technologies for Vehicles: 4th International Workshop, Nets4Cars/Nets4Trains 2012, Vilnius, Lithuania, April 25-27, 2012. Proceedings
Communications and Multimedia Security: 13th IFIP TC 6/TC 11 International Conference, CMS 2012, Canterbury, UK, September 3-5, 2012. Proceedings
Community-Based Operations Research: Decision Modeling for Local Impact and Diverse Populations
Comparative Physiology of Fasting, Starvation, and Food Limitation
Competition for Public Transport Services: Institutional Framework and Empirical Evidence of Bus Services in Germany
Competitive Advantages through Clusters: An Empirical Study with Evidence from China
Competitive Dynamics in the Global Insurance Industry: Strategic Groups, Competitive Moves, and Firm Performance
Compiler Construction: 21st International Conference, CC 2012, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2012, Tallinn, Estonia, March 24 – April 1, 2012. Proceedings
Complex Scheduling
Complex-Valued Modeling in Economics and Finance
Composite Materials: Science and Engineering. - Third edition 2012.
Computation, Physics and Beyond: International Workshop on Theoretical Computer Science, WTCS 2012, Dedicated to Cristian S. Calude on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday, Auckland, New Zealand, February 21-24, 2012, Revised Selected and Invited Papers
Computational Collective Intelligence. Technologies and Applications: 4th International Conference, ICCCI 2012, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, November 28-30, 2012, Proceedings, Part I
Computational Collective Intelligence. Technologies and Applications: 4th International Conference, ICCCI 2012, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, November 28-30, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
Computational Geometry: XIV Spanish Meeting on Computational Geometry, EGC 2011, Dedicated to Ferran Hurtado on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday, Alcalá de Henares, Spain, June 27-30, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Computational Intelligence for Multimedia Understanding: International Workshop, MUSCLE 2011, Pisa, Italy, December 13-15, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Computational Intelligence Methods for Bioinformatics and Biostatistics: 8th International Meeting, CIBB 2011, Gargnano del Garda, Italy, June 30 – July 2, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Computational Issues in Fluid Construction Grammar: A New Formalism for the Representation of Lexicons and Grammars
Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing: 13th International Conference, CICLing 2012, New Delhi, India, March 11-17, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing: 13th International Conference, CICLing 2012, New Delhi, India, March 11-17, 2012, Proceedings, Part I
Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems: 13th International Workshop, CLIMA XIII, Montpellier, France, August 27-28, 2012. Proceedings
Computational Logistics: Third International Conference, ICCL 2012, Shanghai, China, September 24-26, 2012. Proceedings
Computational Medicine: Tools and Challenges
Computational Methods in Systems Biology: 10th International Conference, CMSB 2012, London, UK, October 3-5, 2012. Proceedings
Computational Neuroscience of Drug Addiction. - Primera edición.
Computational Organometallic Chemistry
Computational Plasticity: With Emphasis on the Application of the Unified Strength Theory
Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language: 10th International Conference, PROPOR 2012, Coimbra, Portugal, April 17-20, 2012. Proceedings
Computational Science and Its Applications – ICCSA 2012: 12th International Conference, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, June 18-21, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
Computational Science and Its Applications – ICCSA 2012: 12th International Conference, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, June 18-21, 2012, Proceedings, Part I
Computational Science and Its Applications – ICCSA 2012: 12th International Conference, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, June 18-21, 2012, Proceedings, Part IV
Computational Science and Its Applications – ICCSA 2012: 12th International Conference, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, June 18-21, 2012, Proceedings, Part III
Computational Strategies Towards Improved Protein Function Prophecy of Xylanases from Thermomyces lanuginosus
Computational Systems Neurobiology
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Computational Visual Media: First International Conference, CVM 2012, Beijing, China, November 8-10, 2012. Proceedings
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Computer Aided Systems Theory – EUROCAST 2011: 13th International Conference, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, February 6-11, 2011, Revised Selected Papers, Part II
Computer Aided Verification: 24th International Conference, CAV 2012, Berkeley, CA, USA, July 7-13, 2012 Proceedings
Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing: 14th International Workshop, CASC 2012, Maribor, Slovenia, September 3-6, 2012. Proceedings
Computer Architecture: ISCA 2010 International Workshops A4MMC, AMAS-BT, EAMA, WEED, WIOSCA, Saint-Malo, France, June 19-23, 2010, Revised Selected Papers
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Computer Network Security: 6th International Conference on Mathematical Methods, Models and Architectures for Computer Network Security, MMM-ACNS 2012, St. Petersburg, Russia, October 17-19, 2012. Proceedings
Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security: SAFECOMP 2012 Workshops: Sassur, ASCoMS, DESEC4LCCI, ERCIM/EWICS, IWDE, Magdeburg, Germany, September 25-28, 2012. Proceedings
Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security: 31st International Conference, SAFECOMP 2012, Magdeburg, Germany, September 25-28, 2012. Proceedings
Computer Science – Theory and Applications: 7th International Computer Science Symposium in Russia, CSR 2012, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, July 3-7, 2012. Proceedings
Computer Security – ESORICS 2012: 17th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security, Pisa, Italy, September 10-12, 2012. Proceedings
Computer Vision and Graphics: International Conference, ICCVG 2012, Warsaw, Poland, September 24-26, 2012. Proceedings
Computer Vision – ECCV 2012: 12th European Conference on Computer Vision, Florence, Italy, October 7-13, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
Computer Vision – ECCV 2012: 12th European Conference on Computer Vision, Florence, Italy, October 7-13, 2012, Proceedings, Part III
Computer Vision – ECCV 2012: 12th European Conference on Computer Vision, Florence, Italy, October 7-13, 2012, Proceedings, Part V
Computer Vision – ECCV 2012: 12th European Conference on Computer Vision, Florence, Italy, October 7-13, 2012, Proceedings, Part I
Computer Vision – ECCV 2012: 12th European Conference on Computer Vision, Florence, Italy, October 7-13, 2012, Proceedings, Part IV
Computer Vision – ECCV 2012: 12th European Conference on Computer Vision, Florence, Italy, October 7-13, 2012, Proceedings, Part VI
Computer Vision – ECCV 2012: 12th European Conference on Computer Vision, Florence, Italy, October 7-13, 2012, Proceedings, Part VII
Computer Vision – ECCV 2012. Workshops and Demonstrations: Florence, Italy, October 7-13, 2012, Proceedings, Part I
Computer Vision – ECCV 2012. Workshops and Demonstrations: Florence, Italy, October 7-13, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
Computer Vision – ECCV 2012. Workshops and Demonstrations: Florence, Italy, October 7-13, 2012, Proceedings, Part III
Computers Helping People with Special Needs: 13th International Conference, ICCHP 2012, Linz, Austria, July 11-13, 2012, Proceedings, Part I
Computers Helping People with Special Needs: 13th International Conference, ICCHP 2012, Linz, Austria, July 11-13, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
Computing and Combinatorics: 18th Annual International Conference, COCOON 2012, Sydney, Australia, August 20-22, 2012. Proceedings
Conceptual Modeling: 31st International Conference ER 2012, Florence, Italy, October 15-18, 2012. Proceedings
Conceptual Modelling and Its Theoretical Foundations: Essays Dedicated to Bernhard Thalheim on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday
CONCUR 2012 – Concurrency Theory: 23rd International Conference, CONCUR 2012, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, September 4-7, 2012. Proceedings
Conducting Polymers: A New Era in Electrochemistry. - Second edition 2012.
Congestion-Prone Services under Quality Competition: A Microeconomic Analysis
Constitutional Dynamic Chemistry
Constructive Side-Channel Analysis and Secure Design: Third International Workshop, COSADE 2012, Darmstadt, Germany, May 3-4, 2012. Proceedings
Consumer Knowledge and Financial Decisions: Lifespan Perspectives
Consumer-Run Mental Health: Framework for Recovery. - 1
Continuous Cover Forestry
Control of Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses during Infectious Diseases. - 1
Controlled Natural Language: Second International Workshop, CNL 2010, Marettimo Island, Italy, September 13-15, 2010. Revised Papers
Controlled Natural Language: Third International Workshop, CNL 2012, Zurich, Switzerland, August 29-31, 2012. Proceedings
Conventional Three-Phase Fixed-Bed Technologies: Analysis and Critique
Convergence and Hybrid Information Technology: 6th International Conference, ICHIT 2012, Daejeon, Korea, August 23-25, 2012. Proceedings
Cooperative Design, Visualization, and Engineering: 9th International Conference, CDVE 2012, Osaka, Japan, September 2-5, 2012. Proceedings
Coordination Models and Languages: 14th International Conference, COORDINATION 2012, Stockholm, Sweden, June 14-15, 2012. Proceedings
Coordination, Organizations, Institutions, and Norms in Agent System VII: COIN 2011 International Workshops, COIN@AAMAS 2011, Taipei, Taiwan, May 3, 2011, COIN@WI-IAT 2011, Lyon, France, August 22, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Corporate Governance: Recent Developments and New Trends
Correct Reasoning: Essays on Logic-Based AI in Honour of Vladimir Lifschitz
Cortical Connectivity: Brain Stimulation for Assessing and Modulating Cortical Connectivity and Function
The Cost Stickiness Phenomenon: Causes, Characteristics, and Implications for Fundamental Analysis and Financial Analysts' Forecasts
Cotton, Water, Salts and Soums: Economic and Ecological Restructuring in Khorezm, Uzbekistan
Coxiella burnetii: Recent Advances and New Perspectives in Research of the Q Fever Bacterium
Creativity and Innovation in the Music Industry. - Second edition 2012.
Critical Infrastructure Protection: Information Infrastructure Models, Analysis, and Defense
Crop Production for Agricultural Improvement
Crop Stress and its Management: Perspectives and Strategies
Cross-Border Venture Capital Investments: Why Do Venture Capital Firms Invest at a Distance?
A Cross-Border-Only Regulation for Consumer Transactions in the EU: A Fresh Approach to EU Consumer Law
Cruise Management: Information and Decision Support Systems
Cruise Tourism and Society: A Socio-economic Perspective
Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems – CHES 2012: 14th International Workshop, Leuven, Belgium, September 9-12, 2012. Proceedings
Cryptography and Security: From Theory to Applications: Essays Dedicated to Jean-Jacques Quisquater on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday
Cryptology and Network Security: 11th International Conference, CANS 2012, Darmstadt, Germany, December 12-14, 2012. Proceedings
Culture Negative Orthopedic Biofilm Infections
Current Antipsychotics
Current Topics in Innate Immunity II
Current Trends in Web Engineering: Workshops, Doctoral Symposium, and Tutorials, Held at ICWE 2011, Paphos, Cyprus, June 20-21, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Current Trends in Web Engineering: ICWE 2012 International Workshops: MDWE, ComposableWeb, WeRE, QWE, and Doctoral Consortium, Berlin, Germany, July 23-27, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
Curves and Surfaces: 7th International Conference, Avignon, France, June 24 - 30, 2010, Revised Selected Papers
Customer Relationship Management: Concept, Strategy, and Tools. - Second edition 2012.
Cyberspace Safety and Security: 4th International Symposium, CSS 2012, Melbourne, Australia, December 12-13, 2012. Proceedings
Cytoskeleton and Human Disease
D-Xylitol: Fermentative Production, Application and Commercialization
Dark Web: Exploring and Data Mining the Dark Side of the Web
Data and Applications Security and Privacy XXVI: 26th Annual IFIP WG 11.3 Conference, DBSec 2012, Paris, France, July 11-13,2012. Proceedings
Data and Knowledge Engineering: Third International Conference, ICDKE 2012, Wuyishan, Fujian, China, November 21-23, 2012. Proceedings
Data Engineering and Management: Second International Conference, ICDEM 2010, Tiruchirappalli, India, July 29-31, 2010. Revised Selected Papers
Data Integration in the Life Sciences: 8th International Conference, DILS 2012, College Park, MD, USA, June 28-29, 2012. Proceedings
Data Management in Cloud, Grid and P2P Systems: 5th International Conference, Globe 2012, Vienna, Austria, September 5-6, 2012. Proceedings
Data Privacy Management and Autonomous Spontaneus Security: 6th International Workshop, DPM 2011, and 4th International Workshop, SETOP 2011, Leuven, Belgium, September 15-16, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Data Security and Security Data: 27th British National Conference on Databases, BNCOD 27, Dundee, UK, June 29 - July 1, 2010. Revised Selected Papers
Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery: 14th International Conference, DaWaK 2012, Vienna, Austria, September 3-6, 2012. Proceedings
Database and Expert Systems Applications: 23rd International Conference, DEXA 2012, Vienna, Austria, September 3-6, 2012. Proceedings, Part II
Database and Expert Systems Applications: 23rd International Conference, DEXA 2012, Vienna, Austria, September 3-6, 2012. Proceedings, Part I
Database Systems for Advanced Applications: 17th International Conference, DASFAA 2012, International Workshops: FlashDB, ITEMS, SNSM, SIM3, DQDI, Busan, South Korea, April 15-19, 2012. Proceedings
Database Systems for Advanced Applications: 17th International Conference, DASFAA 2012, Busan, South Korea, April 15-19, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
Database Systems for Advanced Applications: 17th International Conference, DASFAA 2012, Busan, South Korea, April 15-19, 2012, Proceedings, Part I
Datalog in Academia and Industry: Second International Workshop, Datalog 2.0, Vienna, Austria, September 11-13, 2012. Proceedings
Decision and Game Theory for Security: Third International Conference, GameSec 2012, Budapest, Hungary, November 5-6, 2012. Proceedings
Decision Policies for Production Networks
Declarative Agent Languages and Technologies IX: 9th International Workshop, DALT 2011, Taipei, Taiwan, May 3, 2011, Revised Selected and Invited Papers
Deep Brain Stimulation: A New Frontier in Psychiatry
Defining the Spatial Scale in Modern Regional Analysis: New Challenges from Data at Local Level
Degradation of Implant Materials
Delinquent Girls: Contexts, Relationships, and Adaptation
Democratic Competences and Social Practices in Organizations
Deontic Logic in Computer Science: 11th International Conference, DEON 2012, Bergen, Norway, July 16-18, 2012. Proceedings
Dependable Networks and Services: 6th IFIP WG 6.6 International Conference on Autonomous Infrastructure, Management, and Security, AIMS 2012, Luxembourg, Luxembourg, June 4-8, 2012. Proceedings
Desalination Concentrate Management
Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems: 14th International Workshop, DCFS 2012, Braga, Portugal, July 23-25, 2012. Proceedings
Design and Analysis of Algorithms: First Mediterranean Conference on Algorithms, MedAlg 2012, Kibbutz Ein Gedi, Israel, December 3-5, 2012. Proceedings
Design and Diagnosis for Sustainable Organizations: The Viable System Method
Design Science Research in Information Systems. Advances in Theory and Practice: 7th International Conference, DESRIST 2012, Las Vegas, NV, USA, May 14-15, 2012. Proceedings
Design Thinking Business Analysis: Business Concept Mapping Applied
Design Thinking Research: Studying Co-Creation in Practice
Design Thinking Research: Measuring Performance in Context
Design, Construction and Research Application of a Differential Electrochemical Mass Spectrometer (DEMS)
Designing Public Procurement Policy in Developing Countries: How to Foster Technology Transfer and Industrialization in the Global Economy
Designs for Clinical Trials: Perspectives on Current Issues. - 1
Determinants of Earnings Forecast Error, Earnings Forecast Revision and Earnings Forecast Accuracy
Developing International Strategies: Going and Being International for Medium-sized Companies
Development of Novel Vaccines: Skills, Knowledge and Translational Technologies
Developments in Language Theory: 16th International Conference, DLT 2012, Taipei, Taiwan, August 14-17, 2012. Proceedings
Diagrammatic Representation and Inference: 7th International Conference, Diagrams 2012, Canterbury, UK, July 2-6, 2012. Proceedings
Dialogical Genres: Empractical and Conversational Listening and Speaking
Dietary Phytochemicals and Microbes
Digital Forensics and Watermarking: 10th International Workshop, IWDW 2011, Atlantic City, NY, October 23-26, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Direct-Fed Microbials and Prebiotics for Animals: Science and Mechanisms of Action
Discovery Science: 15th International Conference, DS 2012, Lyon, France, October 29-31, 2012. Proceedings
Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems: 12th IFIP WG 6.1 International Conference, DAIS 2012, Stockholm, Sweden, June 13-16, 2012. Proceedings
Distributed Computing: 26th International Symposium, DISC 2012, Salvador, Brazil, October 16-18, 2012. Proceedings
Distributed Computing and Internet Technology: 8th International Conference, ICDCIT 2012, Bhubaneswar, India, February 2-4, 2012. Proceedings
Distributed Computing and Networking: 13th International Conference, ICDCN 2012, Hong Kong, China, January 3-6, 2012. Proceedings
Diversity in European Marketing: Text and Cases
DNA Computing and Molecular Programming: 18th International Conference, DNA 18, Aarhus, Denmark, August 14-17, 2012. Proceedings
Doing Business in India. - Third edition 2012.
Doomed to Internationalization and Modernization of Corporate Culture: The Russian Experience of German Firms
Drug Discovery in Africa: Impacts of Genomics, Natural Products, Traditional Medicines, Insights into Medicinal Chemistry, and Technology Platforms in Pursuit of New Drugs
Dynamical Symmetries for Nanostructures: Implicit Symmetries in Single-Electron Transport Through Real and Artificial Molecules
Dynamics of Industry Growth
E-Learning and Games for Training, Education, Health and Sports: 7th International Conference, Edutainment 2012 and 3rd International Conference, GameDays 2012, Darmstadt, Germany, September 18-20, 2012. Proceedings
E-Voting and Identity: Third International Conference, VoteID 2011, Tallinn, Estonia, September 28-30, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Early Adulthood in a Family Context
Early Russian Organic Chemists and Their Legacy
Eastern and Cross Cultural Management
Ecological Economics: Sustainability in Practice
Ecology of Cyanobacteria II: Their Diversity in Space and Time
Ecology of Faunal Communities on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Econodynamics: The Theory of Social Production
Econometric Analysis of Carbon Markets: The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme and the Clean Development Mechanism
Econometrics of Financial High-Frequency Data
Economics for Environmental Studies: A Strategic Guide to Micro- and Macroeconomics
The Economics of Bank Bankruptcy Law
The Economics of Evaluating Water Projects: Hydroelectricity Versus Other Uses
Economics of Grids, Clouds, Systems, and Services: 8th International Workshop, GECON 2011, Paphos, Cyprus, December 5, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Economics of Grids, Clouds, Systems, and Services: 9th International Conference, GECON 2012, Berlin, Germany, November 27-28, 2012. Proceedings
The Economics of the National Football League: The State of the Art
The Economics of Tourism Destinations
ECOOP 2012 – Object-Oriented Programming: 26th European Conference, Beijing, China, June 11-16, 2012. Proceedings
Ecotones Between Forest and Grassland
eDemocracy & eGovernment: Stages of a Democratic Knowledge Society
Edible Ectomycorrhizal Mushrooms: Current Knowledge and Future Prospects
Edible Medicinal And Non Medicinal Plants: Volume 3, Fruits
Edible Medicinal and Non-Medicinal Plants: Volume 1, Fruits
Edible Medicinal And Non-Medicinal Plants: Volume 2, Fruits
Edible Medicinal And Non-Medicinal Plants: Volume 4, Fruits
The Effects of Cause-Related Marketing on Customers' Attitudes and Buying Behavior
The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life
Electoral Systems: Paradoxes, Assumptions, and Procedures
Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing and Cancer Metastasis
Electrochemical Dictionary. - Second edition 2013.
Electrochemical Production of Metal Powders
Electrochemistry: The Basics, With Examples
Electrochemistry of Insertion Materials for Hydrogen and Lithium
Electrodermal Activity
Electron Density and Chemical Bonding I: Experimental Charge Density Studies
Electron Density and Chemical Bonding II: Theoretical Charge Density Studies
Electronic Government: 11th IFIP WG 8.5 International Conference, EGOV 2012, Kristiansand, Norway, September 3-6, 2012. Proceedings
Electronic Participation: 4th IFIP WG 8.5 International Conference, ePart 2012, Kristiansand, Norway, September 3-5, 2012. Proceedings
Electrophoretic Deposition of Nanomaterials
Emerging Compounds Removal from Wastewater: Natural and Solar Based Treatments
Emerging Fraud: Fraud Cases from Emerging Economies
Emotions of Animals and Humans: Comparative Perspectives
Empirical Analysis on Income Inequality of Chinese Residents
Empirical Modelling in Regional Science: Towards a Global Time¿Space¿Structural Analysis
Empirical Software Engineering and Verification: International Summer Schools, LASER 2008-2010, Elba Island, Italy, Revised Tutorial Lectures
Enacting Electronic Government Success: An Integrative Study of Government-wide Websites, Organizational Capabilities, and Institutions
Encyclopedia of Adolescence
Encyclopedia of Cancer. - 3
Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology
Encyclopedia of Signaling Molecules
Encyclopedia of the History of Psychological Theories
Endocrine FGFs and Klothos
Endocytosis in Plants
Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Health and Disease
Energetic Materials at Extreme Conditions
Energy Balance and Gastrointestinal Cancer
Energy Efficient Data Centers: First International Workshop, E2DC 2012, Madrid, Spain, Mai 8, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
Engineering Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine: Novel Technologies for Clinical Applications
Engineering Production Control Strategies: A Guide to Tailor Strategies that Unite the Merits of Push and Pull
Engineering Secure Software and Systems: 4th International Symposium, ESSoS 2012, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, February, 16-17, 2012. Proceedings
Entertainment Computing - ICEC 2012: 11th International Conference, ICEC 2012, Bremen, Germany, September 26-29, 2012. Proceedings
The Entolomataceae of Tasmania
Entrepreneurship and Taiwan's Economic Dynamics
Environmental Adaptations and Stress Tolerance of Plants in the Era of Climate Change. - Primera edición.
Environmental Economics: Theory and Policy in Equilibrium
Environmental Stress and Amelioration in Livestock Production
Enzymatic polymerization of phenolic compounds by oxidoreductases
An Epidemiological Odyssey: The Evolution of Communicable Disease Control
Epidemiological Research: An Introduction: An Introduction
The Epidemiology of Aging
Epigenetic Epidemiology
Epigenetic Regulation of Lymphocyte Development
Epigenetics, Brain and Behavior
Epilepsy: Animal and Human Correlations
Epoxidations and Hydroperoxidations of a,ß-Unsaturated Ketones: An Approach through Asymmetric Organocatalysis
EPR of Free Radicals in Solids II: Trends in Methods and Applications. - Second edition.
EPR Spectroscopy: Applications in Chemistry and Biology
Equilibrium Between Phases of Matter: Supplemental Text for Materials Science and High-Pressure Geophysics
Essentials of Biochemistry
Essentials of Chemical Education
Ethical Challenges in Genomics Research: A Guide to Understanding Ethics in Context
Ethics and Compliance Programs in Multinational Organizations
The Ethics of Tax Evasion: Perspectives in Theory and Practice
The Eukaryotic Replisome: a Guide to Protein Structure and Function
Eurasian Steppes. Ecological Problems and Livelihoods in a Changing World
Euro-Par 2011: Parallel Processing Workshops: CCPI, CGWS, HeteroPar, HiBB, HPCVirt, HPPC, HPSS, MDGS, ProPer, Resilience, UCHPC, VHPC, Bordeaux, France, August 29 – September 2, 2011, Revised Selected Papers, Part I
Euro-Par 2011: Parallel Processing Workshops: CCPI, CGWS, HeteroPar, HiBB, HPCVirt, HPPC, HPSS, MDGS, ProPer, Resilience, UCHPC, VHPC, Bordeaux, France, August 29 – September 2, 2011, Revised Selected Papers, Part II
Euro-Par 2012 Parallel Processing: 18th International Conference, Euro-Par 2012, Rhodes Island, Greece, August 27-31, 2012. Proceedings
European Retail Research
Evaluating and Promoting Positive School Attitude in Adolescents
Evaluating Entrepreneurship Education
The Evolution of Global Paper Industry 1800¬–2050: A Comparative Analysis
The Evolution of the Use of Mathematics in Cancer Research
Evolution That Anyone Can Understand
Evolutionary and Biologically Inspired Music, Sound, Art and Design: First International Conference, EvoMUSART 2012, Málaga, Spain, April 11-13, 2012. Proceedings
Evolutionary Biology: Mechanisms and Trends
Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimization: 12th European Conference, EvoCOP 2012, Málaga, Spain, April 11-13, 2012. Proceedings
Evolutionary Computation, Machine Learning and Data Mining in Bioinformatics: 10th European Conference, EvoBIO 2012, Málaga, Spain, April 11-13, 2012. Proceedings
Evolutionary Dynamics of Forests under Climate Change
Evolutionary Foundations of Equilibria in Irrational Markets
Evolutionary Systems Biology
Excel-Based Business Analysis: Forecasting Key Business Trends
Experimental Algorithms: 11th International Symposium, SEA 2012, Bordeaux, France, June 7-9, 2012. Proceedings
Expert Knowledge and Its Application in Landscape Ecology
The Exploration of Supramolecular Systems and Nanostructures by Photochemical Techniques
Exploring Frontiers of the Mind-Brain Relationship
Exploring Services Science: Third International Conference, IESS 2012, Geneva, Switzerland, February 15-17, 2012. Proceedings
Export Assistance: The Way Back and Forward: An Empirical Investigation into Developing Country "Born Globals"
Exposure Therapy: Rethinking the Model - Refining the Method
Ezio Tarantelli - Economic Theory and Industrial Relations
Face to Face with Emotions in Health and Social Care
Facing the Multicore - Challenge II: Aspects of New Paradigms and Technologies in Parallel Computing
Factors Affecting the Removal of Ammonia from Air on Carbonaceous Materials: Investigation of Reactive Adsorption Mechanism
Family Firms: Case Studies on the Management of Growth, Decline, and Transition
Family Firms in Transition: Case Studies on Succession, Inheritance, and Governance
Farm animal proteomics: Proceedings of the 3rd Managing Committee Meeting and 2nd Meeting of Working Groups 1, 2 & 3 of COST Action FA1002
Farming for Food and Water Security
Farming Systems Research into the 21st Century: The New Dynamic
Fast Software Encryption: 19th International Workshop, FSE 2012, Washington, DC, USA, March 19-21, 2012. Revised Selected Papers
Feed efficiency in swine
Fencing for Conservation: Restriction of Evolutionary Potential or a Riposte to Threatening Processes?
Fibre production in South American camelids and other fibre animals
Fibrinolytic Bacterial Enzymes with Thrombolytic Activity
Field-Flow Fractionation in Biopolymer Analysis
Finance for Academics: A Guide to Investment for Income
Financial Cryptography and Data Security: 15th International Conference, FC 2011, Gros Islet, St. Lucia, February 28 - March 4, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Financial Cryptography and Data Security: FC 2011 Workshops, RLCPS and WECSR 2011, Rodney Bay, St. Lucia, February 28 - March 4, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Financial Cryptography and Data Security: 16th International Conference, FC 2012, Kralendijk, Bonaire, Februray 27-March 2, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
Financial Cryptography and Data Security: FC 2012 Workshops, USEC and WECSR 2012, Kralendijk, Bonaire, March 2, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
Financial Performance Measures and Value Creation: the State of the Art
The Financial Systems of Industrial Countries: Evidence from Financial Accounts
Fine Particles in Medicine and Pharmacy
Firms in Open Source Software Development: Managing Innovation Beyond Firm Boundaries
Fluorescent Proteins I: From Understanding to Design
Fluorescent Proteins II: Application of Fluorescent Protein Technology
Fluorous Chemistry
FM 2012: Formal Methods: 18th International Symposium, Paris, France, August 27-31, 2012. Proceedings
Focused Retrieval of Content and Structure: 10th International Workshop of the Initiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval, INEX 2011, Saarbrücken, Germany, December 12-14, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Forages and grazing in horse nutrition
Forest Landscape Restoration: Integrating Natural and Social Sciences
Forest-people interfaces: Understanding community forestry and biocultural diversity
Forests in Development: A Vital Balance
The Forgotten Cure: The Past and Future of Phage Therapy
Formal Aspects of Component Software: 7th International Workshop, FACS 2010, Guimarães, Portugal, October 14-16, 2010, Revised Selected Papers
Formal Aspects of Component Software: 8th International Symposium, FACS 2011, Oslo, Norway, September 14-16, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Formal Aspects of Security and Trust: 8th International Workshop, FAST 2011, Leuven, Belgium, September 12-14, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Formal Concept Analysis: 10th International Conference, ICFCA 2012, Leuven, Belgium, May 7-10, 2012. Proceedings
Formal Grammar: 15th and 16th International Conferences, FG 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark, August 2010, FG 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia, August 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Formal Methods and Software Engineering: 14th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods, ICFEM 2012, Kyoto, Japan, November 12-16, 2012. Proceedings
Formal Methods for Components and Objects: 9th International Symposium, FMCO 2010, Graz, Austria, November 29 - December 1, 2010. Revised Papers
Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems: 17th International Workshop, FMICS 2012, Paris, France, August 27-28, 2012. Proceedings
Formal Methods for Model-Driven Engineering: 12th International School on Formal Methods for the Design of Computer, Communication, and Software Systems, SFM 2012, Bertinoro, Italy, June 18-23, 2012. Advanced Lectures
Formal Methods: Foundations and Applications: 15th Brazilian Symposium, SBMF 2012, Natal, Brazil, September 23-28, 2012. Proceedings
Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed Systems: 10th International Conference, FORMATS 2012, London, UK, September 18-20, 2012. Proceedings
Formal Techniques for Distributed Systems: Joint 14th IFIP WG 6.1 International Conference, FMOODS 2012 and 32nd IFIP WG 6.1 International Conference, FORTE 2012, Stockholm, Sweden, June 13-16, 2012. Proceedings
Formal Verification of Object-Oriented Software: International Conference, FoVeOOS 2011, Turin, Italy, October 5-7, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Formulating Poorly Water Soluble Drugs. - 1
Foundational and Practical Aspects of Resource Analysis: Second International Workshop, FOPARA 2011, Madrid, Spain, May 19, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Foundations and Practice of Security: 4th Canada-France MITACS Workshop, FPS 2011, Paris, France, May 12-13, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Foundations of Chinese Psychology: Confucian Social Relations
Foundations of Health Informatics Engineering and Systems: First International Symposium, FHIES 2011, Johannesburg, South Africa, August 29-30, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Foundations of Information and Knowledge Systems: 7th International Symposium, FoIKS 2012, Kiel, Germany, March 5-9, 2012. Proceedings
Foundations of Intelligent Systems: 20th International Symposium, ISMIS 2012, Macau, China, December 4-7, 2012. Proceedings
Foundations of Software Science and Computational Structures: 15th International Conference, FOSSACS 2012, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2012, Tallinn, Estonia, March 24 – April 1, 2012. Proceedings
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy in Food Microbiology
Fragment-Based Drug Discovery and X-Ray Crystallography
Free Markets and the Culture of Common Good
Freight Forwarder's Intermediary Role in Multimodal Transport Chains: A Social Network Approach
Freud on Interpretation: The Ancient Magical Egyptian and Jewish Traditions
From Animals to Animats 12: 12th International Conference on Simulation of Adaptive Behavior, SAB 2012, Odense, Denmark, August 27-30, 2012. Proceedings
From Identity-Based Conflict to Identity-Based Cooperation: The ARIA Approach in Theory and Practice
From Neurology to Methodology and Back: An Introduction to Clinical Neuroengineering
From Nucleic Acids Sequences to Molecular Medicine
From Sugar to Splenda: A Personal and Scientific Journey of a Carbohydrate Chemist and Expert Witness
From the Molecular World: A Nineteenth-Century Science Fantasy
From Total Quality Control to Lean Six Sigma: Evolution of the Most Important Management Systems for the Excellence
Frontiers in Algorithmics and Algorithmic Aspects in Information and Management: Joint International Conference, FAW-AAIM 2012, Beijing, China, May 14-16, 2012. Proceedings
Frontiers in Sensing: From Biology to Engineering
Fruit Breeding
Fun with Algorithms: 6th International Conference, FUN 2012, Venice, Italy, June 4-6, 2012. Proceedings
Functional and Logic Programming: 11th International Symposium, FLOPS 2012, Kobe, Japan, May 23-25, 2012. Proceedings
Functional Assessment for Challenging Behaviors
Functional Coherence of Molecular Networks in Bioinformatics
Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
Functional Genomics and Evolution of Photosynthetic Systems
Functional Instability or Paradigm Shift?: A Characteristic Study of Indian Stock Market in the First Decade of the New Millennium
Functional Metal Oxide Nanostructures
Functional Neuroimaging in Exercise and Sport Sciences
Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering: 15th International Conference, FASE 2012, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2012, Tallinn, Estonia, March 24 - April 1, 2012. Proceedings
Fundamentals and Applications of Controlled Release Drug Delivery
Fundamentals of International Transfer Pricing in Law and Economics
Fundamentals of Software Engineering: 4th IPM International Conference, FSEN 2011, Tehran, Iran, April 20-22, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Fungal Associations. - Second edition 2012.
Fungi Associated with Pandanaceae
Future Generation Information Technology: 4th International Conference, FGIT 2012, Gangneug, Korea, December 16-19, 2012. Proceedings
The Future Internet: Future Internet Assembly 2012: From Promises to Reality
The Future of EU Agricultural Markets by AGMEMOD
Fuzziness: Structural Disorder in Protein Complexes
Games, Actions and Social Software: Multidisciplinary Aspects
Gasotransmitters: Physiology and Pathophysiology
The GCC Economies: Stepping Up To Future Challenges
Gene Regulatory Sequences and Human Disease
Gene Vaccines
Generic and Indexed Programming: International Spring School, SSGIP 2010, Oxford, UK, March 22-26, 2010, Revised Lectures
Genesis - In The Beginning: Precursors of Life, Chemical Models and Early Biological Evolution
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Genetically Engineered Mice for Cancer Research: design, analysis, pathways, validation and pre-clinical testing
Genetics Meets Metabolomics: from Experiment to Systems Biology
Genome Mapping and Genomics in Laboratory Animals
Genomics and Systems Biology of Mammalian Cell Culture
Genomics Applications for the Developing World
Genomics of Chloroplasts and Mitochondria
Genomics of Tree Crops
Geographic Information Science: 7th International Conference, GIScience 2012, Columbus, OH, USA, September 18-21, 2012. Proceedings
A Geographic Perspective of Cuban Landscapes
Gesture and Sign Language in Human-Computer Interaction and Embodied Communication: 9th International Gesture Workshop, GW 2011, Athens, Greece, May 25-27, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Glasses and Glass Ceramics for Medical Applications
Gli interventi sulla crisi: Una guida pratica
Glioma: Immunotherapeutic Approaches
A Goal-Oriented Approach to Forest Landscape Restoration
GPCR Signalling Complexes – Synthesis, Assembly, Trafficking and Specificity
Graph Drawing: 19th International Symposium, GD 2011, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, September 21-23, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Graph Structures for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning: Second International Workshop, GKR 2011, Barcelona, Spain, July 16, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Graph Transformations: 6th International Conference, ICGT 2012, Bremen, Germany, September 24-29, 2012. Proceedings
Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science: 38th International Workshop, WG 2012, Jerusalem, Israel, June 26-28, 2012, Revised Selcted Papers
GraphITA 2011: Selected papers from the Workshop on Fundamentals and Applications of Graphene
Gravity, Special Relativity, and the Strong Force: A Bohr-Einstein-de Broglie Model for the Formation of Hadrons
The Greek Economy and the Crisis: Challenges and Responses
Green Business Process Management: Towards the Sustainable Enterprise
Green China: Sustainable Growth in East and West
Green Solvents I: Properties and Applications in Chemistry
Green Solvents II: Properties and Applications of Ionic Liquids
Green Technologies for Wastewater Treatment: Energy Recovery and Emerging Compounds Removal
Green Technologies in Food Production and Processing
Greening the Financial Sector: How to Mainstream Environmental Finance in Developing Countries
Greentech Innovation and Diffusion: A Financial Economics and Firm-Level Perspective
Grid and Pervasive Computing Workshops: International Workshops, S3E, HWTS, Doctoral Colloquium, Held in Conjunction with GPC 2011, Oulu, Finland, May 11-13, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Growing from Seed: An Introduction to Social Forestry
Growth and Defence in Plants: Resource Allocation at Multiple Scales
Hallucinations: Research and Practice
Halogenated Heterocycles: Synthesis, Application and Environment
Hamiltonian Cycle Problem and Markov Chains
Handbook of Community Psychiatry
Handbook of Computational Chemistry
Handbook of diet, nutrition and the skin
Handbook of Drug Interactions: A Clinical and Forensic Guide
Handbook of Ethnic Conflict: International Perspectives
Handbook of hair in health and disease
Handbook of Healthcare System Scheduling
Handbook of Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology. - Twelfth edition 2012.
Handbook of Juvenile Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry
Handbook of Marine Natural Products
The Handbook of Nanomedicine. - Second edition 2012.
Handbook of Newsvendor Problems: Models, Extensions and Applications
Handbook of Occupational Health and Wellness
Handbook of Race and Development in Mental Health
Handbook of Research on Student Engagement
Handbook of Social Resource Theory: Theoretical Extensions, Empirical Insights, and Social Applications
Handbook of the History of Economic Thought: Insights on the Founders of Modern Economics
Handbook on Semidefinite, Conic and Polynomial Optimization
Haptic and Audio Interaction Design: 7th International Conference, HAID 2012, Lund, Sweden, August 23-24, 2012. Proceedings
Haptics: Perception, Devices, Mobility, and Communication: International Conference, EuroHaptics 2012, Tampere, Finland, June 13-15, 2012. Proceedings, Part I
Haptics: Perception, Devices, Mobility, and Communication: International Conference, EuroHaptics 2012, Tampere, Finland, June 13-15, 2012 Proceedings, Part II
Hardware and Software: Verification and Testing: 7th International Haifa Verification Conference, HVC 2011, Haifa, Israel, December 6-8, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Health and Animal Agriculture in Developing Countries. - 1
Health Information Science: First International Conference, HIS 2012, Beijing, China, April 8-10, 2012. Proceedings
Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Media
Hedge Funds and Financial Markets: An Asset Management and Corporate Governance Perspective
Henipavirus: Ecology, Molecular Virology, and Pathogenesis
Heparin - A Century of Progress
Hereditary Retinopathies: Progress in Development of Genetic and Molecular Therapies
Herpetological Osteopathology: Annotated Bibliography of Amphibians and Reptiles
Heteroaromatic Lipoxin A4 Analogues: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation
High Resolution Archaeology and Neanderthal Behavior: Time and Space in Level J of Abric Romaní (Capellades, Spain)
High- and Low-Valent tris-N-Heterocyclic Carbene Iron Complexes: A Study of Molecular and Electronic Structure
Himalayan Biodiversity in the Changing World
A History of Diabetes in Pregnancy: The impact of maternal diabetes on offspring prenatal development and survival
Honeybee Neurobiology and Behavior: A Tribute to Randolf Menzel
Hormones, Talent, and Career: Unlock Your Hormonal Quotient
How Firms Can Strategically Influence Open Source Communities: The Employment of "Men on the Inside"
How Glass Changed the World: The History and Chemistry of Glass from Antiquity to the 13th Century
How the World Computes: Turing Centenary Conference and 8th Conference on Computability in Europe, CiE 2012, Cambridge, UK, June 18-23, 2012. Proceedings
How to Commercialise Research in Biotechnology?: Effectiveness of the Innovation Process and of Technology Transfer in the Biotechnology Sector
How to Make Money by Fast Trading: A Guide to Success
How to Reliably Test for GMOs
HPV and Cancer
HPV and Cervical Cancer: Achievements in Prevention and Future Prospects
The Human Auditory Cortex
Human Auditory Development
Human Behavior Understanding: Third International Workshop, HBU 2012, Vilamoura, Portugal, October 7, 2012. Proceedings
Human Cell Transformation: Role of Stem Cells and the Microenvironment
Human Chromosome Variation: Heteromorphism and Polymorphism
Human Medical Research: Ethical, Legal and Socio-Cultural Aspects
Human-Centered Software Engineering: 4th International Conference, HCSE 2012, Toulouse, France, October 29-31, 2012. Proceedings
Human-Computer Interaction, Tourism and Cultural Heritage: Second International Workshop, HCITOCH 2011, Córdoba, Argentina, September 14-15, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Humanitarian Logistics: Cross-Sector Cooperation in Disaster Relief Management
Hybrid Artificial Intelligent Systems: 7th International Conference, HAIS 2012, Salamanca, Spain, March 28-30th, 2012. Proceedings, Part II
Hybrid Artificial Intelligent Systems: 7th International Conference, HAIS 2012, Salamanca, Spain, March 28-30th, 2012. Proceedings, Part I
Hybrid Learning: 5th International Conference, ICHL 2012, Guangzhou, China, August 13-15, 2012. Proceedings
Ibuprofen: Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Side Effects
ICT as Key Technology against Global Warming: Second International Conference, ICT-GLOW 2012, Vienna, Austria, September 6, 2012. Proceedings
The Ideal Result: What It Is and How to Achieve It
Image Analysis and Recognition: 9th International Conference, ICIAR 2012, Aveiro, Portugal, June 25-27, 2012. Proceedings, Part I
Image Analysis and Recognition: 9th International Conference, ICIAR 2012, Aveiro, Portugal, June 25-27, 2012. Proceedings, Part II
Image and Signal Processing: 5th International Conference, ICISP 2012, Agadir, Morocco, June 28-30, 2012. Proceedings
Immunotoxicity, Immune Dysfunction, and Chronic Disease
Impact Analysis of Solutions for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management: 10th International Conference on Smart Homes and Health Telematics, ICOST 2012, Artiminio, Italy, June 12-15, 2012. Proceedings
The Impact of Performance Budgeting on Public Spending in Germany's Laender
Implementation and Application of Automata: 17th International Conference, CIAA 2012, Porto, Portugal, July 17-20, 2012. Proceedings
Implementation and Application of Functional Languages: 23rd International Symposium, IFL 2011, Lawrence, KS, USA, October 3-5, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Implementing International Services: A Tailorable Method for Market Assessment, Modularization, and Process Transfer
Implicit Embedded Options in Life Insurance Contracts: A Market Consistent Valuation Framework
Implicit Incentives in International Joint Ventures: An Experimental Study
Improving Software Testing: Technical and Organizational Developments
Improving Soil Fertility Recommendations in Africa using the Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer (DSSAT)
Improving the Quality of Child Custody Evaluations: A Systematic Model
In-Memory Data Management: Technology and Applications. - Second edition 2012.
Indian Pandanaceae - an overview
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in Brain Diseases: Understanding the Methods, Epigenetic Basis, and Applications for Regenerative Medicine
Inductive Logic Programming: 21st International Conference, ILP 2011, Windsor Great Park, UK, July 31 – August 3, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Industrial Research Performance Management: Key Performance Indicators in the ICT Industry
Infection, Immune Homeostasis and Immune Privilege
Inflammation and Atherosclerosis
Inflammatory Breast Cancer: An Update
The Influence of Attention, Learning, and Motivation on Visual Search
Influenza Virus Sialidase - A Drug Discovery Target
Information Access Evaluation. Multilinguality, Multimodality, and Visual Analytics: Third International Conference of the CLEF Initiative, CLEF 2012, Rome, Italy, September 17-20, 2012. Proceedings
Information and Communication Technologies: 18th EUNICE/ IFIP WG 6.2, 6.6 International Conference, EUNICE 2012, Budapest, Hungary, August 29-31, 2012. Proceedings
Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2012: Proceedings of the International Conference in Helsingborg, Sweden, January 25–27, 2012
Information and Communications Security: 14th International Conference, ICICS 2012, Hong Kong, China, October 29-31, 2012. Proceedings
Information Computing and Applications: Third International Conference, ICICA 2012, Chengde, China, September 14-16, 2012. Proceedings
Information Processign in Cells and Tissues: 9th International Conference, IPCAT 2012, Cambridge, UK, March 31 – April 2, 2012. Proceedings
Information Processing in Computer-Assisted Interventions: Third International Conference, IPCAI 2012, Pisa, Italy, June 27, 2012. Proceedings
Information Quality and Management Accounting: A Simulation Analysis of Biases in Costing Systems
Information Retrieval Technology: 8th Asia Information Retrieval Societies Conference, AIRS 2012, Tianjin, China, December 17-19, 2012. Proceedings
Information Security: 15th International Conference, ISC 2012, Passau, Germany, September 19-21, 2012. Proceedings
Information Security and Cryptology: 7th International Conference, Inscrypt 2011, Beijing, China, November 30 – December 3, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Information Security and Cryptology - ICISC 2011: 14th International Conference, Seoul, Korea, November 30 - December 2, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Information Security and Privacy: 17th Australasian Conference, ACISP 2012, Wollongong, NSW, Australia, July 9-11, 2012. Proceedings
Information Security Applications: 12th International Workshop, WISA 2011, Jeju Island, Korea, August 22-24, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Information Security Applications: 13th International Workshop, WISA 2012, Jeju Island, Korea, August 16-18, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
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Information Security Theory and Practice. Security, Privacy and Trust in Computing Systems and Ambient Intelligent Ecosystems: 6th IFIP WG 11.2 International Workshop, WISTP 2012, Egham, UK, June 20-22, 2012. Proceedings
Information Strategy Design and Practices
Information Systems Security: 8th International Conference, ICISS 2012, Guwahati, India, December 15-19, 2012. Proceedings
Information Systems Theory: Explaining and Predicting Our Digital Society, Vol. 1
Information Systems Theory: Explaining and Predicting Our Digital Society, Vol. 2
Information Systems: Crossroads for Organization, Management, Accounting and Engineering: ItAIS: The Italian Association for Information Systems
Information Technologies in Biomedicine: Third International Conference, ITIB 2012, Gliwice, Poland, June 11-13, 2012. Proceedings
Information Technology for Small Business: Managing the Digital Enterprise
Information Technology in Bio- and Medical Informatics: Third International Conference, ITBAM 2012, Vienna, Austria, September 4-5, 2012. Proceedings
Information Theoretic Security: 6th International Conference, ICITS 2012, Montreal, QC, Canada, August 15-17, 2012. Proceedings
Information Theory and Best Practices in the IT Industry
Innate Immune Regulation and Cancer Immunotherapy
Innovation Communities: Teamworking of Key Persons - A Success Factor in Radical Innovation
Innovation in Vaccinology: from design, through to delivery and testing
Innovation Policy and Governance in High-Tech Industries: The Complexity of Coordination
Innovation Systems in Small Catching-Up Economies: New Perspectives on Practice and Policy
Innovation without R&D: Heterogeneous Innovation Patterns of Non-R&D-Performing Firms in the German Manufacturing Industry
Innovators' Marketplace: Using Games to Activate and Train Innovators
Insect Conservation: Past, Present and Prospects
Inside a Secret Software Laboratory: An Ethnographic Study of a Global Software Package Producer
Insurance Economics
Integrated Formal Methods: 9th International Conference, IFM 2012, Pisa, Italy, June 18-21, 2012. Proceedings
Integrated Methods for Optimization
Integrated Water Resources Management in the Mediterranean Region: Dialogue towards new strategy
Integrating Agriculture, Conservation and Ecotourism: Societal Influences
Integration of AI and OR Techniques in Contraint Programming for Combinatorial Optimzation Problems: 9th International Conference, CPAIOR 2012, Nantes, France, May 28 – June1, 2012. Proceedings
Integration of Information and Optimization Models for Routing in City Logistics
Integration of Preference Analysis Methods into Quality Function Deployment: A Focus on Elderly People
Intellectual Property Issues: Therapeutics, Vaccines and Molecular Diagnostics
Intelligence and Security Informatics: Pacific Asia Workshop, PAISI 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 29, 2012. Proceedings
Intelligent Computer Mathematics: 11th International Conference, AISC 2012, 19th Symposium, Calculemus 2012, 5th International Workshop, DML 2012, 11th International Conference, MKM 2012, Systems and Projects, Held as Part of CICM 2012, Bremen, Germany, July 8-13, 2012. Proceedings
Intelligent Computing Technology: 8th International Conference, ICIC 2012, Huangshan, China, July 25-29, 2012. Proceedings
Intelligent Computing Theories and Applications: 8th International Conference, ICIC 2012, Huangshan, China, July 25-29, 2012. Proceedings
Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning - IDEAL 2012: 13th International Conference, Natal, Brazil, August 29-31, 2012. Proceedings
Intelligent Information and Database Systems: 4th Asian Conference, ACIIDS 2012, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, March 19-21, 2012, Proceedings, Part I
Intelligent Information and Database Systems: 4th Asian Conference, ACIIDS 2012, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, March 19-21, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
Intelligent Information and Database Systems: 4th Asian Conference, ACIIDS 2012, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, March 19-21, 2012, Proceedings, Part III
Intelligent Robotics and Applications: 5th International Conference, ICIRA 2012, Montreal, QC, Canada, October 3-5, 2012, Proceedings, Part III
Intelligent Robotics and Applications: 5th International Conference, ICIRA 2012, Montreal, QC, Canada, October 3-5, 2012, Proceedings, Part I
Intelligent Robotics and Applications: 5th International Conference, ICIRA 2012, Montreal, Canada, October 3-5, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
Intelligent Science and Intelligent Data Engineering: Second Sino-foreign-interchange Workshop, IScI DE 2011, Xi'an, China, October 23-25, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Intelligent Tutoring Systems: 11th International Conference, ITS 2012, Chania, Crete, Greece, June 14-18, 2012. Proceedings
Intelligent Virtual Agents: 12th International Conference, IVA 2012, Santa Cruz, CA, USA, September, 12-14, 2012. Proceedings
Intensive One-Session Treatment of Specific Phobias
Interactions of Yeasts, Moulds, and Antifungal Agents: How to Detect Resistance
Interactive Decision Aids in E-Commerce
Interactive Storytelling: 5th International Conference, ICIDS 2012, San Sebastián, Spain, November 12-15, 2012. Proceedings
Interactive Theorem Proving: Third International Conference, ITP 2012, Princeton, NJ, USA, August 13-15, 2012. Proceedings
International Politics in Times of Change
International Trade Policies and Climate Change Governance
Internationalisation and Mode Switching: Performance, Strategy and Timing
Internationalizing the Psychology Curriculum in the United States
Internet and Distributed Computing Systems: 5th International Conference, IDCS 2012, Wuyishan, Fujian, China, November 21-23, 2012. Proceedings
Internet and Network Economics: 8th International Workshop, WINE 2012, Liverpool, UK, December 10-12, 2012. Proceedings
Internet Gambling: Current Research Findings and Implications
Internet of Things, Smart Spaces, and Next Generation Networking: 12th International Conference, NEW2AN 2012, and 5th Conference, ruSMART 2012, St. Petersburg, Russia, August 27-29, 2012. Proceedings
Interplay between Metal Ions and Nucleic Acids
Intradermal Immunization
Introduction to Data Mining for the Life Sciences
Introduction to Intercultural Economics
Introduction to Structural Chemistry
Investigating the Nucleation, Growth, and Energy Levels of Organic Semiconductors for High Performance Plastic Electronics
Investigation of Reactions Involving Pentacoordinate Intermediates: The Mechanism of the Wittig Reaction
Ion Exchange Technology I: Theory and Materials
Ion Exchange Technology II: Applications
Ionic Equilibria in Analytical Chemistry
Ions in Water and Biophysical Implications: From Chaos to Cosmos
Isoquinolines And Beta-Carbolines As Neurotoxins And Neuroprotectants: New Vistas In Parkinson's Disease Therapy. - Primera edición.
Isotope labeling in Biomolecular NMR
Jak-Stat Signaling : From Basics to Disease
Jatropha, Challenges for a New Energy Crop: Volume 1: Farming, Economics and Biofuel
JIMD Reports - Case and Research Reports, 2012/2
Justice and Conflicts: Theoretical and Empirical Contributions
Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy: Measuring and Compensating Electrostatic Forces
Key Statistical Concepts in Clinical Trials for Pharma
KI 2012: Advances in Artificial Intelligence: 35th Annual German Conference on AI, Saarbrücken, Germany, September 24-27, 2012. Proceedings
Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management: 18th International Conference, EKAW 2012, Galway City, Ireland, October 8-12, 2012. Proceedings
Knowledge Management and Acquisition for Intelligent Systems: 12th Pacific Rim Knowledge Acquisition Workshop, PKAW 2012, Kuching, Malaysia, September 5-6, 2012. Proceedings
Knowledge Representation for Health-Care: AIME 2011 Workshop KR4HC 2011, Bled, Slovenia, July 2-6, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Korean Science and Technology in an International Perspective
La coppia intrappolata: Agganci nevrotici
La riabilitazione neuropsicologica: Un' analisi basata sul metodo evidence-based medicine
Lactoferrin and its Role in Wound Healing
Lake Biwa: Interactions between Nature and People
Lake Kivu: Limnology and biogeochemistry of a tropical great lake
Language and Automata Theory and Applications: 6th International Conference, LATA 2012, A Coruña, Spain, March 5-9, 2012. Proceedings
Languages Alive: Essays Dedicated to Jürgen Dassow on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday
Large-Scale Complex IT Systems. Development, Operation and Management: 17th Monterey Workshop 2012, Oxford, UK, March 19-21, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
Large-Scale Scientific Computing: 8th International Conference, LSSC 2011, Sozopol, Bulgaria, June 6-10, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Laser Techniques for the Study of Electrode Processes
Late Transition Metal-Carboryne Complexes: Synthesis, Structure, Bonding, and Reaction with Alkenes and Alkynes
Latent Variable Analysis and Signal Separation: 10th International Conference, LVA/ICA 2012, Tel Aviv, Israel, March 12-15, 2012. Proceedings
LATIN 2012: Theoretical Informatics: 10th Latin American Symposium, Arequipa, Peru, April 16-20, 2012. Proceedings
LAWS, LANGUAGE and LIFE: Howard Pattee's classic papers on the physics of symbols with contemporary commentary
LC-MS in Drug Bioanalysis
Leadership through the Classics: Learning Management and Leadership from Ancient East and West Philosophy
Leading processes to lead companies: Lean Six Sigma: Kaizen Leader & Green Belt Handbook
Learning and Intelligent Optimization: 6th International Conference, LION 6, Paris, France, January 16-20, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
Lectures on Logic and Computation: ESSLLI 2010 Copenhagen, Denmark, August 2010, ESSLLI 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia, August 2011, Selected Lecture Notes
Lentiviral Vectors and Gene Therapy
Lessons learned from Long-term Soil Fertility Management Experiments in Africa
Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, Verification and Validation. Applications and Case Studies: 5th International Symposium, ISoLA 2012, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, October 15-18, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, Verification and Validation. Technologies for Mastering Change: 5th International Symposium, ISoLA 2012, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, October 15-18, 2012, Proceedings, Part I
Leveraging Patents Financially: A Company Perspective
LGBT Psychology: Research Perspectives and People of African Descent
The Liberation of the Serfs: The Economics of Unfree Labor
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Light-Weight Eco-composites
Life on Earth and other Planetary Bodies
Lipids, Lipophilic Components and Essential Oils from Plant Sources
Liquid Crystal Elastomers: Materials and Applications
Liquid Crystals: Materials Design and Self-assembly
Living in a Seasonal World: Thermoregulatory and Metabolic Adaptations
Logic and Program Semantics: Essays Dedicated to Dexter Kozen on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday
Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Reasoning: 18th International Conference, LPAR-18, Mérida, Venezuela, March 11-15, 2012. Proceedings
The Logic of Categorial Grammars: A Deductive Account of Natural Language Syntax and Semantics
Logic Programs, Norms and Action: Essays in Honor of Marek J. Sergot on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday
Logic, Language and Meaning: 18th Amsterdam Colloquium, Amsterdam , The Netherlands, December 19-21, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Logic, Language, Information and Computation: 19th International Workshop, WoLLIC 2012, Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 3-6, 2012. Proceedings
Logic-Based Program Synthesis and Transformation: 21st International Symposium, LOPSTR 2011, Odense, Denmark, July 18-20, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics: 7th International Conference, LACL 2012, Nantes, France, July 2-4, 2012. Proceedings
Logics in Artificial Intelligence: 13th European Conference, JELIA 2012, Toulouse, France, September 26-28, 2012. Proceedings
Logistikkostenrechnung: Kosten-, Leistungs- und Erlösinformationen zur erfolgsorientierten Steuerung der Logistik
Long Acting Injections and Implants
Long-Term Durability of Polymeric Matrix Composites
Long-Term Field Studies of Primates
Lymphoma and Leukemia of the Nervous System. - 1
L'université en transition: L'évolution de son rôle et des défis à relever
Machine Learning and Data Mining in Pattern Recognition: 8th International Conference, MLDM 2012, Berlin, Germany, July 13-20, 2012. Proceedings
Machine Learning and Interpretation in Neuroimaging: International Workshop, MLINI 2011, Held at NIPS 2011, Sierra Nevada, Spain, December 16-17, 2011, Revised Selected and Invited Contributions
Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases: European Conference, ECML PKDD 2012, Bristol, UK, September 24-28, 2012. Proceedings, Part I
Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases: European Conference, ECML PKDD 2012, Bristol, UK, September 24-28, 2012. Proceedings, Part II
Machine Learning in Medical Imaging: Third International Workshop, MLMI 2012, Held in Conjunction with MICCAI 2012, Nice, France, October 1, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
Macroeconomic Analysis and Economic Policy Based on Parametric Control. - 1
Macromolecular Crystallography: Deciphering the Structure, Function and Dynamics of Biological Molecules
Malignant Effusions: Pleuritis, Ascites, Pericardites
Management in a Dynamic Environment: Concepts, Methods and Tools
Management of International Trade
Managing Business Portfolios Effectively: On the Explanatory Power of the Parenting Advantage Concept
Managing Creativity in Science and Hi-Tech. - Second edition 2012.
Managing Forest Carbon in a Changing Climate
Managing Safety of Heterogeneous Systems: Decisions under Uncertainties and Risks
Managing Supply Chain Risk
Manganese in Powder Metallurgy Steels
Manifesto of the New Economy: Institutions and Business Models of the Digital Society
Mantras for Managers: The Dialogue with Yeti
Marine Bioactive Compounds: Sources, Characterization and Applications
Market Risk and Financial Markets Modeling
Mass Spectrometry of Polymers – New Techniques
Materia Medica for Various Cancers
Materials Challenges and Testing for Supply of Energy and Resources
Maternal Fetal Transmission of Human Viruses and their Influence on Tumorigenesis
Mathematical and Engineering Methods in Computer Science: 7th International Doctoral Workshop, MEMICS 2011, Lednice, Czech Republic, October 14-16, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 2012: 37th International Symposium, MFCS 2012, Bratislava, Slovakia, August 27-31, 2012. Proceedings
Mathematical Modeling and Computational Science: International Conference, MMCP 2011, Stará Lesná, Slovakia, July 4-8, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Mathematical Modeling in Mechanics of Granular Materials
Mathematics of Program Construction: 11th International Conference, MPC 2012, Madrid, Spain, June 25-27, 2012. Proceedings
MATLAB for Psychologists
Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitors: Specificity of Binding and Structure-Activity Relationships
Measurement, Modelling, and Evaluation of Computing Systems and Dependability and Fault Tolerance: 16th International GI/ITG Conference, MMB & DFT 2012, Kaiserslautern, Germany, March 19-21, 2012. Proceedings
Measuring Roots: An Updated Approach
Mechanical Stretch and Cytokines
Mechanically Gated Channels and their Regulation
Mechanics and Properties of Composed Materials and Structures
Medical Content-Based Retrieval for Clinical Decision Support: Second MICCAI International Workshop, MCBR-CDS 2011, Toronto, ON, Canada, September 22, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Medical Devices and Biomaterials for the Developing World: Case Studies in Ghana and Nicaragua
Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2012: 15th International Conference, Nice, France, October 1-5, 2012, Proceedings, Part I
Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2012: 15th International Conference, Nice, France, October 1-5, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2012: 15th International Conference, Nice, France, October 1-5, 2012, Proceedings, Part III
Medicinal Plant Biodiversity of Lesser Himalayas-Pakistan
Membrane Computing: 12th International Conference, CMC 2011, Fontainebleau, France, August 23-26, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Memoboek: voor diagnostiek in de eerste lijn
Mesh Processing in Medical Image Analysis 2012: MICCAI 2012 International Workshop, MeshMed 2012, Nice, France, October 1, 2012. Proceedings
Metal and Alloy Bonding - An Experimental Analysis: Charge Density in Metals and Alloys
Metal Ion in Stroke
Metal Ions in Neurological Systems
Metal Toxicity in Plants: Perception, Signaling and Remediation. - First.
Metalation of Azoles and Related Five-Membered Ring Heterocycles
Metallic Nanocrystallites and their Interaction with Microbial Systems
Metallocorroles for Attenuation of Atherosclerosis
Methodologies and Technologies for Networked Enterprises: ArtDeco: Adaptive Infrastructures for Decentralised Organisations
Methylmercury and Neurotoxicity
Micro and Nano Sulfide Solid Lubrication
Microarray Detection and Characterization of Bacterial Foodborne Pathogens
Microarrays in Diagnostics and Biomarker Development: Current and Future Applications
Microbial Food Safety: An Introduction
Microbial Stress Tolerance for Biofuels: Systems Biology
Microbial Technologies in Advanced Biofuels Production. - Primera edición.
Microdroplet Technology: Principles and Emerging Applications in Biology and Chemistry
Micromagnetics and Recording Materials
Microorganisms in Environmental Management: Microbes and Environment
Microorganisms in Sustainable Agriculture and Biotechnology
MicroRNAs as Tools in Biopharmaceutical Production
MicroRNAs in Plant Development and Stress Responses
Microsystems and Nanotechnology
Microwave-Induced Synthesis of Aromatic Heterocycles
Middleware 2012: ACM/IFIP/USENIX 13th International Middleware Conference, Montreal, QC, Canada, December 3-7, 2012. Proceedings
Midkine: From Embryogenesis to Pathogenesis and Therapy
Mindfulness and Acceptance in Couple and Family Therapy
Mitochondrial Oxidative Phosphorylation: Nuclear-Encoded Genes, Enzyme Regulation, and Pathophysiology
Mode 3 Knowledge Production in Quadruple Helix Innovation Systems: 21st-Century Democracy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship for Development
Model and Data Engineering: 2nd International Conference, MEDI 2012, Poitiers, France, October 3-5, 2012. Proceedings
Model Checking Software: 19th International Workshop, SPIN 2012, Oxford, UK, July 23-24, 2012. Proceedings
Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems: 15th International Conference, MODELS 2012, Innsbruck, Austria, September 30–October 5, 2012. Proceedings
Modeling and Mining Ubiquitous Social Media: International Workshops MSM 2011, Boston, MA, USA, October 9, 2011, and MUSE 2011, Athens, Greece, September 5, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence: 9th International Conference, MDAI 2012, Girona, Catalonia, Spain, November 21-23, 2012. Proceedings
Modeling Dynamic Economic Systems. - Second edition 2012.
Modeling for Decision Support in Network-Based Services: The Application of Quantitative Modeling to Service Science
Modeling Forest Trees and Stands
Modeling Fragile X Syndrome
Modeling Nanoscale Imaging in Electron Microscopy
Modeling Tumor Vasculature: Molecular, Cellular, and Tissue Level Aspects and Implications
Modelling Foundations and Applications: 8th European Conference, ECMFA 2012, Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark, July 2-5, 2012. Proceedings
Modelling Value: Selected Papers of the 1st International Conference on Value Chain Management
Models in Software Engineering: Workshops and Symposia at MODELS 2011, Wellington, New Zealand, October 16-21, 2011, Reports and Revised Selected Papers
Models, Methods, Concepts & Applications of the Analytic Hierarchy Process. - Second edition 2012.
Modern Charge-Density Analysis
Modern Methods for Epidemiology
Modern Origins: A North African Perspective
Modernization Science: The Principles and Methods of National Advancement
Molecular Aspects of Hematologic Malignancies: Diagnostic Tools and Clinical Applications
Molecular Aspects of Iron Metabolism in Pathogenic and Symbiotic Plant-Microbe Associations
Molecular Conformation and Organic Photochemistry: Time-resolved Photoionization Studies
Molecular Electronic Structures of Transition Metal Complexes I
Molecular Electronic Structures of Transition Metal Complexes II
Molecular Farming in Plants: Recent Advances and Future Prospects
Molecular Geometry of Body Pattern in Birds
Molecular Imprinting
Molecular Marker Applications for Improving Sugar Content in Sugarcane
Molecular, Clinical and Environmental Toxicology: Volume 3: Environmental Toxicology
Morphofunctional Aspects of Tumor Microcirculation
Morphogenesis and Pathogenicity in Fungi
Morphology Genetic Materials Templated from Nature Species
Mortalin Biology: Life, Stress and Death
Motion in Games: 5th International Conference, MIG 2012, Rennes, France, November 15-17, 2012. Proceedings
Mouse Development: From Oocyte to Stem Cells
Mucosal Vaccines: Modern Concepts, Strategies, and Challenges
Multi-Agent Systems: 9th European Workshop, EUMAS 2011, Maastricht, The Netherlands, November 14-15, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Multi-Agent-Based Simulation XII: International Workshop, MABS 2011, Taipei, Taiwan, May 2-6, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Multi-disciplinary Trends in Artificial Intelligence: 6th International Workshop, MIWAI 2012, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, December 26-28, 2012. Proceedings
Multiagent System Technologies: 10th German Conference, MATES 2012, Trier, Germany, October 10-12, 2012. Proceedings
Multicore Software Engineering, Performance, and Tools: International Conference, MSEPT 2012, Prague, Czech Republic, May 31 - June 1, 2012. Proceedings
Multidisciplinary Information Retrieval: 5th International Retrieval Facility Conference, IRFC 2012, Vienna, Austria, July 2-3, 2012 Proceedings
Multidisciplinary Research and Practice for Information Systems: IFIP WG 8.4, 8.9/TC 5 International Cross-Domain Conference and Workshop on Availability, Reliability, and Security, CD-ARES 2012, Prague, Czech Republic, August 20-24, 2012. Proceedings
Multimodal Brain Image Analysis: Second International Workshop, MBIA 2012, Held in Conjunction with MICCAI 2012, Nice, France, October 1-5, 2012. Proceedings
Multiple Access Communications: 5th International Workshop, MACOM 2012, Maynooth, Ireland, November 19-20, 2012. Proceedings
Multiple Dimensions of Caregiving and Disability: Research, Practice, Policy
Multiscale Molecular Methods in Applied Chemistry
Multistate GTPase Control Co-translational Protein Targeting
The Multivariate Algorithmic Revolution and Beyond: Essays Dedicated to Michael R. Fellows on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday
Muscarinic Receptors. - First.
Mycotoxins in Feedstuffs
Nano-Antimicrobials: Progress and Prospects
Nano-Bio Probe Design and Its Application for Biochemical Analysis
Nano-Biotechnology for Biomedical and Diagnostic Research
Nanoalloys: Synthesis, Structure and Properties
NanoCellBiology of Secretion: Imaging Its Cellular and Molecular Underpinnings
Nanofabrication: Techniques and Principles
Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology
Nanoparticles from the Gasphase: Formation, Structure, Properties. - 1
Nanoplasmonic Sensors
Nanostructured Materials and Their Applications
Nanotechnology for Biology and Medicine: At the Building Block Level
NASA Formal Methods: 4th International Symposium, NFM 2012, Norfolk, VA, USA, April 3-5, 2012. Proceedings
Natural compounds as inducers of cell death: volume 1
Natural Killer T cells: Balancing the Regulation of Tumor Immunity. - 1
Natural Language Processing and Information Systems: 17th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems, NLDB 2012, Groningen, The Netherlands, June 26-28, 2012. Proceedings
Naturally Occurring Antibodies (NAbs)
Nature at Work: Ongoing Saga of Evolution
Nerve-Driven Immunity: Neurotransmitters and Neuropeptides in the Immune System
Network and Parallel Computing: 9th IFIP International Conference, NPC 2012, Gwangju, Korea, September 6-8, 2012. Proceedings
Network and System Security: 6th International Conference, NSS 2012, Wuyishan, Fujian, China, November 21-23, 2012. Proceedings
Network Economics and the Allocation of Savings: A Model of Peering in the Voice-over-IP Telecommunications Market
Network Reliability in Practice: Selected Papers from the Fourth International Symposium on Transportation Network Reliability. - 1
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NETWORKING 2012: 11th International IFIP TC 6 Networking Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, May 21-25, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
NETWORKING 2012 Workshops: International IFIP TC 6 Workshops, ETICS, HetsNets, and CompNets, Held at NETWORKING 2012, Prague, Czech Republic, May 25, 2012. Proceedings
Neural Development and Stem Cells. - Third edition 2012.
Neural Information Processing: 19th International Conference, ICONIP 2012, Doha, Qatar, November 12-15, 2012, Proceedings, Part I
Neural Information Processing: 19th International Conference, ICONIP 2012, Doha, Qatar, November 12-15, 2012, Proceedings, Part IV
Neural Information Processing: 19th International Conference, ICONIP 2012, Doha, Qatar, November 12-15, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
Neural Information Processing: 19th International Conference, ICONIP 2012, Doha, Qatar, November 12-15, 2012, Proceedings, Part III
Neural Information Processing: 19th International Conference, ICONIP 2012, Doha, Qatar, November 12-15, 2012, Proceedings, Part V
Neural Metabolism In Vivo
Neural Networks: Tricks of the Trade: Second Edition
Neuroblastoma: Diagnosis, Therapy, and Prognosis
Neurodegenerative Diseases
Neurofibromatosis Type 1: Molecular and Cellular Biology
Neuroleadership: A Journey Through the Brain for Business Leaders
Neuromedia: Art and Neuroscience Research
Neuronal Noise
The Neuropsychology Toolkit: Guidelines, Formats, and Language
The New Collective Bargaining
New Corporate Governance: Successful Board Management Tools
New Directions in Logic, Language and Computation: ESSLLI 2010 and ESSLLI 2011 Student Sessions. Selected Papers
New Discoveries on the ß-Hydride Elimination
New Frontiers in Applied Data Mining: PAKDD 2011 International Workshops, Shenzhen, China, May 24-27, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence: JSAI-isAI 2011 Workshops, LENLS, JURISIN, ALSIP, MiMI, Takamatsu, Japan, December 1-2, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
New Frontiers of Molecular Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases
New Frontiers of Network Analysis in Systems Biology
New Insights into the Theory of Giffen Goods
A New Institutional Economics Perspective on Industry Self-Regulation
New Perspectives on Industrial Organization: With Contributions from Behavioral Economics and Game Theory
New Technologies for Toxicity Testing
New trends for innovation in the Mediterranean animal production
The New World of Economics: A Remake of a Classic for New Generations of Economics Students. - Sixth edition 2012.
The Next Generation of Responsible Investing
NMR Methods for the Investigation of Structure and Transport
NMR of Proteins and Small Biomolecules
Noback's Human Nervous System, Seventh Edition: Structure and Function. - Seventh edition 2012.
Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: Scientific Advances
Non-fibrillar Amyloidogenic Protein Assemblies - Common Cytotoxins Underlying Degenerative Diseases
Non-Standard Employment and Quality of Work: The Case of Italy
Non-thermal Food Engineering Operations
Noncovalent Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes: Fundamental Aspects of Dispersion and Separation in Water
Nonlinear Dynamics in Equilibrium Models: Chaos, Cycles and Indeterminacy
Notch Regulation of the Immune System
Notch Signaling in Embryology and Cancer
Novel Antischizophrenia Treatments
Novel Apoptotic Regulators in Carcinogenesis
Novel Developments in Stem Cell Mobilization: Focus on CXCR4
Novel Sampling Approaches in Higher Dimensional NMR
Novel Technologies in Food Science: Their Impact on Products, Consumer Trends and the Environment
Nuclear Reprogramming and Stem Cells
Nucleic Acid Drugs
Numerical Analysis of Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Media
Nutraceuticals and Cancer
Nutrition, Diet and Cancer
Nutritional Epidemiology of Breast Cancer
Objects, Models, Components, Patterns: 50th International Conference, TOOLS 2012, Prague, Czech Republic, May 29-31, 2012. Proceedings
On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems: OTM 2012: Confederated International Conferences: CoopIS, DOA-SVI, and ODBASE 2012, Rome, Italy, September 10-14, 2012. Proceedings, Part I
On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems: OTM 2012: Confederated International Conferences: CoopIS, DOA-SVI, and ODBASE 2012, Rome, Italy, September 10-14, 2012. Proceedings, Part II
On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems: OTM 2012 Workshops: Confederated International Workshops: OTM Academy, Industry Case Studies Program, EI2N, INBAST, META4eS, OnToContent, ORM, SeDeS, SINCOM, and SOMOCO 2012, Rome, Italy, September 10-14, 2012. Proceedings
Onde di polso: Come l'emodinamica vascolare determina la pressione arteriosa
Ontogeny and Phylogeny of the Vertebrate Heart
Open Problems in Network Security: IFIP WG 11.4 International Workshop, iNetSec 2011, Lucerne, Switzerland, June 9, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Opening the Black Box: The Role of Personality and Anger in Executives Decision Making and Leadership
OpenMP in a Heterogeneous World: 8th International Workshop on OpenMP, IWOMP 2012, Rome, Italy, June 11-13, 2012. Proceedings
Operations Research: A Model-Based Approach. - Second edition 2013.
Operations Research Proceedings 2011: Selected Papers of the International Conference on Operations Research (OR 2011), August 30 - September 2, 2011, Zurich, Switzerland
Operative Transportation Planning: Solutions in Consumer Goods Supply Chains
Optical Nano- and Microsystems for Bioanalytics
Optimization of Temporal Networks under Uncertainty
The orange juice business: A Brazilian perspective
Organelle Genetics: Evolution of Organelle Genomes and Gene Expression
Organic Fertilisation, Soil Quality and Human Health
Organizational Ambidexterity: Implications for the Strategy-Performance Linkage
Organometallics and Renewables
Organometallics as Catalysts in the Fine Chemical Industry
Origin(s) of Design in Nature: A Fresh, Interdisciplinary Look at How Design Emerges in Complex Systems, Especially Life
Orthogonal Supramolecular Interaction Motifs for Functional Monolayer Architectures
Outdoor and Large-Scale Real-World Scene Analysis: 15th International Workshop on Theoretical Foundations of Computer Vision, Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, June 26 - July 1, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Outer Membrane Vesicles of Bacteria
The Outreach of Digital Libraries: A Globalized Resource Network: 14th International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries, ICADL 2012, Taipei, Taiwan, November 12-15, 2012, Proceedings
Overview of the PMBOK Guide: Paving the Way for PMP Certification. - Third edition 2012.
Oxidative Stress in Cancer Biology and Therapy
Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXIII
Paradigms in Theory Construction
Parallel Problem Solving from Nature - PPSN XII: 12th International Conference, Taormina, Italy, September 1-5, 2012, Proceedings, Part I
Parallel Problem Solving from Nature - PPSN XII: 12th International Conference, Taormina, Italy, September 1-5, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics: 9th International Conference, PPAM 2011, Torun, Poland, September 11-14, 2011. Revised Selected Papers, Part I
Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics: 9th International Conference, PPAM 2011, Torun, Poland, September 11-14, 2011. Revised Selected Papers, Part II
Parameterized and Exact Computation: 6th International Symposium, IPEC 2011, Saarbrücken, Germany, September 6-8, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Parameterized and Exact Computation: 7th International Symposium, IPEC 2012, Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 12-14, 2012. Proceedings
Partially Supervised Learning: First IAPR TC3 Workshop, PSL 2011, Ulm, Germany, September 15-16, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Passerine Migration: Stopovers and Flight
Passive and Active Measurement: 13th International Conference, PAM 2012, Vienna, Austria, March 12-14th, 2012. Proceedings
Pasteurella multocida: Molecular Biology, Toxins and Infection
Patent Filing Strategies and Patent Management: An Empirical Study
Patho-Epigenetics of Disease
The Pathogenic Spirochetes: strategies for evasion of host immunity and persistence
Pathways to Modern Chemical Physics
Pattern Recognition: 4th Mexican Conference, MCPR 2012, Huatulco, Mexico, June 27-30, 2012. Proceedings
Pattern Recognition: Joint 34th DAGM and 36th OAGM Symposium, Graz, Austria, August 28-31, 2012. Proceedings
Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics: 7th IAPR International Conference, PRIB 2012, Tokyo, Japan, November 8-10, 2012. Proceedings
Peace Psychology in Australia
Peace Psychology in the Balkans: Dealing with a Violent Past while Building Peace
Pediatric and Adolescent Concussion: Diagnosis, Management, and Outcomes
Pediatric Biomedical Informatics: Computer Applications in Pediatric Research
Pediatric Cancer, Volume 2: Teratoid/Rhabdoid, Brain Tumors, and Glioma
Pediatric Cancer, Volume 3: Diagnosis, Therapy, and Prognosis
Pediatric Palliative Care: Global Perspectives
Peptide-Based Materials
Perception and Machine Intelligence: First Indo-Japan Conference, PerMIn 2012, Kolkata, India, January 12-13, 2012. Proceedings
Performance Benchmarking: Measuring and Managing Performance
Performance Measurement with the Balanced Scorecard: A Practical Approach to Implementation within SMEs
Perspectives in Electronic Structure Theory
Perspectives of Systems Informatics: 8th International Andrei Ershov Memorial Conference, PSI 2011, Novosibirsk, Russia, June 27-July 1, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Persuasive Technology. Design for Health and Safety: 7th International Conference, PERSUASIVE 2012, Linköping, Sweden, June 6-8, 2012. Proceedings
Pervasive Computing: 10th International Conference, Pervasive 2012, Newcastle, UK, June 18-22, 2012. Proceedings
Pharmacology of Bombax ceiba Linn
Phase Response Curves in Neuroscience: Theory, Experiment, and Analysis
Phosphoinositides and Disease
Phosphoinositides I: Enzymes of Synthesis and Degradation
Phosphoinositides II: The Diverse Biological Functions
Phosphorescent Oxygen-Sensitive Probes
Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production
Photosensitizers in Medicine, Environment, and Security
Photosynthesis: Plastid Biology, Energy Conversion and Carbon Assimilation
Physical Activity Across the Lifespan: Prevention and Treatment for Health and Well-Being
Physiology of Prenatal Exercise and Fetal Development
Phytochemicals, Signal Transduction, and Neurological Disorders
Phytohormones and Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants
Phytoremediation and Biofortification: Two Sides of One Coin
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Tables: Graphics in Life Sciences
Piezoelectric Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications
Piezotronics and Piezo-Phototronics
Plant Breeding for Abiotic Stress Tolerance
Plant Breeding for Biotic Stress Resistance
Plant Cytogenetics: Genome Structure and Chromosome Function. - 1
Plant Defence: Biological Control
Plant Electrophysiology: Signaling and Responses
Plant Electrophysiology: Methods and Cell Electrophysiology
Plant Genome Diversity Volume 1: Plant Genomes, their Residents, and their Evolutionary Dynamics
Plant Responses to Drought Stress: From Morphological to Molecular Features
Plant Signaling Peptides
Plant Transposable Elements: Impact on Genome Structure and Function
Plants and Heavy Metals
Plants in Alpine Regions: Cell Physiology of Adaption and Survival Strategies
Plasma for Bio-Decontamination, Medicine and Food Security
Plasmons as Sensors
Pollination Biology: Biodiversity Conservation and Agricultural Production
The Pollination Biology of North American Orchids: Volume 1: North of Florida and Mexico
The Pollination Biology of North American Orchids: Volume 2: North of Florida and Mexico
Polymers in Nanomedicine
Polyploidy and Genome Evolution
Portable Chemical Sensors: Weapons Against Bioterrorism
Positive Relationships: Evidence Based Practice across the World
Post-Fire Management and Restoration of Southern European Forests
Post-Genome Biology of Primates
Practical Aspects of Computational Chemistry I: An Overview of the Last Two Decades and Current Trends
Practical Aspects of Computational Chemistry II: An Overview of the Last Two Decades and Current Trends
Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages: 14th International Symposium, PADL 2012, Philadelphia, PA, USA, January 23-24, 2012. Proceedings
Practice-Based Innovation: Insights, Applications and Policy Implications: Understanding Practice-Based Innovation and its Policy Implications
Prediction Markets: Fundamentals, Designs, and Applications
A Prehistory of Polymer Science
Prendersi cura dei bambini e dei loro genitori: La ricerca clinica per l'intervento
PRICAI 2012: Trends in Artificial Intelligence: 12th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Kuching, Malaysia, September 3-7, 2012. Proceedings
PRIMA 2012: Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems: 15th International Conference, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, September 3-7, 2012. Proceedings
The Primo Vascular System: Its Role in Cancer and Regeneration. - 1
Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming: 18th International Conference, CP 2012, Québec City, QC, Canada, October 8-12, 2012. Proceedings
Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems: 13th International Conference, PRIMA 2010, Kolkata, India, November 12-15, 2010, Revised Selected Papers
Principles of Bone Regeneration
Principles of Distributed Systems: 16th International Conference, OPODIS 2012, Rome, Italy, December 18-20, 2012. Proceedings
Principles of Osteoimmunology: Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Applications. - 2
Principles of Polymer Chemistry. - Third edition 2012.
Principles of Security and Trust: First International Conference, POST 2012, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2012, Tallinn, Estonia, March 24 - April 1, 2012, Proceedings
Principles of Soft-Matter Dynamics: Basic Theories, Non-invasive Methods, Mesoscopic Aspects
Principles of Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology. - 2
Privacy Enhancing Technologies: 12th International Symposium, PETS 2012, Vigo, Spain, July 11-13, 2012. Proceedings
Privacy in Statistical Databases: UNESCO Chair in Data Privacy, International Conference, PSD 2012, Palermo, Italy, September 26-28, 2012. Proceedings
Private or Socialistic Forestry?: Forest Transition in Finland vs. Deforestation in the Tropics
Proactive Intelligence: The Successful Executive's Guide to Intelligence
Proceedings of the 21st Annual Meeting of the European Society for Animal Cell Technology (ESACT), Dublin, Ireland, June 7-10, 2009
Proceedings of the Xth International Scientific Congress in fur animal production: Scientifur volume 36 (3/4)
Product-Focused Software Process Improvement: 13th International Conference, PROFES 2012, Madrid, Spain, June 13-15, 2012 Proceedings
Profitable Growth: Release Internal Growth Brakes and Bring Your Company to the Next Level
Profiting from Innovation in China
Programming Languages: 16th Brazilian Symposium, SBLP 2012, Natal, Brazil, September 23-28, 2012. Proceedings
Programming Languages and Systems: 21st European Symposium on Programming, ESOP 2012, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2012, Tallinn, Estonia, March 24 - April 1, 2012. Proceedings
Programming Languages and Systems: 10th Asian Symposium, APLAS 2012, Kyoto, Japan, December 11-13, 2012. Proceedings
Programming Multi-Agent Systems: 8th International Workshop, ProMAS 2010, Toronto, ON, Canada, May 11, 2010. Revised Selected Papers
Programming Multi-Agent Systems: 9th International Workshop, ProMAS 2011, Taipei, Taiwan, May 3, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Progress in Botany 73
Progress in Corrosion Science and Engineering II
Progress in Cryptology - AFRICACRYPT 2012: 5th International Conference on Cryptology in Africa, Ifrance, Morocco, July 10-12, 2012. Proceedings
Progress in Cryptology - INDOCRYPT 2012: 13th International Conference on Cryptology in India, Kolkata, India, December 9-12, 2012. Proceedings
Progress in Cryptology – LATINCRYPT 2012: 2nd International Conference on Cryptology and Information Security in Latin America, Santiago, Chile, October 7-10, 2012. Proceedings
Progress in Cultural Heritage Preservation: 4th International Conference, EuroMed 2012, Limassol, Cyprus, October 29 – November 3, 2012. Proceedings
Progress in Pattern Recognition, Image Analysis, Computer Vision, and Applications: 17th Iberoamerican Congress, CIARP 2012, Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 3-6, 2012. Proceedings
Progress in VLSI Design and Test: 16th International Symposium, VDAT 2012, Shibpur, India, July 1-4, 2012. Proceedings
Project Management Simulation with PTB Project Team Builder
Project Management with Dynamic Scheduling: Baseline Scheduling, Risk Analysis and Project Control
Protection of the Three Poles
Protein Aggregation and Fibrillogenesis in Cerebral and Systemic Amyloid Disease
Protein Dimerization and Oligomerization in Biology
Protein-Protein Interactions
Provable Security: 6th International Conference, ProvSec 2012, Chengdu, China, September 26-28, 2012. Proceedings
Provenance and Annotation of Data and Processes: 4th International Provenance and Annotation Workshop, IPAW 2012, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, June 19-21, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
Psychological Components of Sustainable Peace
Psychology of Religion: Autobiographical Accounts
Public Key Cryptography – PKC 2012: 15th International Conference on Practice and Theory in Public Key Cryptography, Darmstadt, Germany, May 21-23, 2012. Proceedings
Public Key Infrastructures, Services and Applications: 8th European Workshop, EuroPKI 2011, Leuven, Belgium, September 15-16, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Pulse Waves: How Vascular Hemodynamics Affects Blood Pressure
The Purchasing Chessboard: 64 Methods to Reduce Costs and Increase Value with Suppliers. - Second edition.
Purinergic Signalling and the Nervous System
Pyrethroids: From Chrysanthemum to Modern Industrial Insecticide
Quantifying Functional Biodiversity
Quantitative Marketing and Marketing Management: Marketing Models and Methods in Theory and Practice
Quantitative Problem Solving Methods in the Airline Industry: A Modeling Methodology Handbook
Quantum Dot Devices
Quantum Interaction: 6th International Symposium, QI 2012, Paris, France, June 27-29, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
Quantum Simulations of Materials and Biological Systems
Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics: Progress in Methods and Applications
The Quintessence of Intercultural Business Communication
Radicals in Synthesis III
Raman Spectroscopy for Nanomaterials Characterization
Random Regret-based Discrete Choice Modeling: A Tutorial
Rangeland Stewardship in Central Asia: Balancing Improved Livelihoods, Biodiversity Conservation and Land Protection
Reachability Problems: 6th International Workshop, RP 2012, Bordeaux, France, September 17-19, 2012. Proceedings
Reactive Attachment Disorder: A Case-Based Approach
Real Estate Investment: A Value Based Approach
The Reality of M&A Governance: Transforming Board Practice for Success
Reasoning Web. Semantic Technologies for Advanced Query Answering: 8th International Summer School 2012, Vienna, Austria, September 3-8, 2012. Proceedings
The Reasons for Underdevelopment: The Case of Decolonisation in Somaliland
Recarbonization of the Biosphere: Ecosystems and the Global Carbon Cycle
Recent Advances in Entomological Research: From Molecular Biology to Pest Management
Recent Advances in Reinforcement Learning: 9th European Workshop, EWRL 2011, Athens, Greece, September 9-11, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Recent Advances in the Message Passing Interface: 19th European MPI User's Group Meeting, EuroMPI 2012, Vienna, Austria, September 23-26, 2012. Proceedings
Recent Advances on Model Hosts
Recent Developments in Vector Optimization
Recent Freshwater Ostracods of the World: Crustacea, Ostracoda, Podocopida
Recent Trends in Algebraic Development Techniques: 20th International Workshop, WADT 2010, Etelsen, Germany, July 1-4, 2010, Revised Selected Papers
Receptor-like Kinases in Plants: From Development to Defense
Reconfigurable Computing: Architectures, Tools and Applications: 8th International Symposium, ARC 2012, Hong Kong, China, March 19-23, 2012. Proceedings
Red Beet Biotechnology: Food and Pharmaceutical Applications
Redefining German Health Care: Moving to a Value-Based System
Reef Fish Spawning Aggregations: Biology, Research and Management
Referees in Sports Contests: Their Economic Role and the Problem of Corruption in Professional German Sports Leagues
Reforming Turkish Energy Markets: Political Economy, Regulation and Competition in the Search for Energy Policy
Regenerative Therapy Using Blood-Derived Stem Cells
Regulation of Agricultural Biotechnology: The United States and Canada
Regulatory RNAs: Basics, Methods and Applications
Regulatory RNAs in Prokaryotes
Reimagining Democracy: On the Political Project of Adriano Olivetti
Relational and Algebraic Methods in Computer Science: 13th International Conference, RAMiCS 2012, Cambridge, UK, September 17-20, 2012. Proceedings
The Relationship between Organizational Structure and Organizational Ambidexterity: A Comparison between Manufacturing and Service Firms
Relazione di coppia e malattia cardiaca: Clinica psicologica relazionale in psicocardiologia
The Relevance of the Time Domain to Neural Network Models
Reliable Software Technologies – Ada-Europe 2012: 17th Ada-Europe International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies, Stockholm, Sweden, June 11-15, 2012. Proceedings
Remote Service Technology Perception and its Impact on Customer-Provider Relationships: An Empirical Exploratory Study in a B-to-B-setting
Renal Cell Carcinoma: Translational Biology, Personalized Medicine, and Novel Therapeutic Targets
Reproductive Health and Cancer in Adolescents and Young Adults
Reprogramming Microbial Metabolic Pathways
Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality: 18th International Working Conference, REFSQ 2012, Essen, Germany, March 19-22, 2012. Proceedings
Research in Attacks, Intrusions, and Defenses: 15th International Symposium, RAID 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 12-14, 2012. Proceedings
Research in Computational Molecular Biology: 16th Annual International Conference, RECOMB 2012, Barcelona, Spain, April 21-24, 2012. Proceedings
Research in Cryptology: 4th Western European Workshop, WEWoRC 2011, Weimar, Germany, July 20-22, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
The Researching, Teaching, and Learning Triangle
Resource Discovery: Third International Workshop, RED 2010, Paris, France, November 5, 2010, Revised Selected Papers
Rethinking Social Epidemiology: Towards a Science of Change
Retinal Degenerative Diseases
Reversible Computation: Third International Workshop, RC 2011, Gent, Belgium, July 4-5, 2011. Revised Papers
Reviews in Fluorescence 2010
Reviews in Plasmonics 2010
Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology: Volume 162
Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology, Vol. 163
Rewriting Logic and Its Applications: 9th International Workshop, WRLA 2012, Held as a Satellite Event of ETAPS, Tallinn, Estonia, March 24-25, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
RFID. Security and Privacy: 7th International Workshop, RFIDSec 2011, Amherst, USA, June 26-28, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Ricin and Shiga Toxins: Pathogenesis, Immunity, Vaccines and Therapeutics
Risk Analysis in Stochastic Supply Chains: A Mean-Risk Approach
Risk Habitat Megacity
RNA 3D Structure Analysis and Prediction
RNA Metabolism in Trypanosomes
RoboCup 2011: Robot Soccer World Cup XV
Robustness, Plasticity, and Evolvability in Mammals: A Thermal Niche Approach
Rough Sets and Current Trends in Computing: 8th International Conference, RSCTC 2012, Chengdu, China, August 17-20, 2012.Proceedings
Rough Sets and Knowledge Technology: 7th International Conference, RSKT 2012, Chengdu, China, August 17-20, 2012. Proceedings
Rules on the Web: Research and Applications: 6th International Symposium, RuleML 2012, Montpellier, France, August 27-29, 2012. Proceedings
Runtime Verification: Second International Conference, RV 2011, San Francisco, CA, USA, September 27-30, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Sacred Science?: On science and its interrelations with religious worldviews
Sales Excellence: Systematic Sales Management
Scalable Uncertainty Management: 6th International Conference, SUM 2012, Marburg, Germany, September 17-19, 2012. Proceedings
Scale Space and Variational Methods in Computer Vision: Third International Conference, SSVM 2011, Ein-Gedi, Israel, May 29 – June 2, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Schistosomes and Schistosomiasis in South Asia
Schuman Report on Europe: State of the Union 2012
The Science of Algal Fuels: Phycology, Geology, Biophotonics, Genomics and Nanotechnology
Scientific and Statistical Database Management: 24th International Conference, SSDBM 2012, Chania, Crete, Greece, June 25-27, 2012. Proceedings
SDL 2011: Integrating System and Software Modeling: 15th International SDL Forum Toulouse, France, July 5-7, 2011. Revised Papers
Search Based Software Engineering: 4th International Symposium, SSBSE 2012, Riva del Garda, Italy, September 28-30, 2012. Proceedings
Search Computing: Broadening Web Search
Seaweed Biology: Novel Insights into Ecophysiology, Ecology and Utilization
Secretions and Exudates in Biological Systems
Secure Data Management: 9th VLDB Workshop, SDM 2012, Istanbul, Turkey, August 27, 2012. Proceedings
Secure IT Systems: 17th Nordic Conference, NordSec 2012, Karlskrona, Sweden, October 31 – November 2, 2012. Proceedings
Security and Cryptography for Networks: 8th International Conference, SCN 2012, Amalfi, Italy, September 5-7, 2012. Proceedings
Security and Intelligent Information Systems: International Joint Conferences, SIIS 2011, Warsaw, Poland, June 13-14, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Security and Trust Management: 7th International Workshop, STM 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 27-28, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Security Protocols XX: 20th International Workshop, Cambridge, UK, April 12-13, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
Security, Privacy, and Applied Cryptography Engineering: Second International Conference, SPACE 2012, Chennai, India, November 3-4, 2012. Proceedings
Seed Development: OMICS Technologies toward Improvement of Seed Quality and Crop Yield: OMICS in Seed Biology
Selected Areas in Cryptography: 18th International Workshop, SAC 2011, Toronto, ON, Canada, August 11-12, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Selenium: Its Molecular Biology and Role in Human Health
Selenoproteins and Mimics
Self and Nonself
Self-Assembly of Flat Organic Molecules on Metal Surfaces: A Theoretical Characterisation
Self-Assembly of Nanostructures: The INFN Lectures, Vol. III
Self-Organizing Systems: 6th IFIP TC 6 International Workshop, IWSOS 2012, Delft, The Netherlands, March 15-16, 2012. Proceedings
Semantic Technologies in Content Management Systems: Trends, Applications and Evaluations
The Semantic Web: Joint International Semantic Technology Conference, JIST 2011, Hangzhou, China, December 4-7, 2011. Proceedings
The Semantic Web – ISWC 2012: 11th International Semantic Web Conference, Boston, MA, USA, November 11-15, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
The Semantic Web – ISWC 2012: 11th International Semantic Web Conference, Boston, MA, USA, November 11-15, 2012, Proceedings, Part I
The Semantic Web: ESWC 2011 Workshops: ESWC 2011 Workshops, Heraklion, Greece, May 29-30, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
The Semantic Web: Research and Applications: 9th Extended Semantic Web Conference, ESWC 2012, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, May 27-31, 2012. Proceedings
Semiconductor Nanostructures for Optoelectronic Devices: Processing, Characterization and Applications
Sensing in Nature
Sensory Perception: Mind and Matter
Sentic Computing: Techniques, Tools, and Applications
Sequences and Their Applications – SETA 2012: 7th International Conference, Waterloo, ON, Canada, June 4-8, 2012. Proceedings
Serious Games Development and Applications: Third International Conference, SGDA 2012, Bremen, Germany, September 26-29, 2012. Proceedings
Serotonin and Anxiety: Neuroanatomical, Pharmacological, and Functional Aspects
Service Management: The New Paradigm in Retailing
Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing: First European Conference, ESOCC 2012, Bertinoro, Italy, September 19-21, 2012. Proceedings
Service-Oriented Computing: 10th International Conference, ICSOC 2012, Shanghai, China, November 12-15, 2012. Proceedings
Service-Oriented Computing - ICSOC 2011 Workshops: ICSOC 2011, International Workshops WESOA, NFPSLAM-SOC, and Satellite Events, Paphos, Cyprus, December 5-8, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Sex and Gender Differences in Pharmacology
Sexuality and Aging: Clinical Perspectives
Shedding Light on Indoor Tanning
Short and Long Distance Signaling
Signaling and Communication in Plant Symbiosis
Signaling Pathways and Molecular Mediators in Metastasis
Signaling Pathways in Cancer Pathogenesis and Therapy
Silicone Surface Science
Similarity Search and Applications: 5th International Conference, SISAP 2012, Toronto, ON, Canada, August 9-10, 2012. Proceedings
Simulated Evolution and Learning: 9th International Conference, SEAL 2012, Hanoi, Vietnam, December 16-19, 2012. Proceedings
Simulation, Modeling, and Programming for Autonomous Robots: Third International Conference, SIMPAR 2012, Tsukuba, Japan, November 5-8, 2012. Proceedings
The Sirex Woodwasp and its Fungal Symbiont: Research and Management of a Worldwide Invasive Pest
Small Businesses in the Aftermath of the Crisis: International Analyses and Policies
Small Group Research: Implications for Peace Psychology and Conflict Resolution
Small Supernumerary Marker Chromosomes (sSMC): A Guide for Human Geneticists and Clinicians
Social Computing, Behavioral - Cultural Modeling and Prediction: 5th International Conference, SBP 2012, College Park, MD, USA, April 3-5, 2012. Proceedings
Social Entrepreneurship and Social Business: An Introduction and Discussion with Case Studies
Social Exclusion: Short and Long Term Causes and Consequences
Social Informatics: 4th International Conference, SocInfo 2012, Lausanne, Switzerland, December 5-7, 2012. Proceedings
Social Innovation and New Business Models: Creating Shared Value in Low-Income Markets
Social Robotics: 4th International Conference, ICSR 2012, Chengdu, China, October 29-31, 2012. Proceedings
SOFSEM 2012: Theory and Practice of Computer Science: 38th Conference on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science, Špindleruv Mlýn, Czech Republic, January 21-27, 2012. Proceedings
Software Composition: 11th International Conference, SC 2012, Prague, Czech Republic, May 31 – June 1, 2012. Proceedings
The Software Dilemma: Balancing Creativity and Control on the Path to Sustainable Software
Software Engineering and Formal Methods: 10th International Conference, SEFM 2012, Thessaloniki, Greece, October 1-5, 2012. Proceedings
Software Engineering for Resilient Systems: 4th International Workshop, SERENE 2012, Pisa, Italy, September 27-28, 2012. Proceedings
Software for People: Fundamentals, Trends and Best Practices
Software Language Engineering: 4th International Conference, SLE 2011, Braga, Portugal, July 3-4, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Software Service and Application Engineering: Essays Dedicated to Bernd Krämer on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday
Sol-Gel Processing for Conventional and Alternative Energy
Solid State Gas Sensors - Industrial Application
Solid State NMR
South Asian Mammals: Their Diversity, Distribution, and Status
Space Weather Monitoring by Ground-Based Means: PC Index
Spatial Cognition VIII: International Conference, Spatial Cognition 2012, Kloster Seeon, Germany, August 31 – September 3, 2012. Proceedings
Spatio-temporal Image Analysis for Longitudinal and Time-Series Image Data: Second International Workshop, STIA 2012, Held in Conjunction with MICCAI 2012, Nice, France, October 1, 2012. Proceedings
Specific Intermolecular Interactions of Organic Compounds
Speech, Sound and Music Processing: Embracing Research in India: 8th International Symposium, CMMR 2011, 20th International Symposium, FRSM 2011, Bhubaneswar, India, March 9-12, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Stabilization, Safety, and Security of Distributed Systems: 14th International Symposium, SSS 2012, Toronto, Canada, October 1-4, 2012. Proceedings
Static Analysis: 19th International Symposium, SAS 2012, Deauville, France, September 11-13, 2012. Proceedings
Statistical Atlases and Computational Models of the Heart. Imaging and Modelling Challenges: Second International Workshop, STACOM 2011, Held in Conjunction with MICCAI 2011, Toronto, ON, Canada, September 22, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Statistical Methods in Neuropsychology: Common Procedures Made Comprehensible
Statistics Applied to Clinical Studies. - Fifth edition 2012.
Statistik für Wirtschaftswissenschaftler: Eine anwendungsorientierte Darstellung
Stem Cell Transplantation
Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 1: Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Therapeutic Applications in Disease and Injury: Volume 1
Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 2: Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Therapeutic Applications in Disease and Injury: Volume 2
Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 4: Therapeutic Applications in Disease and Injury
Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 5: Therapeutic Applications in Disease and Injury
Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 6: Therapeutic Applications in Disease and Injury
Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 7: Therapeutic Applications in Disease and Injury
Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 8: Therapeutic Applications in Disease and Injury
Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells,Volume 3: Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Therapeutic Applications in Disease and Injury: Volume 3
Stem Cells and Human Diseases
Stereoselective Alkene Synthesis
Steric Effects in the Chemisorption of Vibrationally Excited Methane on Nickel
Stochastic Optimal Control and the U.S. Financial Debt Crisis
Store-operated Ca2+ entry (SOCE) pathways: Emerging signaling concepts in human (patho)physiology
The Strategic CFO: Creating Value in a Dynamic Market Environment
Strategic Enterprise Architecture Management: Challenges, Best Practices, and Future Developments
Strategic Outsourcing: The Alchemy to Business Transformation in a Globally Converged World
Strategic Retail Management: Text and International Cases. - 2
Strategy for Action – I: The Logic and Context of Strategic Management
Stress Challenges and Immunity in Space: From Mechanisms to Monitoring and Preventive Strategies
Stress e disturbi da somatizzazione: Evidence-Based Practice in psicologia clinica
Stress Ecology: Environmental Stress as Ecological Driving Force and Key Player in Evolution
Stress Proof the Heart: Behavioral Interventions for Cardiac Patients
String Processing and Information Retrieval: 19th International Symposium, SPIRE 2012, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, October 21-25, 2012. Proceedings
Structural Connections for Lightweight Metallic Structures
Structural Information and Communication Complexity: 19th International Colloquium, SIROCCO 2012, Reykjavik, Iceland, June 30-July 2, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
A Structural Perspective on Respiratory Complex I: Structure and Function of NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase
Structural, Syntactic, and Statistical Pattern Recognition: Joint IAPR International Workshop, SSPR&SPR 2012, Hiroshima, Japan, November 7-9, 2012. Proceedings
Structure-Property Relationships in Non-Linear Optical Crystals I: The UV-Vis Region
Structure-Property Relationships in Non-Linear Optical Crystals II: The IR Region
Studies in Oat Evolution: A Man's Life with Avena
Studies on Men's Health and Fertility
Studies on Retinal and Choroidal Disorders
Success Factors in Logistics Outsourcing
Sulfur Metabolism in Plants: Mechanisms and Applications to Food Security and Responses to Climate Change
Surface Patterning with Colloidal Monolayers
Sustainability Innovations in the Electricity Sector
Sustainability Science: The Emerging Paradigm and the Urban Environment
Sustainable Agriculture Reviews: Volume 11
Sustainable Potato Production: Global Case Studies
Sustainable Supply Chains: Models, Methods, and Public Policy Implications
Sustainable Urban Environments: An Ecosystem Approach
Sustaining Innovation: Collaboration Models for a Complex World. - 1
Swarm and Evolutionary Computation: International Symposia, SIDE 2012 and EC 2012, Held in Conjunction with ICAISC 2012, Zakopane, Poland, April 29-May 3, 2012. Proceedings
Swarm Intelligence: 8th International Conference, ANTS 2012, Brussels, Belgium, September 12-14, 2012. Proceedings
Swarm, Evolutionary, and Memetic Computing: Third International Conference, SEMCCO 2012, Bhubaneswar, India, December 20-22, 2012. Proceedings
Switchpoints for the Future of Logistics
The Symbolic Species Evolved
Synaptic Mechanisms in the Auditory System
Synaptic Plasticity: Dynamics, Development and Disease
Synthetic Biodegradable Polymers
Systemic Management for Intelligent Organizations: Concepts, Models-Based Approaches and Applications
Systemic Structure Behind Human Organizations: From Civilizations to Individuals
Systems Biology in Cancer Research and Drug Discovery
Systems Biology of Parkinson's Disease
Systems Metabolic Engineering
Systems Thinking: Intelligence in Action
S'intégrer pour s'enrichir: Intégration régionale et réduction de la pauvreté en Afrique de l'ouest
The Taxation of Capitalistic Bequests
Taxation of Hybrid Financial Instruments and the Remuneration Derived Therefrom in an International and Cross-border Context: Issues and Options for Reform
Taxation, Growth and Fiscal Institutions: A Political and Economic Analysis
Technological Innovations in Major World Oil Crops, Volume 1: Breeding
Technological Innovations in Major World Oil Crops, Volume 2: Perspectives
Technological Innovations in Sensing and Detection of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Threats and Ecological Terrorism
Technologies and Innovations for Development: Scientific Cooperation for a Sustainable Future
Technology and Consumption: Understanding Consumer Choices and Behaviors
Technology Transfer in a Global Economy
Telecommunication Economics: Selected Results of the COST Action ISO605 Econ@Tel
Telephone Surveys in Europe: Research and Practice
Testing Software and Systems: 24th IFIP WG 6.1 International Conference, ICTSS 2012, Aalborg, Denmark, November 19-21, 2012. Proceedings
Tests and Proofs: 6th International Conference, TAP 2012, Prague, Czech Republic, May 31 – June 1, 2012. Proceedings
Tetramer Stability and Functional Regulation of Tumor Suppressor Protein p53
Text, Speech and Dialogue: 15th International Conference, TSD 2012, Brno, Czech Republic, September 3-7, 2012. Proceedings
The Textbook of Angiogenesis and Lymphangiogenesis: Methods and Applications
Theoretical Aspects of Computing – ICTAC 2012: 9th International Colloquium, Bangalore, India, September 24-27, 2012. Proceedings
Theoretical Computer Science: 7th IFIP TC 1/WG 2.2 International Conference, TCS 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 26-28, 2012. Proceedings
Theorie and Applications of Formal Argumentation: First International Workshop, TAFA 2011. Barcelona, Spain, July 16-17, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Theory and Applications of Models of Computation: 9th Annual Conference, TAMC 2012, Beijing, China, May 16-21, 2012. Proceedings
Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing – SAT 2012: 15th International Conference, Trento, Italy, June 17-20, 2012. Proceedings
Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries: Second International Conference, TPDL 2012, Paphos, Cyprus, September 23-27, 2012. Proceedings
Theory and Practice of Model Transformations: 5th International Conference, ICMT 2012, Prague, Czech Republic, May 28-29, 2012. Proceedings
Theory and Practice of Natural Computing: First International Conference, TPNC 2012, Tarragona, Spain, October 2-4, 2012. Proceedings
Theory of Charge Transport in Carbon Electronic Materials
Theory of Cryptography: 9th Theory of Cryptography Conference, TCC 2012, Taormina, Sicily, Italy, March 19-21, 2012. Proceedings
The Theory of Evolution and Its Impact
Theory of Security and Applications: Joint Workshop, TOSCA 2011, Saarbrücken, Germany, March 31 - April 1, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Therapeutic Kinase Inhibitors
Tissue Engineering III: Cell - Surface Interactions for Tissue Culture
Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems: 18th International Conference, TACAS 2012, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2012, Tallinn, Estonia, March 24 – April 1, 2012. Proceedings
Tools for Practical Software Verification: LASER, International Summer School 2011, Elba Island, Italy, Revised Tutorial Lectures
Topics in Cryptology – CT-RSA 2012: The Cryptographer's Track at the RSA Conference 2012, San Francisco, CA, USA, February 27 – March 2, 2012. Proceedings
Topics in Performance Evaluation, Measurement and Characterization: Third TPC Technology Conference, TPCTC 2011, Seattle, WA, USA, August 29-September 3, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Total Synthesis of Bioactive Natural Products by Palladium-Catalyzed Domino Cyclization of Allenes and Related Compounds
Total Synthesis of Plakortide E and Biomimetic Synthesis of Plakortone B
Toxicity of Heavy Metals to Legumes and Bioremediation
Traditional Forest-Related Knowledge: Sustaining Communities, Ecosystems and Biocultural Diversity
Traffic Monitoring and Analysis: 4th International Workshop, TMA 2012, Vienna, Austria, March 12, 2012. Proceedings
Transactions on Aspect-Oriented Software Development IX
Transactions on Computational Collective Intelligence VI
Transactions on Computational Collective Intelligence VII
Transactions on Computational Collective Intelligence VIII
Transactions on Computational Science XV: Special Issue on Advances in Autonomic Computing: Formal Engineering Methods for Nature-Inspired Computing Systems
Transactions on Computational Science XVI
Transactions on Computational Systems Biology XIV: Special Issue on Computational Models for Cell Processes
Transactions on Data Hiding and Multimedia Security VII
Transactions on Data Hiding and Multimedia Security VIII: Special Issue on Pattern Recognition for IT Security
Transactions on Edutainment VII
Transactions on Edutainment VIII
Transactions on Large-Scale Data- and Knowledge-Centered Systems V
Transactions on Large-Scale Data- and Knowledge-Centered Systems VI: Special Issue on Database- and Expert-Systems Applications
Transactions on Large-Scale Data- and Knowledge-Centered Systems VII
Transactions on Petri Nets and Other Models of Concurrency V
Transactions on Petri Nets and Other Models of Concurrency VI
Transactions on Rough Sets XV
Transition Metal Catalyzed Enantioselective Allylic Substitution in Organic Synthesis
Translational Stroke Research: From Target Selection to Clinical Trials
Transport and Fate of Chemicals in the Environment: Selected Entries from the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology
Transport Processes in Porous Media
Treatment and Prevention of Malaria: Antimalarial Drug Chemistry, Action and Use
Trends and Issues in Global Tourism 2012
Trends and Topics in Computer Vision: ECCV 2010 Workshops, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, September 10-11, 2010, Revised Selected Papers, Part II
Trends and Topics in Computer Vision: ECCV 2010 Workshops, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, September 10-11, 2010, Revised Selected Papers, Part I
Trends in Functional Programming: 12th International Symposium, TFP 2011, Madrid, Spain, May 16-18, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Tropical and Sub-Tropical Reservoir Limnology in China: Theory and practice
True and False Recovered Memories: Toward a Reconciliation of the Debate. - 1
Trust and Trustworthy Computing: 5th International Conference, TRUST 2012, Vienna, Austria, June 13-15, 2012. Proceedings
Trust, Privacy and Security in Digital Business: 9th International Conference, TrustBus 2012, Vienna, Austria, September 3-7, 2012. Proceedings
Trusted Systems: Third International Conference, INTRUST 2011, Beijing, China, November 27-29, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Trusted Systems: 4th International Conference, INTRUST 2012, London, UK, December 17-18, 2012. Proceedings
Trustworthy Global Computing: 6th International Symposium, TGC 2011, Aachen, Germany, June 9-10, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Tumors of the Central Nervous System, Volume 4: Brain Tumors (Part 2)
Tumors of the Central Nervous System, Volume 5: Astrocytomas, Hemangioblastomas, and Gangliogliomas
Tumour-Associated Macrophages
Twenty Years of G-CSF: Clinical and Nonclinical Discoveries
Two Studies in Gas-Phase Ion Spectroscopy: Vacuum-Ultraviolet Negative Photoion Spectroscopy and Ion-Molecule Reaction Kinetics
Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence: 6th International Conference, UCAmI 2012, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, December 3-5, 2012. Proceedings
Udder Health and Communication
UK Colloids 2011: An International Colloid and Surface Science Symposium
Ultrasonic Coal-Wash for De-Ashing and De-Sulfurization: Experimental Investigation and Mechanistic Modeling
Ultrasound Imaging: Advances and Applications
Ultrastructural Plasticity of Cyanobacteria
Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation: 11th International Conference, UCNC 2012, Orléan, France, September 3-7, 2012. Proceedings
Undeclared Work, Deterrence and Social Norms: The Case of Germany
Understanding Animal Welfare: An Integrated Approach
Understanding Family Businesses: Undiscovered Approaches, Unique Perspectives, and Neglected Topics
Understanding German Real Estate Markets
Unemployment and Inflation in Economic Crises
Unimolecular and Supramolecular Electronics I: Chemistry and Physics Meet at Metal-Molecule Interfaces
Unimolecular and Supramolecular Electronics II: Chemistry and Physics Meet at Metal-Molecule Interfaces
United States Health Care Policymaking: Ideological, Social and Cultural Differences and Major Influences
Unlocking markets to smallholders: Lessons from South Africa
User Modeling, Adaptation, and Personalization: 20th International Conference, UMAP 2012, Montreal, Canada, July 16-20, 2012. Proceedings
The Value of Information: Methodological Frontiers and New Applications in Environment and Health
Vanadium: Biochemical and Molecular Biological Approaches
Vegetation Ecology of Socotra
Venture Capital and the Corporate Governance of Chinese Listed Companies. - 1
Verification, Model Checking, and Abstract Interpretation: 13th International Conference, VMCAI 2012, Philadelphia, PA, USA, January 22-24, 2012. Proceedings
Verified Software: Theories, Tools, Experiments: 4th International Conference, VSTTE 2012, Philadelphia, PA, USA, January 28-29, 2012. Proceedings
Veterinary Science: Current Aspects in Biology, Animal Pathology, Clinic and Food Hygiene
Vibronic Interactions and the Jahn-Teller Effect: Theory and Applications
Victor McKusick and the History of Medical Genetics
Violence and Aggression in Sporting Contests: Economics, History and Policy. - 1
Viral Molecular Machines
Virtual Communities, Social Networks and Collaboration
Viruses: Essential Agents of Life
Visualization of Hydrogen-Bond Dynamics: Water-Based Model Systems on a Cu(110) Surface
WALCOM: Algorithms and Computation: 6th International Workshop, WALCOM 2012, Dhaka, Bangladesh, February 15-17, 2012. Proceedings
Water Science & Technology in China: A Roadmap to 2050
Water Soluble Vitamins: Clinical Research and Future Application
Web and Wireless Geographical Information Systems: 11th International Symposium, W2GIS 2012, Naples, Italy, April 12-13, 2012. Proceedings
Web Engineering: 12th International Conference, ICWE 2012, Berlin, Germany, July 23-27, 2012. Proceedings
Web Information Systems and Mining: International Conference, WISM 2012, Chengdu, China, October 26-28, 2012. Proceedings
Web Information Systems Engineering - WISE 2012: 13th International Conference, Paphos, Cyprus, November 28-30, 2012. Proceedings
Web Reasoning and Rule Systems: 6th International Conference, RR 2012, Vienna, Austria, September 10-12, 2012. Proceedings
Web Services and Formal Methods: 8th International Workshop, WS-FM 2011, Clermont-Ferrand, France, September 1-2, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Web Technologies and Applications: 14th Asia-Pacific Web Conference, APWeb 2012, Kunming, China, April 11-13, 2012. Proceedings
Web Technologies and Applications: APWeb 2012 International Workshops: SenDe, IDP, IEKB, MBC, Kunming, China, April 11-13, 2012. Proceedings
Web-Age Information Management: WAIM 2011 International Workshops: WGIM 2011, XMLDM 2011, SNA 2011, Wuhan, China, September 14-16, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Web-Age Information Management: 13th International Conference, WAIM 2012, Harbin, China, August 18-20, 2012. Proceedings
Web-Age Information Management: WAIM 2012 International Workshops: GDMM, IWSN, MDSP, USDM, and XMLDM Harbin, China, August 18-20, 2012 Proceedings
Weed Science - A Plea for Thought - Revisited
Wildlife Behavior and Conservation
Wired/Wireless Internet Communication: 10th International Conference, WWIC 2012, Santorini, Greece, June 6-8, 2012. Proceedings
Wireless Algorithms, Systems, and Applications: 7th International Conference, WASA 2012, Yellow Mountains, China, August 8-10, 2012. Proceedings
Wireless Sensor Networks: 9th European Conference, EWSN 2012, Trento, Italy, February 15-17, 2012. Proceedings
Women's Entrepreneurship and Economics: New Perspectives, Practices, and Policies
World Trade Regulation: International Trade under the WTO Mechanism
The Yangtze River Delta: Business Guide to the Shanghai Region. - Fifth edition 2012.
Adaptive Hierarchical Isogeometric Finite Element Methods
Advanced Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Large Data-Sets
Advances and Challenges in Space-time Modelling of Natural Events
Advances in Applied Analysis
Advances in Mathematical Economics Volume 16
Advances in Meta-Analysis
Aeroelasticity: The Continuum Theory
Algebra for Symbolic Computation
Algebraic Approximation: A Guide to Past and Current Solutions
Algebraic Geometry over the Complex Numbers
Algebraic Modeling Systems: Modeling and Solving Real World Optimization Problems
Algebraic Operads
Algèbre: Chapitre 8
Analisi Funzionale
Analysis for Science, Engineering and Beyond: The Tribute Workshop in Honour of Gunnar Sparr held in Lund, May 8-9, 2008
Analysis of Genetic Association Studies
Analysis of Phylogenetics and Evolution with R
Analysis on Fock Spaces
Analytic Inequalities: Recent Advances
Analytically Tractable Stochastic Stock Price Models
Analyzing Markov Chains using Kronecker Products: Theory and Applications
Ancient Astronomical Observations and the Study of the Moon's Motion (1691-1757)
Anticipatory Systems: Philosophical, Mathematical, and Methodological Foundations. - Second edition 2012.
Applications of Mathematics and Informatics in Military Science
Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis. - Third edition 2012.
Approximate Global Convergence and Adaptivity for Coefficient Inverse Problems
Approximation Algorithms and Semidefinite Programming
Approximation Methods for Polynomial Optimization: Models, Algorithms, and Applications
Approximation Theory XIII: San Antonio 2010
Appunti sulle equazioni differenziali ordinarie
The Arithmetic of Fundamental Groups: PIA 2010
Arithmetic Tales
Around and Beyond the Square of Opposition
Associahedra, Tamari Lattices and Related Structures: Tamari Memorial Festschrift
Associated Sequences, Demimartingales and Nonparametric Inference
Astrostatistics and Data Mining
Asymptotics for Associated Random Variables
Automated Solution of Differential Equations by the Finite Element Method: The FEniCS Book
Automorphic Forms
Babylonian Mathematical Astronomy: Procedure Texts
The Basque Language in the Digital Age
Bayesian Methods in Structural Bioinformatics
The Beauty of Everyday Mathematics
A Beginner's Guide to Discrete Mathematics. - Second edition.
A Beginner's Guide to Finite Mathematics: For Business, Management, and the Social Sciences. - Second edition 2012.
Behavioral Research Data Analysis with R. - 1
The Beltrami Equation: A Geometric Approach
Bifurcation Theory: An Introduction with Applications to Partial Differential Equations
Biostatistics with R: An Introduction to Statistics Through Biological Data
Black-Box Models of Computation in Cryptology
Boolean Function Complexity: Advances and Frontiers
The Borel-Cantelli Lemma
Bridging Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering and Technology: Contributions from the Fall 2011 Seminar on Mathematical Sciences and Applications
Buildings, Finite Geometries and Groups: Proceedings of a Satellite Conference, International Congress of Mathematicians, Hyderabad, India, 2010
The Bulgarian Language in the Digital Age
Business Statistics for Competitive Advantage with Excel 2010: Basics, Model Building, and Cases. - Second edition 2012.
Calcolo Scientifico: Esercizi e problemi risolti con MATLAB e Octave. - Quinta edizione.
Calculus on Normed Vector Spaces
Campionamento da popolazioni finite: Il disegno campionario
Cassandra non era un idiota: Il destino è prevedibile
The Catalan Language in the Digital Age
CGAL Arrangements and Their Applications: A Step-by-Step Guide
The Cinderella.2 Manual: Working with The Interactive Geometry Software
Classical Geometries in Modern Contexts: Geometry of Real Inner Product Spaces Third Edition. - Third edition 2012.
Classical Mechanics: Dynamics
Classical Mechanics: Kinematics and Statics
Classical Mechanics: Applied Mechanics and Mechatronics
Classical Mechanics with Mathematica
The Classical Theory of Integral Equations: A Concise Treatment
Code Generation with Templates
Colloquium De Giorgi 2009
Combinatorial Optimization: Theory and Algorithms. - Fifth edition 2012.
Combinatorial Set Theory: With a Gentle Introduction to Forcing
Competing Risks and Multistate Models with R
Complex Analysis and Differential Equations
A Comprehensive Treatment of q-Calculus
Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations: Theory and Shape Optimization
Computational Fluid Dynamics Based on the Unified Coordinates
A Concise Guide to Statistics
A Concise Introduction to Linear Algebra
Constrained Optimization and Optimal Control for Partial Differential Equations
Contributions in Analytic and Algebraic Number Theory: Festschrift for S. J. Patterson
Convexity and Optimization in Banach Spaces. - Fourth edition 2012.
A Course in Complex Analysis: From Basic Results to Advanced Topics
Critical Point Theory for Lagrangian Systems
The Croatian Language in the Digital Age
The Crossing of Heaven: Memoirs of a Mathematician
Curves and Surfaces
The Czech Language in the Digital Age
Dalla geometria di Euclide alla geometria dell' Universo: Geometria su sfera, cilindro, cono, pseudosfera
The Danish Language in the Digital Age
Data Correcting Approaches in Combinatorial Optimization
Data Mining for Biomarker Discovery
Data Storage for Social Networks: A Socially Aware Approach
Demand Flexibility in Supply Chain Planning
Design and Analysis of Approximation Algorithms
Deterministic Global Optimization: Geometric Branch-and-bound Methods and their Applications
Differentiable Manifolds: A Theoretical Physics Approach
Direct Methods in the Theory of Elliptic Equations
Discontinuous Dynamical Systems
Discrete-Time Linear Systems: Theory and Design with Applications
Discretization of Processes
Dissipative Ordered Fluids: Theories for Liquid Crystals
Duration and Bandwidth Limiting: Prolate Functions, Sampling, and Applications. - First edition.
Dynamics of Information Systems: Mathematical Foundations
Einstein and the Changing Worldviews of Physics
The English Language in the Digital Age
Epidemiology: Key to Prevention. - 1
Equazioni alle derivate parziali a caratteristiche reali
Ergodic Theory, Hyperbolic Dynamics and Dimension Theory
Essays in Mathematics and its Applications: In Honor of Stephen Smale's 80th Birthday
Essentials of Stochastic Processes. - Second edition 2012.
The Estonian Language in the Digital Age
Evolution Equations of Hyperbolic and Schrödinger Type: Asymptotics, Estimates and Nonlinearities
Evolution Inclusions and Variation Inequalities for Earth Data Processing III: Long-Time Behavior of Evolution Inclusions Solutions in Earth Data Analysis
Evolutionary Integral Equations and Applications
Excel 2007 for Business Statistics: A Guide to Solving Practical Business Problems
Excel 2007 for Educational and Psychological Statistics: A Guide to Solving Practical Problems
Excel 2007 for Social Science Statistics: A Guide to Solving Practical Problems
Excel 2010 for Educational and Psychological Statistics: A Guide to Solving Practical Problems
Excel 2010 for Social Science Statistics: A Guide to Solving Practical Problems
Excursions in the History of Mathematics
Exploring Research Frontiers in Contemporary Statistics and Econometrics: A Festschrift for Léopold Simar
Extremal Polynomials and Riemann Surfaces
Falling Liquid Films
Financial Decision Making Using Computational Intelligence
Financial Mathematics: Theory and Problems for Multi-period Models
Finitely Generated Abelian Groups and Similarity of Matrices over a Field
Finsler Geometry: An Approach via Randers Spaces
Fluctuations in Markov Processes: Time Symmetry and Martingale Approximation
For Better or For Worse? Collaborative Couples in the Sciences
Foundations of Mathematical Analysis. - 1
Fractal-Based Methods in Analysis
Frames and Locales: Topology without points
The French Language in the Digital Age
From Calculus to Analysis. - 1
Frontiers in Numerical Analysis - Durham 2010
Frontiers in Statistical Quality Control 10
Functional Equations in Mathematical Analysis
Functional Spaces for the Theory of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
Fundamentals of Group Theory: An Advanced Approach. - 1
Fundamentals of Queuing Systems: Statistical Methods for Analyzing Queuing Models
The Galician Language in the Digital Age
Game Theory for Control of Optical Networks
Gems of Geometry. - Second edition 2012.
Generalized Solutions of Operator Equations and Extreme Elements. - 1
A Geometric Approach to Differential Forms. - Second.
Geometric Optimal Control: Theory, Methods and Examples
Geometry by Its History
The Geometry of Minkowski Spacetime: An Introduction to the Mathematics of the Special Theory of Relativity
Geostatistics Oslo 2012
Giochi e percorsi matematici
Global Differential Geometry
Global Optimization: A Stochastic Approach
Global Well-posedness of Nonlinear Parabolic-Hyperbolic Coupled Systems
Graph Energy
Graphical Models with R
The Greek Language in the Digital Age
Group Testing Theory in Network Security: An Advanced Solution
Groups: An Introduction to Ideas and Methods of the Theory of Groups
Handbook of Computational Finance
Handbook of Computational Statistics: Concepts and Methods. - Segunda edición.
Handbook of CO2 in Power Systems
Handbook of Networks in Power Systems I
Handbook of Networks in Power Systems II
Handbook of Optimization in Complex Networks: Theory and Applications. - 1
Handbook of Optimization in Complex Networks: Communication and Social Networks
Harnack's Inequality for Degenerate and Singular Parabolic Equations
Henri Poincaré: Impatient Genius
High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering '11: Transactions of the High Performance Computing Center, Stuttgart (HLRS) 2011
High Performance Computing on Vector Systems 2011
Highlights in Lie Algebraic Methods. - 1
Hilbert Modular Forms with Coefficients in Intersection Homology and Quadratic Base Change
Homogeneous Finsler Spaces
Homotopy Analysis Method in Nonlinear Differential Equations
The Hungarian Language in the Digital Age
Hypernumbers and Extrafunctions: Extending the Classical Calculus
The Icelandic Language in the Digital Age
Imagine Math: Between Culture and Mathematics
Inequalities: Theorems, Techniques and Selected Problems
Inequalities and Applications 2010: Dedicated to the Memory of Wolfgang Walter
Inference for Functional Data with Applications
Instruction Sequences for Computer Science
Interfacial Convection in Multilayer Systems. - Second edition 2012.
Internal and External Stabilization of Linear Systems with Constraints
Interpolation, Schur Functions and Moment Problems II
An Introduction to Continuous-Time Stochastic Processes: Theory, Models, and Applications to Finance, Biology, and Medicine. - Second edition 2012.
An Introduction to Inverse Limits with Set-valued Functions
Introduction to Mathematical Structures and Proofs. - Second edition 2012.
Introduction to Modeling Biological Cellular Control Systems
An Introduction to Modern Mathematical Computing: With Mathematica
Introduction to Piecewise Differentiable Equations
An Introduction to Riemann Surfaces. - 1
Introduction to Smooth Manifolds. - Second edition 2012.
Introduction to the Mathematics of Finance: Arbitrage and Option Pricing. - Second edition 2012.
Intuitionistic Fuzzy Information Aggregation: Theory and Applications
Inverse Limits: From Continua to Chaos
Iris Runge: A Life at the Crossroads of Mathematics, Science, and Industry
The Irish Language in the Digital Age
The Italian Language in the Digital Age
Just-in-Time Systems
Knots and Primes: An Introduction to Arithmetic Topology
The Latvian Language in the Digital Age
Lecture Notes on O-Minimal Structures and Real Analytic Geometry
Lectures on Algebraic Geometry I: Sheaves, Cohomology of Sheaves, and Applications to Riemann Surfaces. - Second revised edition.
Lectures on Gaussian Processes
Levy Processes, Integral Equations, Statistical Physics: Connections and Interactions
Linear Algebra
The Linear Algebra a Beginning Graduate Student Ought to Know. - Third edition 2012.
Linear Algebra and Linear Models. - Third edition 2012.
Linear Port-Hamiltonian Systems on Infinite-dimensional Spaces
Linguistic Decision Making: Theory and Methods
The Lithuanian Language in the Digital Age
The Local Structure of Algebraic K-Theory
Logic: A Brief Course
Lp-Theory of Cylindrical Boundary Value Problems: An Operator-Valued Fourier Multiplier and Functional Calculus Approach
The Maltese Language in the Digital Age
Manfredo P. do Carmo – Selected Papers
Markov Bases in Algebraic Statistics
Matebilandia: Laboratorio di matematica e modellizzazione in un parco divertimenti
Mathematical Analysis: Foundations and Advanced Techniques for Functions of Several Variables
Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Actuarial Sciences and Finance
Mathematical Aspects of Discontinuous Galerkin Methods
The Mathematical Experience, Study Edition
The Mathematical Legacy of Leon Ehrenpreis
Mathematical Methods for Signal and Image Analysis and Representation
Mathematical Methods in Systems, Optimization, and Control: Festschrift in Honor of J. William Helton
Mathematical Modeling for Complex Fluids and Flows
Mathematical Models in Population Biology and Epidemiology
Mathematical Olympiad Treasures
Mathematical Optimization of Water Networks
Mathematicians in Bologna 1861–1960
Mathematics and Modern Art: Proceedings of the First ESMA Conference, held in Paris, July 19-22, 2010
Mathematics of Approximation
Measure and Integration: Publications 1997-2011
Methods of Geometric Analysis in Extension and Trace Problems: Volume 1
Methods of Geometric Analysis in Extension and Trace Problems: Volume 2
Methods of Optimization and Systems Analysis for Problems of Transcomputational Complexity
Metric and Differential Geometry: The Jeff Cheeger Anniversary Volume
Missing Data: Analysis and Design
Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming
Modeling and Optimization: Theory and Applications: Selected Contributions from the MOPTA 2010 Conference
Modeling Dose-Response Microarray Data in Early Drug Development Experiments Using R: Order-Restricted Analysis of Microarray Data
Modeling Infectious Disease Parameters Based on Serological and Social Contact Data: A Modern Statistical Perspective
Modeling of Physiological Flows
Modeling Psychophysical Data in R
Modeling with Stochastic Programming
Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Processes: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on High Performance Scientific Computing, March 2-6, 2009, Hanoi, Vietnam
Modern Mathematical Statistics with Applications. - 2
Modern Optimization Modelling Techniques
Modern Optimization Techniques with Applications in Electric Power Systems. - 1
Modular Forms with Integral and Half-Integral Weights
Modular Forms: Basics and Beyond
Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods 2010
Multicriteria Portfolio Management
Multiple Decrement Models in Insurance: An Introduction Using R
Multiple Dirichlet Series, L-functions and Automorphic Forms
Natural Locomotion in Fluids and on Surfaces: Swimming, Flying, and Sliding
A New Approach to Differential Geometry using Clifford's Geometric Algebra
New Challenges for Cancer Systems Biomedicine
New Developments in the Visualization and Processing of Tensor Fields
New Essays on Leibniz Reception: In Science and Philosophy of Science 1800-2000
Non solo calcoli: Domande e risposte sui perché della matematica
Nonlinear Analysis: Stability, Approximation, and Inequalities
Nonlinear Filtering and Optimal Phase Tracking
Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations: The Abel Symposium 2010
Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers. - Third edition.
Nonlinear PDEs: Mathematical Models in Biology, Chemistry and Population Genetics
Nonoscillation Theory of Functional Differential Equations with Applications
Normal Forms, Melnikov Functions and Bifurcations of Limit Cycles
The Norwegian Language in the Digital Age: Bokmalsversjon
The Norwegian Language in the Digital Age: Nynorskversjon
Novelty, Information and Surprise
Number Theory, Analysis and Geometry: In Memory of Serge Lang
Numerical Analysis. - Second edition.
Numerical Analysis of Multiscale Computations: Proceedings of a Winter Workshop at the Banff International Research Station 2009
Numerical Analysis of Multiscale Problems
Numerical Methods in Finance: Bordeaux, June 2010
Numerical Methods with Worked Examples: Matlab Edition. - Second edition.
Operator Inequalities of Ostrowski and Trapezoidal Type
Operator Inequalities of the Jensen, Cebyšev and Grüss Type. - 1
Optimization and Data Analysis in Biomedical Informatics
Optimization for Industrial Problems
Optimization, Control, and Applications of Stochastic Systems: In Honor of Onésimo Hernández-Lerma
Ordering Block Designs: Gray Codes, Universal Cycles and Configuration Orderings
Ordinary Differential Equations
A Panorama of Modern Operator Theory and Related Topics: The Israel Gohberg Memorial Volume
Parametric Statistical Change Point Analysis: With Applications to Genetics, Medicine, and Finance. - Second edition.
Partial Differential Equations 1: Foundations and Integral Representations. - Second edition 2012.
Partial Differential Equations 2: Functional Analytic Methods. - Second edition 2012.
Partitions, q-Series, and Modular Forms
Pen-and-Paper User Interfaces: Integrating Printed and Digital Documents
Perspectives in Analysis, Geometry, and Topology: On the Occasion of the 60th Birthday of Oleg Viro. - 1
Phase Change in Mechanics
Plane Algebraic Curves: Translated by John Stillwell
The Playful Machine: Theoretical Foundation and Practical Realization of Self-Organizing Robots
The Polish Language in the Digital Age
A Polynomial Approach to Linear Algebra
The Portuguese Language in the Digital Age
Prime Numbers and Computer Methods for Factorization
A Primer on Scientific Programming with Python. - Third edition 2012.
Probability Approximations and Beyond
Probability in Complex Physical Systems: In Honour of Erwin Bolthausen and Jürgen Gärtner
Probability with Statistical Applications
Probabilità, Statistica e Simulazione: Programmi applicativi scritti con Scilab. - Tercera edición.
Problems in Probability
Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2010
Propagazione delle onde elettromagnetiche
The Pullback Equation for Differential Forms
Pyomo – Optimization Modeling in Python
Quantum Field Theory and Gravity: Conceptual and Mathematical Advances in the Search for a Unified Framework
R by Example: Concepts to Code
Rainbow Connections of Graphs
Raising Public Awareness of Mathematics
Ramanujan's Lost Notebook: Part III
Random Perturbations of Dynamical Systems. - Third edition 2012.
Rational Number Theory in the 20th Century: From PNT to FLT
Recent Advances in Algorithmic Differentiation
Recent Progress in Operator Theory and Its Applications
Regression Analysis Under A Priori Parameter Restrictions
Regression Methods in Biostatistics: Linear, Logistic, Survival, and Repeated Measures Models. - Second edition 2012.
Regularity Concepts in Nonsmooth Analysis: Theory and Applications
Relative Equilibria of the Curved N-Body Problem
Representation Theory of Finite Groups: An Introductory Approach
Representation Theory, Complex Analysis, and Integral Geometry
Representations of Finite Groups: Local Cohomology and Support
Representing Finite Groups: A Semisimple Introduction
Restricted Kalman Filtering: Theory, Methods, and Application
Risk and Portfolio Analysis: Principles and Methods
The Robust Maximum Principle: Theory and Applications
The Romanian Language in the Digital Age
A Royal Road to Algebraic Geometry
Scheduling: Theory, Algorithms, and Systems. - Fourth edition 2012.
Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering SCEE 2010
Selected Aspects of Fractional Brownian Motion
Selected Works of E. L. Lehmann
Selected Works of Terry Speed
Selected Works of Willem van Zwet
Self-adjoint Extensions in Quantum Mechanics: General Theory and Applications to Schrödinger and Dirac Equations with Singular Potentials
Sensors: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications
The Serbian Language in the Digital Age
Sharp Martingale and Semimartingale Inequalities
Shearlets: Multiscale Analysis for Multivariate Data
Sheaves of Algebras over Boolean Spaces
Singularities in Elliptic Boundary Value Problems and Elasticity and Their Connection with Failure Initiation
Singularities of Differentiable Maps, Volume 1: Classification of Critical Points, Caustics and Wave Fronts
Singularities of Differentiable Maps, Volume 2: Monodromy and Asymptotics of Integrals
Six Short Chapters on Automorphic Forms and L-functions
Six Sigma with R: Statistical Engineering for Process Improvement
The Slovak Language in the Digital Age
The Slovene Language in the Digital Age
Solving Differential Equations in R
Solving Numerical PDEs: Problems, Applications, Exercises
The Spanish Language in the Digital Age
Sparsity: Graphs, Structures, and Algorithms
Spectra of Graphs
Spectral Analysis of Quantum Hamiltonians: Spectral Days 2010
Spectral Theory of Operators on Hilbert Spaces
Spectral Theory, Function Spaces and Inequalities: New Techniques and Recent Trends
Spectral Theory, Mathematical System Theory, Evolution Equations, Differential and Difference Equations: 21st International Workshop on Operator Theory and Applications, Berlin, July 2010
SPSS for Starters, Part 2
Stationarity and Convergence in Reduce-or-Retreat Minimization
Statistical Analysis of Clinical Data on a Pocket Calculator, Part 2: Statistics on a Pocket Calculator, Part 2
Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy V
Statistical Signal Processing: Frequency Estimation
Statistical Tools for Measuring Agreement. - 1
Stochastic Analysis and Related Topics: In Honour of Ali Süleyman Üstünel, Paris, June 2010
Stochastic Differential Equations and Processes: SAAP, Tunisia, October 7-9, 2010
Stochastic Differential Games. Theory and Applications
Stochastic Models in Life Insurance
Stochastic Models, Information Theory, and Lie Groups, Volume 2: Analytic Methods and Modern Applications
Stochastic Stability of Differential Equations
Structure and Geometry of Lie Groups
Subgame Consistent Economic Optimization: An Advanced Cooperative Dynamic Game Analysis. - First edition.
Survival Analysis: A Self-Learning Text, Third Edition
Sustainable Environmental Design in Architecture: Impacts on Health
The Swedish Language in the Digital Age
Symmetry: A Mathematical Exploration
Syzygies and Homotopy Theory
Teaching and Learning of Knot Theory in School Mathematics
Tensor Spaces and Numerical Tensor Calculus
Teoria algebrica dei meccanismi automatici
A Textbook of Graph Theory. - Second edition 2012.
A Theory of Branched Minimal Surfaces
The Theory of the Top Volume III: Perturbations. Astronomical and Geophysical Applications
Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical Processes in Porous Media: Benchmarks and Examples
Thermodynamics of Materials with Memory: Theory and Applications
Tools for Computational Finance. - Fifth edition 2012.
Topics in Fractional Differential Equations
Topics in Modern Regularity Theory
Topics in Numerical Methods for Finance
Topological Aspects of Nonsmooth Optimization
Topological Methods in Data Analysis and Visualization II: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications
Transcending Tradition: Jewish Mathematicians in German-Speaking Academic Culture
TransMath: Innovative Solutions from Mathematical Technology
Trivariate Local Lagrange Interpolation and Macro Elements of Arbitrary Smoothness
Two-Way Analysis of Variance: Statistical Tests and Graphics Using R
Unbounded Self-adjoint Operators on Hilbert Space
Variational Analysis and Aerospace Engineering: Mathematical Challenges for Aerospace Design: Contributions from a Workshop held at the School of Mathematics in Erice, Italy
Vector Analysis Versus Vector Calculus
The Vexing Case of Igor Shafarevich, a Russian Political Thinker
Visual Complex Functions: An Introduction with Phase Portraits
Visualization in Medicine and Life Sciences II: Progress and New Challenges
Visualizing Time: Designing Graphical Representations for Statistical Data
Yamabe-type Equations on Complete, Noncompact Manifolds
(Re)Inventing The Internet: Critical Case Studies
2011 International Conference in Electrics, Communication and Automatic Control Proceedings. - 1
28th International Symposium on Shock Waves: Vol 2
28th International Symposium on Shock Waves: Vol 1
3+1 Formalism in General Relativity: Bases of Numerical Relativity
3,000 Deep-Sky Objects: An Annotated Catalogue
3D Imaging, Analysis and Applications
3D TCAD Simulation for Semiconductor Processes, Devices and Optoelectronics. - 1
3D Video and Its Applications
55 Years German Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine: Tradition and Innovation
5th European Conference of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering: 14–18 September 2011, Budapest, Hungary
6th International Conference on Practical Applications of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics
90 anni di "Italie": Appunti del decano dei giornalisti medici
Whisperings from the Corridors: Stories of Teachers in Higher Education
99mTc-Sestamibi: Clinical Applications
A1-Algebraic Topology over a Field
Abord Clinique des Troubles du Sommeil
Acceptable Risk in Biomedical Research: European Perspectives
Achieving Systems Safety: Proceedings of the Twentieth Safety-Critical Systems Symposium, Bristol, UK, 7-9th February 2012
ACL Injuries in the Female Athlete: Causes, Impacts, and Conditioning Programs
Acoustical Imaging: Volume 31
Acquired Mitochondropathy – A New Paradigm in Western Medicine explaining Chronic Diseases: The Safety Guide for Prevention and Therapy of Chronic Ailments
Active Ageing, Active Learning: Issues and Challenges
Active Surveillance for Localized Prostate Cancer: A New Paradigm for Clinical Management
Active tectonics of the Hellenic subduction zone
Acupuncture and Moxibustion as an Evidence-based Therapy for Cancer
Ad Hoc Networks: Third International ICST Conference, ADHOCNETS 2011, Paris, France, September 21-23, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Adaptation and Evolution in Marine Environments, Volume 1: The Impacts of Global Change on Biodiversity
Adaptive Feed-Forward Control of Low Frequency Interior Noise
Adenovirus Epithelial Keratitis and Thygeson's Superficial Punctate Keratitis: In Vivo Morphology in the Human Cornea
Adiabatic Logic: Future Trend and System Level Perspective
Advanced Bimanual Manipulation: Results from the DEXMART Project
Advanced Control of Turbofan Engines
Advanced Dynamics: Analytical and Numerical Calculations with MATLAB
Advanced Dynamics and Model-Based Control of Structures and Machines
Advanced High Voltage Power Device Concepts
Advanced Information Systems Engineering Workshops: CAiSE 2012 International Workshops, Gdansk, Poland, June 25-26, 2012. Proceedings
Advanced Information Technology in Education
Advanced Machine Learning Technologies and Applications: First International Conference, AMLTA 2012, Cairo, Egypt, December 8-10, 2012. Proceedings
Advanced Methods in Computer Graphics: With examples in OpenGL
Advanced Methods, Techniques, and Applications in Modeling and Simulation: Asia Simulation Conference 2011, Seoul, Korea, November 2011, Proceedings
Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2012: Smart Systems for Safe, Sustainable and Networked Vehicles
Advanced Quantum Mechanics: Materials and Photons
Advanced Sliding Mode Control for Mechanical Systems: Design, Analysis and MATLAB Simulation
Advanced Surgical Facial Rejuvenation: Art and Clinical Practice
Advanced Technology in Teaching - Proceedings of the 2009 3rd International Conference on Teaching and Computational Science (WTCS 2009): Volume 1: Intelligent Ubiquitous Computing and Education
Advanced Technology in Teaching - Proceedings of the 2009 3rd International Conference on Teaching and Computational Science (WTCS 2009): Volume 2: Education, Psychology and Computer Science
Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery
Advances in Automation and Robotics, Vol. 2: Selected Papers from the 2011 International Conference on Automation and Robotics (ICAR 2011), Dubai, December 1–2, 2011
Advances in Automation and Robotics, Vol.1: Selected Papers from the 2011 International Conference on Automation and Robotics (ICAR 2011), Dubai, December 1–2, 2011
Advances in Autonomous Mini Robots: Proceedings of the 6-th AMiRE Symposium
Advances in Bio-Imaging: From Physics to Signal Understanding Issues: State-of-the-Art and Challenges
Advances in Cell Mechanics
Advances in Cognitive Information Systems
Advances in Collective Intelligence 2011
Advances in Communication, Network, and Computing: Third International Conference, CNC 2012, Chennai, India, February 24-25, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
Advances in Computational Environment Science: Selected papers from 2012 International Conference on Environment Science (ICES 2012), Australia, Melbourne, 15-16 January, 2012
Advances in Computational Intelligence: 14th International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems, IPMU 2012, Catania, Italy, July 9-13, 2012. Proceedings, Part II
Advances in Computational Intelligence: 14th International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems, IPMU 2012, Catania, Italy, July 9-13, 2012, Proceedings, Part III
Advances in Computational Intelligence: 14th International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems, IPMU 2012, Catania, Italy, July 9-13, 2012, Proceedings, Part IV
Advances in Computer Science and Education
Advances in Computer Science and Engineering
Advances in Computer Science and Information Engineering: Volume 1
Advances in Computer Science and Information Engineering: Volume 2
Advances in Computer Science and Information Technology. Computer Science and Engineering: Second International Conference, CCSIT 2012, Bangalore, India, January 2-4, 2012. Proceedings, Part II
Advances in Computer Science and Information Technology. Computer Science and Information Technology: Second International Conference, CCSIT 2012, Bangalore, India, January 2-4, 2012. Proceedings, Part III
Advances in Computer Science and Information Technology. Networks and Communications: Second International Conference, CCSIT 2012, Bangalore, India, January 2-4, 2012. Proceedings, Part I
Advances in Computer Science, Engineering & Applications: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering & Applications (ICCSEA 2012), May 25-27, 2012, New Delhi, India. Volume 2
Advances in Computer Science, Engineering & Applications: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering and Applications (ICCSEA 2012), May 25-27, 2012, New Delhi, India, Volume 1
Advances in Computer, Communication, Control and Automation
Advances in Computing and Information Technology: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Advances in Computing and Information Technology (ACITY) July 13-15, 2012, Chennai, India - Volume 1
Advances in Control and Communication
Advances in Digital Forensics VIII: 8th IFIP WG 11.9 International Conference on Digital Forensics, Pretoria, South Africa, January 3-5, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
Advances in DUNE: Proceedings of the DUNE User Meeting, Held in October 6th–8th 2010 in Stuttgart, Germany
Advances in Electric and Electronics
Advances in Electrical Engineering and Automation
Advances in Electronic Commerce, Web Application and Communication: Volume 1
Advances in Electronic Commerce, Web Application and Communication: Volume 2
Advances in Electronic Engineering, Communication and Management Vol.1: Proceedings of 2011 International Conference on Electronic Engineering, Communication and Management(EECM 2011), held on December 24-25, 2011, Beijing, China
Advances in Electronic Engineering, Communication and Management Vol.2: Proceedings of the EECM 2011 International Conference on Electronic Engineering, Communication and Management, held December 24-25, 2011, Beijing, China
Advances in Enterprise Engineering VI: Second Enterprise Engineering Working Conference, EEWC 2012, Delft, The Netherlands, May 7-8, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Future Computer and Control Systems: Volume 1
Advances in Future Computer and Control Systems: Volume 2
Advances in Information Technology: 5th International Conference, IAIT 2012, Bangkok, Thailand, December 6-7, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Information Technology and Industry Applications
Advances in Intelligent Modelling and Simulation: Simulation Tools and Applications
Advances in Intelligent Modelling and Simulation: Artificial Intelligence-Based Models and Techniques in Scalable Computing
Advances in Intelligent Systems: Selected papers from 2012 International Conference on Control Systems (ICCS 2012), March 1-2, Hong Kong
Advances in K-means Clustering: A Data Mining Thinking
Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Management: Volume 2
Advances in Location-Based Services: 8th International Symposium on Location-Based Services, Vienna 2011. - 1
Advances in Mechanical and Electronic Engineering: Volume 1
Advances in Mechanical and Electronic Engineering: Volume 2
Advances in Mechanisms Design: Proceedings of TMM 2012
Advances in Modeling Concrete Service Life: Proceedings of 4th International RILEM PhD Workshop held in Madrid, Spain, November19, 2010
Advances in Multimedia, Software Engineering and Computing Vol.1: Proceedings of the 2011 MSEC International Conference on Multimedia, Software Engineering and Computing, November 26–27, Wuhan, China
Advances in Multimedia, Software Engineering and Computing Vol.2: Proceedings of the 2011 MSEC International Conference on Multimedia, Software Engineering and Computing, November 26–27, Wuhan, China
Advances in Nature of Science Research: Concepts and Methodologies
Advances in Non-Linear Modeling for Speech Processing
Advances in Numerical Modeling of Adhesive Joints
Advances in Production Management Systems. Value Networks: Innovation, Technologies, and Management: IFIP WG 5.7 International Conference, APMS 2011, Stavanger, Norway, September 26-28, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Advances in Real-Time Systems
Advances in Reasoning-Based Image Processing Intelligent Systems: Conventional and Intelligent Paradigms
Advances in Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots I
Advances in Robotics and Virtual Reality
Advances in Soft Matter Mechanics
Advances in Spatial Data Handling and GIS: 14th International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling
Advances in Speech and Language Technologies for Iberian Languages: IberSPEECH 2012 Conference, Madrid, Spain, November 21-23, 2012. Proceedings
Advances in Technology and Management: Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Technology and Management (ICTAM 2012), International Convention Center Jeju, Jeju-Island, Korea
Advances on Computational Intelligence: 14th International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems, IPMU 2012, Catania, Italy, July 9-13, 2012. Proceedings, Part I
Advances on Digital Television and Wireless Multimedia Communications: 9th International Forum on Digital TV and Wireless Multimedia Communication, IFTC 2012, Shanghai, China, November 9-10, 2012. Proceedings
Advances on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems: 10th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
The Adventurous Life of Friedrich Georg Houtermans, Physicist (1903-1966)
Advertisers at Work
Aeronomics and Law: Fixing Anomalies
Aerospace Engineering on the Back of an Envelope
Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction
African Ecology: Benchmarks and Historical Perspectives
Agent-Based Models of Geographical Systems
Agent-Based Semantic Web Service Composition
Agent-Based Technologies and Applications for Enterprise Interoperability: International Workshops ATOP 2009, Budapest, Hungary, May 12, 2009, and ATOP 2010, Toronto, ON, Canada, May 10, 2010, Revised Selected Papers
Agent-Mediated Electronic Commerce. Designing Trading Strategies and Mechanisms for Electronic Markets: AMEC 2010, Toronto, ON, Canada, May 10, 2010, and TADA 2010, Cambridge, MA, USA, June 7, 2010 Revised Selected Papers
The Agile City: Building Well-being and Wealth in an Era of Climate Change
Agile Management: Leadership in an Agile Environment
Agile Oracle Application Express
Agile Processes in Software Engineering and Extreme Programming: 13th International Conference, XP 2012, Malmö, Sweden, May 21-25, 2012. Proceedings
Aging and Lung Disease: A Clinical Guide
Aging in China: Implications to Social Policy of a Changing Economic State
Aging in Comparative Perspective: Processes and Policies
Aging, Health, and Longevity in the Mexican-Origin Population
Air Navigation Law
Air Pollution Modeling and its Application XXI
Airbreathing Propulsion: An Introduction
AJCC Cancer Staging Atlas: A Companion to the Seventh Editions of the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual and Handbook. - Second edition 2013.
All-Embracing Manufacturing: Roadmap System
Almost Periodic Solutions of Impulsive Differential Equations
Alternative Energy Sources
Alternative Forms of Knowing (in) Mathematics: Celebrations of Diversity of Mathematical Practices
The Amateur Astronomer's Guide to the Deep-Sky Catalogs
Ambient Assisted Living: 5. AAL-Kongress 2012 Berlin, Germany, January 24-25, 2012
Ambient Intelligence - Software and Applications: 3rd International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence (ISAmI 2012)
Ambush Marketing & the Mega-Event Monopoly: How Laws are Abused to Protect Commercial Rights to Major Sporting Events
Amyloid and Related Disorders: Surgical Pathology and Clinical Correlations
Anal and Rectal Diseases: A Concise Manual
Analog Circuit Design: Low Voltage Low Power; Short Range Wireless Front-Ends; Power Management and DC-DC
Analog Circuit Design for Process Variation-Resilient Systems-on-a-Chip
Analog Electronic Filters: Theory, Design and Synthesis
Analysis and Interpretation in the Exact Sciences: Essays in Honour of William Demopoulos
Analysis and Synthesis of Delta Operator Systems
Analysis of Rare Categories
Analytic Methods of Sound Field Synthesis
Analytic Tools for Feynman Integrals
Anatomia RM dell' encefalo
Android Apps for Absolute Beginners. - Second edition.
Android Apps Security
Android Apps with Eclipse
Android Arcade Game App
Android Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach. - Second edition.
The Andromeda Galaxy and the Rise of Modern Astronomy
Annual Update in Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine 2012
Answer Set Programming for Continuous Domains: A Fuzzy Logic Approach
Antibiotic Policies: Controlling Hospital Acquired Infection
Anticipative Criminal Investigation: Theory and Counterterrorism Practice in the Netherlands and the United States
Antiphospholipid Syndrome: Insights and Highlights from the 13th International Congress on Antiphospholipid Antibodies
Application of Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) in Concrete Construction: State-of-the-Art Report Prepared by Technical Committee 225-SAP
The Application of the Chebyshev-Spectral Method in Transport Phenomena
Applications of Algebra to Communications, Control, and Signal Processing
Applications of Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics in Science and Engineering - Vol. 2
Applied Computational Intelligence in Engineering and Information Technology: Revised and Selected Papers from the 6th IEEE International Symposium on Applied Computational Intelligence and Informatics SACI 2011
Applied Computer Science
Applied Control Systems Design
Applied Ontology Engineering in Cloud Services, Networks and Management Systems
Applied Photometry, Radiometry, and Measurements of Optical Losses
Approximate Deconvolution Models of Turbulence: Analysis, Phenomenology and Numerical Analysis
Aquatic Life Water Quality Criteria for Selected Pesticides
Archaeology in Society: Its Relevance in the Modern World
Archaeology of Spiritualities
Architecture in Linz 1900–2011
Arctic Climate Change: The ACSYS Decade and Beyond
Arctic Science, International Law and Climate Change: Legal Aspects of Marine Science in the Arctic Ocean
Arduino and Kinect Projects: Design, Build, Blow Their Minds
Arduino Wearables
Aria, acqua, terra e fuoco: Terremoti, frane ed eruzioni vulcaniche
Arid Lands Water Evaluation and Management
Arminio Nobile e la misura del cielo: ovvero Le disavventure di un astronomo napoletano
The Arrows of Time: A Debate in Cosmology
The Art of Hardware Architecture: Design Methods and Techniques for Digital Circuits. - 1
Art, Literature, and Passions of the Skies
Arthroscopic Management of Ulnar Pain
Articular Cartilage Defects of the Knee: Diagnosis and Treatment
Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations: 8th IFIP WG 12.5 International Conference, AIAI 2012, Halkidiki, Greece, September 27-30, 2012, Proceedings, Part I
Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations: AIAI 2012 International Workshops: AIAB, AIeIA, CISE, COPA, IIVC, ISQL, MHDW, and WADTMB, Halkidiki, Greece, September 27-30, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
Artificial Satellites and How to Observe Them
Arts and Technology: Second International Conference, ArtsIT 2011, Esbjerg, Denmark, December 10-11, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Art's Way Out: Exit Pedagogy and the Cultural Condition
AsiaSim 2012: Asia Simulation Conference 2012, Shanghai, China, October 27-30, 2012. Proceedings, Part I
AsiaSim 2012: Asia Simulation Conference 2012, Shanghai, China, October 27-30, 2012. Proceedings, Part III
AsiaSim 2012: Asia Simulation Conference 2012, Shanghai, China, October 27-30, 2012. Proceedings, Part II
Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills
Assessment in Game-Based Learning: Foundations, Innovations, and Perspectives
Asset Management: The State of the Art in Europe from a Life Cycle Perspective
Astronauts For Hire: The Emergence of a Commercial Astronaut Corps
The Astronomer Jules Janssen: A Globetrotter of Celestial Physics
Astronomy and the Climate Crisis
Astronomy with a Budget Telescope: An Introduction to Practical Observing. - Second edition 2012.
At Home in Space: The Late Seventies into the Eighties
Athabasca's Going Unmanned: An Ethnodrama About Incarcerated Youth
Atlas of Conducted Electrical Weapon Wounds and Forensic Analysis
Atlas of Dermatology in Internal Medicine
Atlas of Diabetes: Fourth Edition. - Fourth edition 2012.
Atlas of Electroencephalography in Sleep Medicine
Atlas of Intestinal Stomas
Atlas of Muscle Innervation Zones: Understanding Surface Electromyography and Its Applications
Atlas of Pediatric Cutaneous Biodiversity: Comparative Dermatologic Atlas of Pediatric Skin of All Colors
Atlas of Postsurgical Neuroradiology: Imaging of the Brain, Spine, Head, and Neck
Atlas of Scar Treatment and Correction
Atlas of Sectional Radiological Anatomy for PET/CT
Atlas of the Mammalian Ovary: Morphological Dynamics and Potential Role of Innate Immunity
Atlas of Trichoscopy: Dermoscopy in Hair and Scalp Disease
The Atmospheric Chemist's Companion: Numerical Data for Use in the Atmospheric Sciences
Atmospheric Physics: Background – Methods – Trends
Atmospheric Temperature Profiles of the Northern Hemisphere: A Compendium of Data
Atomic Force Microscopy Based Nanorobotics: Modelling, Simulation, Setup Building and Experiments
Atomic Information Technology: Safety and Economy of Nuclear Power Plants
Atomic Processes in Basic and Applied Physics
Atomic Scale Interconnection Machines: Proceedings of the 1st AtMol European Workshop Singapore 28th-29th June 2011
Auctions, Market Mechanisms, and Their Applications: Second International ICST Conference, AMMA 2011, NewYork, NY, USA, August 22-23, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Autoimmune Hepatitis: A Guide for Practicing Clinicians. - 1
Autologous Resurfacing and Fracture Dowelling: A Manual of Transplantation Technique
Automated Configuration Problem Solving
Automatic Algorithm Selection for Complex Simulation Problems
Automatic Calibration and Reconstruction for Active Vision Systems
Automating the Analysis of Spatial Grids: A Practical Guide to Data Mining Geospatial Images for Human & Environmental Applications
Automation in Warehouse Development
Autonomic Cooperative Networking
Autonomous Mobile Systems 2012: 22. Fachgesprach Stuttgart, 26. bis 28. September 2012
Autonomous Search
Autonomous Systems: Developments and Trends
Aérosols atmosphériques: Propriétés et impacts climatiques
Background Calibration of Time-Interleaved Data Converters
Balancing Copyright - A Survey of National Approaches
Balancing Renewable Electricity: Energy Storage, Demand Side Management, and Network Extension from an Interdisciplinary Perspective
Balancing the Budget is a Progressive Priority
Bariatric Surgery: Technical Variations and Complications
The Basic Principles of External Skeletal Fixation Using the Ilizarov and Other Devices. - Second edition 2012.
Basic Principles of Forensic Chemistry
Basics of Computer Networking
Basics of Laser Physics: For Students of Science and Engineering
The BCS-BEC Crossover and the Unitary Fermi Gas
Be(com)ing Human: Semiosis and the Myth of Reason
Becoming a Mathematician: An international perspective
Becoming oneself: Dimensions of 'Bildung' and the facilitation of personality development
Bedside Procedures in the ICU
Beginning Android ADK with Arduino
Beginning Android Games. - Second edition.
Beginning Android Web Apps Development: Develop for Android using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
Beginning ASP.NET 4.5 in C#
Beginning ASP.NET 4.5 in VB
Beginning C for Arduino
Beginning C# 5.0 Databases. - Second edition.
Beginning CSS3
Beginning Database Design: From Novice to Professional
Beginning Facebook Game Apps Development
Beginning HTML5 and CSS3
Beginning iOS 3D Unreal Games Development
Beginning iOS Storyboarding with Xcode: Easily Design and Develop Your App, from Concept and Vision to Code
Beginning iOS6 Games Development
Beginning JSP, JSF and Tomcat: Java Web Development
Beginning Kinect Programming with the Microsoft Kinect SDK
Beginning Objective-C
Beginning PhoneGap: Mobile Web Framework for JavaScript and HTML5
Beginning R: An Introduction to Statistical Programming
Beginning Silverlight 5 in C#. - Fourth edition.
Beginning SQL Server 2012 Administration
Beginning SQL Server 2012 for Developers
Beginning T-SQL 2012
Beginning Teaching: Stories from the Classroom
Beginning WebGL for HTML5
Beginning Windows 8
Beginning Windows 8 Application Development: XAML Edition
Beginning Windows Phone App Development
Behavior Computing: Modeling, Analysis, Mining and Decision
Being and Learning: A Poetic Phenomenology of Education
Being Creative Inside and Outside the Classroom: How to Boost Your Student's Creativity – And Your Own
Belief Functions: Theory and Applications: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Belief Functions, Compiègne, France 9-11 May 2012
Believable Bots: Can Computers Play Like People?
Bell's Theorem and Quantum Realism: Reassessment in Light of the Schrödinger Paradox
Between Logic and Reality: Modeling Inference, Action and Understanding
Beyond Elder Law: New Directions in Law and Aging
Bio-Inspired Models of Network, Information, and Computing Systems: 5th International ICST Conference, BIONETICS 2010, Boston, USA, December 1-3, 2010, Revised Selected Papers
Bio-Inspired Models of Networks, Information, and Computing Systems: 6th International ICST Conference, BIONETICS 2011, York, UK, December 5-6, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Bioenergy for Sustainable Development in Africa
Bioethics Critically Reconsidered: Having Second Thoughts
Biogas Energy
Bioinspiration: From Nano to Micro Scales
Biology Education for Social and Sustainable Development
The Biology of Happiness
Biomaterials for Surgical Operation
Biomedical Signals and Sensors I: Linking Physiological Phenomena and Biosignals
Biometrics and Kansei Engineering
Biomimetic Membranes for Sensor and Separation Applications
Biomimetics: Bioinspired Hierarchical-Structured Surfaces for Green Science and Technology
Biomimetics in Materials Science: Self-Healing, Self-Lubricating, and Self-Cleaning Materials. - 1
Biophysics: An Introduction. - Second edition 2012.
Biotargets of Cancer in Current Clinical Practice
Biotech Innovations and Fundamental Rights
The Biotechnology Debate: Democracy in the Face of Intractable Disagreement
Bisphosphonates and Osteonecrosis of the Jaw: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Black Hole Astrophysics: The Engine Paradigm
Blanc de Titre / Blank of Title
Blind Signal Processing: Theory and Practice
Bone Marrow Lymphoid Infiltrates: Diagnosis and Clinical Impact
Bone Tumors: A Practical Guide to Imaging
Bone-Metabolic Functions and Modulators
Bouguer Gravity Regional and Residual Separation: Application to Geology and Environment
The BOXES Methodology: Black Box Dynamic Control
Brain Mapping: From Neural Basis of Cognition to Surgical Applications
Bridging the Geographic Information Sciences: International AGILE'2012 Conference, Avignon (France), April, 24-27, 2012
A Brief History of Computing. - Second edition 2012.
A Brief History of Radio Astronomy in the USSR: A Collection of Scientific Essays
Bringing Communities Together: Connecting Learners with Scientists or Technologists
Broadband Communications, Networks, and Systems: 7th International ICST Conference, BROADNETS 2010, Athens, Greece, October 25–27, 2010, Revised Selected Papers
Broken Markets: A User's Guide to the Post-Finance Economy
Bronchial Asthma: A Guide for Practical Understanding and Treatment. - 6
Building Your Own Electronics Lab
Built-in-Self-Test and Digital Self-Calibration for RF SoCs
Business and Environmental Risks: Spatial Interactions Between Environmental Hazards and Social Vulnerabilities in Ibero-America
Business Information Systems: 15th International Conference, BIS 2012, Vilnius, Lithuania, May 21-23, 2012. Proceedings
Business Information Systems Workshops: BIS 2012 International Workshops and Future Internet Symposium, Vilnius, Lithuania, May 21-23, 2012 Revised Papers
Business Modeling and Software Design: First International Symposium, BMSD 2011, Sofia, Bulgaria, July 27-28, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Business Process Management: Concepts, Languages, Architectures. - Second edition 2012.
Business Process Management Workshops: BPM 2011 International Workshops, Clermont-Ferrand, France, August 29, 2011, Revised Selected Papers, Part I
Business Process Management Workshops: BPM 2011 International Workshops, Clermont-Ferrand, France, August 29, 2011, Revised Selected Papers, Part II
Business Process Model and Notation: 4th International Workshop, BPMN 2012, Vienna, Austria, September 12-13, 2012. Proceedings
Business Processes for Business Communities: Modeling Languages, Methods, Tools
Business, Economics, Financial Sciences, and Management
A Call for Engaged Leadership
Campaigning for "Education for All": Histories, Strategies and Outcomes of Transnational Advocacy Coalitions in Education
Canadian Education: Governing Practices & Producing Subjects
Cancer Associated Viruses. - 1
Cancer Chemotherapy in Clinical Practice. - Second edition 2012.
Cancer du sein: Compte-rendu du 12e cours supérieur francophone de cancérologie Nice • Saint-Paul-de-Vence 19–22 Janvier 2011
Cancer du sein : surdiagnostic, surtraitement: À la recherche de nouveaux équilibres
Cantonese Particles and Affixal Quantification
The Capability Approach, Technology and Design
Carbon Capture
Carbon Cycling in the Baltic Sea
Cardiac Imaging in Electrophysiology
Cardiac Pacing and Device Therapy
Cardiology in Family Practice: A Practical Guide. - Second.
Cars and Carbon: Automobiles and European Climate Policy in a Global Context
CAS and Football: Landmark Cases
The Case for a Carbon Tax: Getting Past Our Hang-Ups to Effective Climate Policy
Case Studies in Chest Imaging
Case, Word Order and Prominence: Interacting Cues in Language Production and Comprehension
The Casual Sky Observer's Guide: Stargazing with Binoculars and Small Telescopes
Catastrophe in the Making: The Engineering of Katrina and the Disasters of Tomorrow
The Causes and Behavioral Consequences of Disasters: Models informed by the global experience 1950-2005
Caveolins in Cancer Pathogenesis, Prevention and Therapy. - 1
Celestial Delights: The Best Astronomical Events Through 2020
Cell and Tissue Engineering
Chalcogenides: Metastability and Phase Change Phenomena
Challenges and Solutions for Climate Change
Challenging Cases in Pulmonology
Changes in Teachers' Moral Role: From Passive Observers to Moral and Democratic Leaders
Characteristics of Chinese Petroleum Geology: Geological Features and Exploration Cases of Stratigraphic, Foreland and Deep Formation Traps
Characterizing the Robustness of Science: After the Practice Turn in Philosophy of Science
Charismatic Leadership in Singapore: Three Extraordinary People
Charm Production in Deep Inelastic Scattering: Mellin Moments of Heavy Flavor Contributions to F2(x,Q^2) at NNLO
Chasing Molecules: Poisonous Products, Human Health, and the Promise of Green Chemistry
The Chemical Cosmos: A Guided Tour
Chemical Evolution of Galaxies
Chemistry of Phytopotentials: Health, Energy and Environmental Perspectives. - Primera edición.
Chest Imaging: An Algorithmic Approach to Learning
China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC) 2012 Proceedings
China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC) 2012 Proceedings
China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC) 2012 Proceedings
China's Energy Economy: Situation, Reforms, Behavior, and Energy Intensity
The Chinese Face in Australia: Multi-generational Ethnicity among Australian-born Chinese
Chinese Scholars on Western Ideas about Thinking, Leadership, Reform and Development in Education
Chips 2020: A Guide to the Future of Nanoelectronics
Chronic Hepatitis C Virus: Advances in Treatment, Promise for the Future
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Co-Morbidities and Systemic Consequences
Citizens in Europe: Civic Activism and the Community Democratic Experiment
Civil Litigation in a Globalising World
The Claims of Parenting: Reasons, Responsibility and Society
Clark Kerr's World of Higher Education Reaches the 21st Century: Chapters in a Special History
Classical Field Theory: On Electrodynamics, Non-Abelian Gauge Theories and Gravitation
The Classical Theory of Fields: Electromagnetism
Classical, Semi-classical and Quantum Noise
Clean Soil and Safe Water
Climate and Conservation: Landscape and Seascape Science, Planning, and Action
Climate Change: Inferences from Paleoclimate and Regional Aspects
Climate Change from a Criminological Perspective
Climate Change Mitigation: A Balanced Approach to Climate Change
Climate Change Modeling Methodology: Selected Entries from the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology
Climate Change, Human Security and Violent Conflict: Challenges for Societal Stability
Climate Change, Justice and Sustainability: Linking Climate and Development Policy
Climate Impacts on the Baltic Sea: From Science to Policy: School of Environmental Research - Organized by the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht
Clinical Applications of Cardiac CT. - Second edition.
Clinical Cardiac MRI. - Second edition 2012.
Clinical Echocardiography. - Second edition 2012.
Clinical Examination in Orthopedics
Clinical Facial Analysis: Elements, Principles, and Techniques. - Second edition 2012.
A Clinical Guide to Occupational and Environmental Lung Diseases
Clinical Research Informatics
Clinically Oriented Pulmonary Imaging
Clinician's Manual on Lupus
Cloud Computing and Services Science
Cloud Standards: Agreements That Hold Together Clouds
Clusters in Nuclei, Vol.2
Coarse-Grained Modelling of DNA and DNA Self-Assembly
Coarse-to-Fine Natural Language Processing
Coastal Environments: Focus on Asian Regions
The Coastlines of the World with Google Earth: Understanding our Environment
Coding Interviews: Questions, Analysis & Solutions
Cognitive Radio and its Application for Next Generation Cellular and Wireless Networks
Coherent States and Applications in Mathematical Physics
The Cold War Politics of Genetic Research: An Introduction to the Lysenko Affair
Collaborating to Meet Language Challenges in Indigenous Mathematics Classrooms
Collaborative Assistive Robot for Mobility Enhancement (CARMEN): The bare necessities: assisted wheelchair navigation and beyond
Collaborative Financial Infrastructure Protection: Tools, Abstractions, and Middleware
Collaborative Information Seeking: The Art and Science of Making the Whole Greater than the Sum of All
Collaborative Knowledge Creation: Practices, Tools, Concepts
Collaborative Networks in the Internet of Services: 13th IFIP WG 5.5 Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises, PRO-VE 2012, Bournemouth, UK, October 1-3, 2012. Proceedings
Collective Creativity: Exploring Creativity in Social Network Development as Part of Organizational Learning
Collective Responsibility: Redefining What Falls Between the Cracks for School Reform
College and the Working Class: What it Takes to make it
Collisional Narrowing and Dynamical Decoupling in a Dense Ensemble of Cold Atoms
Colloidal Dispersions Under Slit-Pore Confinement
Color Atlas of Chemical Peels. - Second edition 2012.
Coma and Disorders of Consciousness
Combining Experimentation and Theory: A Hommage to Abe Mamdani
Combustion Engines Development: Mixture Formation, Combustion, Emissions and Simulation
Commercial-Industrial Cleaning, by Pressure-Washing, Hydro-Blasting and UHP-Jetting: The Business Operating Model and How-To Manual for 450 Specific Applications
Common Corporate Tax Base (CC(C)TB) and Determination of Taxable Income: An International Comparison
The Common Information Model CIM: IEC 61968/61970 and 62325 - A practical introduction to the CIM
Communication and Networking: International Conference, FGCN 2011, Held as Part of the Future Generation Information Technology Conference, FGIT 2011, in Conjunction with GDC 2011, Jeju Island, Korea, December 8-10, 2011. Proceedings, Part I
Communications and Information Processing: International Conference, ICCIP 2012 Aveiro, Portugal, March 7-11, 2012 Revised Selected Papers, Part I
Communications and Information Processing: International Conference, ICCIP 2012, Aveiro, Portugal, March 7-11, 2012, Revised Selected Papers, Part II
Communications, Signal Processing, and Systems: The 2012 Proceedings of the International Conference on Communications, Signal Processing, and Systems
Compact Models and Measurement Techniques for High-Speed Interconnects
Comparative Effectiveness and Efficacy Research and Analysis for Practice (CEERAP): Applications in Health Care
A Comparative Look at Regulation of Corporate Tax Avoidance
Compendium of Abridged ESC Guidelines 2011
Compensating for Quasi-periodic Motion in Robotic Radiosurgery
Competence in High Performance Computing 2010: Proceedings of an International Conference on Competence in High Performance Computing, June 2010, Schloss Schwetzingen, Germany
Compiler Design: Analysis and Transformation
Complex Classroom Encounters: A South African Perspective
Complex Hamiltonian Dynamics
Complex Monge–Ampère Equations and Geodesics in the Space of Kähler Metrics
Complex Strategic Choices: Applying Systemic Planning for Strategic Decision Making
Complex Systems: Fractionality, Time-delay and Synchronization
Complex Systems and Dependability
Complex Systems Design & Management: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management CSDM 2011
Complex-Valued Neural Networks. - Second edition 2012.
Complexity in Chemistry and Beyond: Interplay Theory and Experiment: New and Old Aspects of Complexity in Modern Research
The Complexity of Valued Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Complexity Theories of Cities Have Come of Age: An Overview with Implications to Urban Planning and Design
Complexity, Analysis and Control of Singular Biological Systems
Composing a Care of the Self: A Critical History of Writing Assessment in Secondary English Education
Comprehensive lipid testing and management
Comprehensive Logistics
Computation and Asymptotics
Computational Biomechanics: Theoretical Background and Biological/Biomedical Problems
Computational Biomechanics for Medicine: Deformation and Flow
Computational Cancer Biology: An Interaction Network Approach
Computational Complexity: Theory, Techniques, and Applications
Computational Design Modelling: Proceedings of the Design Modelling Symposium Berlin 2011
Computational Intelligence: Revised and Selected Papers of the International Joint Conference, IJCCI 2010, Valencia, Spain, October 2010
Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Systems: 6th International Symposium, ISICA 2012, Wuhan, China, October 27-28, 2012. Proceedings
Computational Intelligence for Privacy and Security
Computational Intelligence Paradigms in Advanced Pattern Classification
Computational Intelligence Systems in Industrial Engineering: With Recent Theory and Applications
Computational Intelligence Techniques for New Product Design
Computational Methods for Physicists: Compendium for Students
Computational Modeling of Biological Systems: From Molecules to Pathways
Computational Social Networks: Tools, Perspectives and Applications
Computational Social Networks: Security and Privacy
Computational Social Networks: Mining and Visualization
Computational Viscoelasticity
Computer Aided Surgery: 7th Asian Conference on Computer Aided Surgery, Bangkok, Thailand, August 2011, Proceedings
Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture V: 5th IFIP TC 5/SIG 5.1 Conference, CCTA 2011, Beijing, China, October 29-31, 2011, Proceedings, Part III
Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture V: 5th IFIP TC 5/SIG 5.1 Conference, CCTA 2011, Beijing, China, October 29-31, 2011, Proceedings, Part II
Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture V: 5th IFIP TC 5/SIG 5.1 Conference, CCTA 2011, Beijing, China, October 29-31, 2011, Proceedings, Part I
Computer and Information Science 2012
Computer and Information Sciences II: 26th International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences
Computer Applications for Bio-technology, Multimedia, and Ubiquitous City: International Conferences MulGraB, BSBT and IUrC 2012 Held as Part of the Future Generation Information Technology Conference, FGIT 2012, Gangneug, Korea, December 16-19, 2012. Proceedings
Computer Applications for Communication, Networking, and Digital Contents: International Conferences, FGCN and DCA 2012, Held as Part of the Future Generation Information Technology Conference, FGIT 2012, Gangneug, Korea, December 16-19, 2012. Proceedings
Computer Applications for Database, Education, and Ubiquitous Computing: International Conferences, EL, DTA and UNESST 2012, Held as Part of the Future Generation Information Technology Conference, FGIT 2012, Gangneug, Korea, December 16-19, 2012. Proceedings
Computer Applications for Graphics, Grid Computing, and Industrial Environment: International Conferences, GDC, IESH and CGAG 2012, Held as Part of the Future Generation Information Technology Conference, FGIT 2012, Gangneug, Korea, December 16-19, 2012. Proceedings
Computer Applications for Handling Legal Evidence, Police Investigation and Case Argumentation
Computer Applications for Modeling, Simulation, and Automobile: International Conferences, MAS and ASNT 2012, Held in Conjunction with GST 2012, Jeju Island, Korea, November 28-December 2, 2012. Proceedings
Computer Applications for Security, Control and System Engineering: International Conferences, SecTech, CA, CES3 2012, Held in Conjunction with GST 2012, Jeju Island, Korea, November 28-December 2, 2012. Proceedings
Computer Applications for Software Engineering, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity: International Conferences, ASEA and DRBC 2012, Held in Conjunction with GST 2012, Jeju Island, Korea, November 28-December 2, 2012. Proceedings
Computer Applications for Web, Human Computer Interaction, Signal and Image Processing, and Pattern Recognition: International Conferences, SIP, WSE, and ICHCI 2012, Held in Conjunction with GST 2012, Jeju Island, Korea, November 28-December 2, 2012. Proceedings
Computer Arithmetic: Algorithms and Hardware Implementations
Computer Games and New Media Cultures: A Handbook of Digital Games Studies
Computer Medical Databases: The First Six Decades (1950–2010)
Computer Networks: 19th International Conference, CN 2012, Szczyrk, Poland, June 19-23, 2012. Proceedings
Computer Science and Convergence: CSA 2011 & WCC 2011 Proceedings
Computer Science and its Applications: CSA 2012
Computer Simulation Study of Collective Phenomena in Dense Suspensions of Red Blood Cells under Shear
Computer, Informatics, Cybernetics and Applications: Proceedings of the CICA 2011
Computer- Aided Design in Power Engineering: Application of Software Tools
Computer-aided Nonlinear Control System Design: Using Describing Function Models
Computers and Creativity
Computers in Swedish Society: Documenting Early Use and Trends
Computing Statistics under Interval and Fuzzy Uncertainty: Applications to Computer Science and Engineering
Computing with Words: Principal Concepts and Ideas
Conceptual Model-Based Problem Solving: Teach Students with Learning Difficulties to Solve Math Problems
Conceptualizing Cultural Hybridization: A Transdisciplinary Approach
A Concise Introduction to Mechanics of Rigid Bodies: Multidisciplinary Engineering
A Concise Introduction to the Statistical Physics of Complex Systems
Condition Monitoring of Machinery in Non-Stationary Operations: Proceedings of the Second International Conference "Condition Monitoring of Machinery in Non-Stationnary Operations" CMMNO'2012
Condition Monitoring Using Computational Intelligence Methods: Applications in Mechanical and Electrical Systems
Conducted Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) in Smart Grids
Conformal Invariance: an Introduction to Loops, Interfaces and Stochastic Loewner Evolution
Conquering Complexity
Constitutive Modelling in Geomechanics: Introduction
Constructing Ambient Intelligence: AmI 2011 Workshops, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 16-18, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Consumer Demographics and Behaviour: Markets are People
Contemporary Coloproctology
Contemporary Computing: 5th International Conference, IC3 2012, Noida, India, August 6-8, 2012. Proceedings
Contemporary Issues in African Sciences and Science Education
Contemporary Research on E-business Technology and Strategy: International Conference, iCETS 2012, Tianjin, China, August 29-31, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
Context Management for Distributed and Dynamic Context-Aware Computing
The Contextual Challenges of Occupational Sex Segregation: Deciphering Cross-National Differences in Europe
Continuous-Time Low-Pass Filters for Integrated Wideband Radio Receivers
Continuum Damage Mechanics: A Continuum Mechanics Approach to the Analysis of Damage and Fracture
Continuum Physics
Contractual Communities in the Self-Organising City: Freedom, Creativity, Subsidiarity
Contradictions: Neuroscience and Religion
Contradictions of Neoliberal Planning: Cities, Policies, and Politics
Control and Optimization Methods for Electric Smart Grids
Control of Cell Fate in the Circulatory and Ventilatory Systems
Control of Linear Parameter Varying Systems with Applications
Control of Partial Differential Equations: Cetraro, Italy 2010, Editors: Piermarco Cannarsa, Jean-Michel Coron
Control of Solar Energy Systems
Control Systems with Saturating Inputs: Analysis Tools and Advanced Design
Convergence and Hybrid Information Technology: 6th International Conference, ICHIT 2012, Daejeon, Korea, August 23-25, 2012. Proceedings
Convergence of Terahertz Sciences in Biomedical Systems
Cooler Smarter: Practical Steps for Low-Carbon Living
Cooperative Optical Non-Linearity in a Blockaded Rydberg Ensemble
Coral Reefs of the Gulf: Adaptation to Climatic Extremes
Core Concepts in Renal Transplantation. - 1
Coronary Artery Disease: New Approaches without Traditional Revascularization
Coronary Heart Disease: Clinical, Pathological, Imaging, and Molecular Profiles
The Correctness-by-Construction Approach to Programming
Cosmic Ray Diffusion in the Galaxy and Diffuse Gamma Emission
Cosmic Update: Dark Puzzles. Arrow of Time. Future History
Cosmogenic Radionuclides: Theory and Applications in the Terrestrial and Space Environments
Cost and Fee Allocation in Civil Procedure: A Comparative Study
Coulomb Frames in the Normal Bundle of Surfaces in Euclidean Spaces: Topics from Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis of Surfaces
The CPO: Transforming Procurement in the Real World
Creating New Medical Ontologies for Image Annotation: A Case Study
Crime and Transition in Central and Eastern Europe
Criminal Justice Forecasts of Risk: A Machine Learning Approach
Critical Communities and Aesthetic Practices: Dialogues with Tony O'Connor on Society, Art, and Friendship
Critical ELT Practices in Asia
Critical Infrastructure Protection VI: 6th IFIP WG 11.10 International Conference, ICCIP 2012, Washington, DC, USA, March 19-21, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
Critical Issues for the Development of Sustainable E-health Solutions
Critical Voices in Teacher Education: Teaching for Social Justice in Conservative Times
Crittografia nel Paese delle Meraviglie
Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis: From Epidemiology and Immunobiology to a Rational Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approach
Cross Disciplinary Biometric Systems
Cross-border Transactions of Intermediated Securities: A Comparative Analysis in Substantive Law and Private International Law
Cross-Cultural Knowledge Management: Fostering Innovation and Collaboration Inside the Multicultural Enterprise
Cross-linguistic Influences in Multilingual Language Acquisition
Cross-Word Modeling for Arabic Speech Recognition
Cryptographic Protocol: Security Analysis Based on Trusted Freshness
Crystallization and Growth of Colloidal Nanocrystals
Crystallography: An Introduction
CSS3 Solutions: Essential Techniques for CSS3 Developers
CTOs at Work
Cultural Composition
Cultural Diversity in the Classroom: A European Comparison
Culture of Ambiguity: Implications for Self and Social Understanding in Adolescence
Current Issues in Bilingualism: Cognitive and Socio-linguistic Perspectives
Current Schizophrenia. - Third edition 2013.
Customer-Driven Supply Chains: From Glass Pipelines to Open Innovation Networks
Cutaneous Manifestations of Infection in the Immunocompromised Host. - Second edition.
Cytopathology of Infectious Diseases. - 1
D-Brane: Superstrings and New Perspective of Our World
Damage and Fracture of Composite Materials and Structures
Dancing in the Light: Essential Elements for an Inquiry Classroom
Dancing with Difference: Culturally Diverse Dances in Education
Dark Nebulae, Dark Lanes, and Dust Belts
The Daschner Guide to In-Hospital Antibiotic Therapy
Data Analytics: Models and Algorithms for Intelligent Data Analysis
Data Dissemination and Query in Mobile Social Networks
Data Fusion in Information Retrieval
Data Fusion: Concepts and Ideas. - Second edition 2012.
Data Matching: Concepts and Techniques for Record Linkage, Entity Resolution, and Duplicate Detection
Data Mining: Foundations and Intelligent Paradigms: Volume 3: Medical, Health, Social, Biological and other Applications
Data Mining: Foundations and Intelligent Paradigms: Volume 1: Clustering, Association and Classification
Data Mining: Foundations and Intelligent Paradigms: Volume 2: Statistical, Bayesian, Time Series and other Theoretical Aspects
Data-Driven Controller Design: The H2 Approach
Data-Driven Methods for Adaptive Spoken Dialogue Systems: Computational Learning for Conversational Interfaces
Data-Driven Process Discovery and Analysis: First International Symposium, SIMPDA 2011, Campione d'Italia, Italy, June 29 – July 1, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
The Dawn Mission to Minor Planets 4 Vesta and 1 Ceres
Daylight Science and Daylighting Technology
Deadly Season: Analyzing the 2011 Tornado Outbreaks
Decentralized Reasoning in Ambient Intelligence
Decision Making in Complex Systems: The DeciMaS Agent-based Interdisciplinary Framework Approach
Decision Making with Imperfect Decision Makers
Decision Support Systems – Collaborative Models and Approaches in Real Environments: Euro Working Group Workshops, EWG-DSS 2011, London, UK, June 23-24, 2011, and Paris, France, November 30 - December 1, 2011, Revised Selected and Extended Papers
Decision-Making for Supply Chain Integration: Supply Chain Integration
Decompiling Android
Deep Crustal Structure of the Son-Narmada-Tapti Lineament, Central India
Deep Space Propulsion: A Roadmap to Interstellar Flight
Deficit: Why Should I Care?. - Second edition.
Deficits in EU and US Mandatory Environmental Information Disclosure: Legal, Comparative Legal and Economic Facets of Pollutant Release Inventories
Defining Democracy: Voting Procedures in Decision-Making, Elections and Governance. - 2
The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords: Create Versatile and Powerful Marketing and Advertising Campaigns
Degenerate Nonlinear Diffusion Equations
Delivery and Mixing in the Subsurface: Processes and Design Principles for In Situ Remediation
Dementia in Clinical Practice: A Neurological Perspective: Studies in the Dementia Clinic
The Demography and Epidemiology of Human Health and Aging
Density Matrix Theory and Applications. - Third edition 2012.
Dermatoethics: Contemporary Ethics and Professionalism in Dermatology
Dermatologia allergologica nel bambino e nell' adolescente
Dermatology: Illustrated Study Guide and Comprehensive Board Review
Design and impact of water treaties: Managing climate change
Design and Realization of Novel GaAs Based Laser Concepts
Design for Environment as a Tool for the Development of a Sustainable Supply Chain
Design for Innovative Value Towards a Sustainable Society: Proceedings of EcoDesign 2011: 7th International Symposium on Environmentally Conscious Design and Inverse Manufacturing
The Design of Cloud Workflow Systems
Design Technology for Heterogeneous Embedded Systems
Designing Inclusive Systems: Designing Inclusion for Real-world Applications
Desmoid Tumors
Detection and Identification of Rare Audiovisual Cues
Detection of Malingering during Head Injury Litigation. - Second edition 2012.
Detection of Non-Amplified Genomic DNA
Development of Antibody-Based Therapeutics: Translational Considerations
The Development of Quine's Philosophy
Development of the Settlement Network in the Central European Countries: Past, Present, and Future
Developmental Education for Young Children: Concept, Practice and Implementation
DevOps for Developers
Diabetes & C-Peptide: Scientific and Clinical Aspects
Diabetes and Hypertension: Evaluation and Management
Diabetes and Peripheral Vascular Disease: Diagnosis and Management
Diabetes Care for the Older Patient: A Practical Handbook
The Diabetic Foot: Medical and Surgical Management. - Third edition 2012.
Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets in Melanoma
Diagnostic et décision dans le cancer du sein à un stade précoce
Diagnostic, Prognostic and Therapeutic Value of Gene Signatures. - 1
Dialect Accent Features for Establishing Speaker Identity: A Case Study
Dictionary of Minor Planet Names. - Sixth edition 2012.
Diffeomorphisms of Elliptic 3-Manifolds
Differential Diagnosis for the Dermatologist. - Second edition 2012.
Diffuse Lung Disease: A Practical Approach
Diffusion MRI Outside the Brain: A Case-Based Review and Clinical Applications
The Digital Dividend of Terrestrial Broadcasting
Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime: Third International ICST Conference, ICDF2C 2011, Dublin, Ireland, October 26-28, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Digital Geometry Algorithms: Theoretical Foundations and Applications to Computational Imaging
Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM): A Practical Introduction and Survival Guide. - Second edition.
Digital Preservation Technology for Cultural Heritage
Digital Signal Processing for In-Vehicle Systems and Safety
Digital Sonar Design in Underwater Acoustics: Principles and Applications
Digital Teleretinal Screening: Teleophthalmology in Practice
Digital Urban Modeling and Simulation
Dijet Angular Distributions in Proton-Proton Collisions: At vs = 7 TeV and vs = 14 TeV
The Dilemma of Boundaries: Toward a New Concept of Catchment
The Dilemma of Recognition: Experienced Reality of Ethnicised Politics in Rwanda and Burundi
Dimensions in Mentoring: A Continuum of Practice from Beginning Teachers to Teacher Leaders
Direct Democracy and Minorities
The Dirichlet Problem for Elliptic-Hyperbolic Equations of Keldysh Type
Disaster Education: 'Race', Equity and Pedagogy
Discipline and Learn: Bodies, Pedagogy and Writing
Discourse, Power, and Resistance Down Under
Diseases of the Brain, Head & Neck, Spine 2012–2015: Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Techniques
Diseases of the Parathyroid Glands
Disney Stories: Getting to Digital
Disorder and Strain-Induced Complexity in Functional Materials
Disorders of Sex Development: An Integrated Approach to Management
Disorders of Thrombosis and Hemostasis in Pregnancy: A Guide to Management
Dispersion Forces I: Macroscopic Quantum Electrodynamics and Ground-State Casimir, Casimir–Polder and van der Waals Forces
Dispersion Forces II: Many-Body Effects, Excited Atoms, Finite Temperature and Quantum Friction
Disruptive Logic Architectures and Technologies: From Device to System Level
Distributed CMOS Bidirectional Amplifiers: Broadbanding and Linearization Techniques
Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence: 9th International Conference
Distributed Decision Making and Control
Distributed, Embedded and Real-time Java Systems
Distributed-Order Dynamic Systems: Stability, Simulation, Applications and Perspectives
DNA Topoisomerases and Cancer
Does International Trade Need a Doctrine of Transnational Law?: Some Thoughts at the Launch of a European Contract Law
Doing Clinical Ethics: A Hands-on Guide for Clinicians and Others
Doing Design Ethnography
Doing the Impossible: George E. Mueller and the Management of NASA's Human Spaceflight Program
Drilling Down: The Gulf Oil Debacle and Our Energy Dilemma
Drug Abuse and Addiction in Medical Illness: Causes, Consequences and Treatment
Drug Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes
Drunk on Capitalism. An Interdisciplinary Reflection on Market Economy, Art and Science
DSP Architecture Design Essentials
The Dual Nature of Life: Interplay of the Individual and the Genome
Dupuytren's Disease and Related Hyperproliferative Disorders: Principles, Research, and Clinical Perspectives
The Dutch Language in the Digital Age
Dwarf Galaxies: Keys to Galaxy Formation and Evolution: Proceedings of Symposium 3 of JENAM 2010
Dynamic land use/cover change modelling: Geosimulation and multiagent-based modelling
Dynamic Response of Linear Mechanical Systems: Modeling, Analysis and Simulation
Dynamic Semantics
Dynamical Systems and Methods
Dynamics and Control of Switched Electronic Systems: Advanced Perspectives for Modeling, Simulation and Control of Power Converters
Dynamics of Charged Particulate Systems: Modeling, Theory and Computation
The Dynamics of Global Sourcing. Perspectives and Practices: 6th Global Sourcing Workshop 2012, Courchevel, France, March 12-15, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
Dynamics of Soft Matter: Neutron Applications
Dysphagia: Diagnosis and Treatment
e-Business and Telecommunications: 7th International Joint Conference, ICETE 2010, Athens, Greece, July 26-28, 2010, Revised Selected Papers
E-Business and Telecommunications: International Joint Conference, ICETE 2011, Seville, Spain, July 18-21, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
E-Commerce and Web Technologies: 13th International Conference, EC-Web 2012, Vienna, Austria, September 4-5, 2012. Proceedings
e-Infrastructure and e-Services for Developing Countries: Third International ICST Conference, AFRICOMM 2011, Zanzibar, Tanzania, November 23-24, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
E-Life: Web-Enabled Convergence of Commerce, Work, and Social Life: 10th Workshop on E-Business, WEB 2011, Shanghai, China, December 4, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
E-Science and Information Management: Third International Symposium on Information Management in a Changing World, IMCW 2012, Ankara, Turkey, September 19-21, 2012. Proceedings
Early Childhood Grows Up: Towards a Critical Ecology of the Profession
Early Gastrointestinal Cancers
Earth and Life: Global Biodiversity, Extinction Intervals and Biogeographic Perturbations Through Time
Earth System Modelling - Volume 2: Algorithms, Code Infrastructure and Optimisation
Earth System Modelling - Volume 3: Coupling Software and Strategies
Earth System Modelling - Volume 5: Tools for Configuring, Building and Running Models
Earthquake Disasters in Latin America: A Holistic Approach
ECG Signal Processing, Classification and Interpretation: A Comprehensive Framework of Computational Intelligence
Echocardiography for Intensivists
Eclissi!: Quando Sole e Luna danno spettacolo in cielo
Eco-friendly Computing and Communication Systems: International Conference, ICECCS 2012, Kochi, India, August 9-11, 2012. Proceedings
Ecocontrastografia dell' apparato urinario
Ecohealth Research in Practice: Innovative Applications of an Ecosystem Approach to Health
Ecologist-Developed Spatially-Explicit Dynamic Landscape Models
Economic Modeling of Water: The Australian CGE Experience
The Economics of Financial and Medical Identity Theft
Eddy Covariance: A Practical Guide to Measurement and Data Analysis
Education and Educational Technology
Education and the Kyoto School of Philosophy: Pedagogy for Human Transformation
Education and the Risk Society: Theories, Discourse and Risk Identities in Education Contexts
Education for Self-transformation: Essay Form as an Educational Practice
Education Management, Education Theory and Education Application
Education, Community Engagement and Sustainable Development: Negotiating Environmental Knowledge in Monteverde, Costa Rica
Education, Culture and Epistemological Diversity: Mapping a Disputed Terrain
Educational Media and Technology Yearbook: Volume 36, 2011
Educational Research and Professional Learning in Changing Times: The MARBLE Experience
Een verslaving in huis: Zelfhulpboek voor naastbetrokkenen
The Effect of Hydrogen and Hydrides on the Integrity of Zirconium Alloy Components: Delayed Hydride Cracking
Effective Parameters of Hydrogeological Models
Effective Theories in Physics: From Planetary Orbits to Elementary Particle Masses
Effects of Higher Education Reforms: Change Dynamics
Efficiency Evaluation of Energy Systems
Efficiency, Sustainability, and Justice to Future Generations
Einstein's Relativity: The Ultimate Key to the Cosmos
Elasticity and Plasticity of Large Deformations: An Introduction
Electrical, Information Engineering and Mechatronics 2011: Proceedings of the 2011 International Conference on Electrical, Information Engineering and Mechatronics (EIEM 2011)
Electroactivity in Polymeric Materials
Electromagnetic Fields and Waves in Fractional Dimensional Space
Electromagnetic Fields, Environment and Health
Electromagnetic Processing of Materials: Materials Processing by Using Electric and Magnetic Functions
Electromagnetic Properties of Multiphase Dielectrics: A Primer on Modeling, Theory and Computation
Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvesting Devices: Architectures, Design, Modeling and Optimization
Electronic Devices for Analog Signal Processing
Electronic Healthcare: Third International Conference, eHealth 2010, Casablanca, Morocco, December 13-15, 2010, Revised Selected Papers
Electronic Healthcare: 4th International Conference, eHealth 2011, Málaga, Spain, November 21-23, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Electronic Technology and Civil Procedure: New Paths to Justice from Around the World
Electronique Appliquée, Electromécanique sous Simscape & SimPowerSystems (Matlab/Simulink)
Electroweak and Strong Interactions: Phenomenology, Concepts, Models
Elementary School: (Hyper)Masculinity in a Feminized Context
Elementi di management dei programmi spaziali
The Elephant in the Room: Stories About Cancer Patients and their Doctors
Embedded and Multimedia Computing Technology and Service: EMC 2012
Embedded Automation in Human-Agent Environment
The Emergence of Pressure Blade Making: From Origin to Modern Experimentation
Emergencies in Pediatric Oncology
Emergency Neurology
Emergency Radiology of the Abdomen: Imaging Features and Differential Diagnosis for a Timely Management Approach
Emerging and Priority Pollutants in Rivers: Bringing Science into River Management Plans
Emerging Computation and Information teChnologies for Education: Proceeding of 2012 International Conference on Emerging Computation and Information teChnologies for Education (ECICE 2012)
The Emerging Domain of Cooperating Objects: Definitions and Concepts
Emerging Intelligent Computing Technology and Applications: 8th International Conference, ICIC 2012, Huangshan, China, July 25-29, 2012. Proceedings
Emerging Organic Contaminants and Human Health
Emerging Research in Artificial Intelligence and Computational Intelligence: International Conference, AICI 2012, Chengdu, China, October 26-28, 2012. Proceedings
Emerging Technological Risk: Underpinning the Risk of Technology Innovation
Emerging Trends and Applications in Information Communication Technologies: Second International Multi Topic Conference, IMTIC 2012, Jamshoro, Pakistan, March 28-30, 2012. Proceedings
Emerging Trends in Science, Engineering and Technology: Proceedings of International Conference, INCOSET 2012
Emigrating Beyond Earth: Human Adaptation and Space Colonization
Emilie du Châtelet between Leibniz and Newton
The Employer Bill of Rights: A Manager's Guide to Workplace Law
Empowering Open and Collaborative Governance: Technologies and Methods for Online Citizen Engagement in Public Policy Making
Enabling Flexibility in Process-Aware Information Systems: Challenges, Methods, Technologies
Enabling Manufacturing Competitiveness and Economic Sustainability: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Changeable, Agile, Reconfigurable and Virtual production (CARV2011), Montreal, Canada, 2-5 October 2011
Enabling Real-Time Business Intelligence: 5th International Workshop, BIRTE 2011, Held at the 37th International Conference on Very Large Databases, VLDB 2011, Seattle, WA, USA, September 2, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Encounters and Engagements between Economic and Cultural Geography
Encyclopedia of Exercise Medicine in Health and Disease
Encyclopedia of Immigrant Health
Encyclopedia of Intensive Care Medicine
Encyclopedia of Lakes and Reservoirs
Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology
Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning
Endocrine Disruptors and Puberty. - 1
Endocrinologie de l'adolescent: Tome 1 Pathologies chroniques : Les enjeux de la transition
Endocrinologie de l'adolescent: Tome 2 Orientations diagnostiques : Les spécificités de l'adolescence
Energy: Production, Conversion, Storage, Conservation, and Coupling
Energy and Non-Traditional Security (NTS) in Asia
Energy and the Wealth of Nations: Understanding the Biophysical Economy. - 1
Energy Balance and Hematologic Malignancies
Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing Systems
Energy Efficient Thermal Management of Data Centers
Energy for Development: Resources, Technologies, Environment
Energy Management in Buildings Using Photovoltaics
Energy Methods in Dynamics
Energy Storage and Release through the Solar Activity Cycle: Models Meet Radio Observations
Energy Systems in the Era of Energy Vectors: A Key to Define, Analyze and Design Energy Systems Beyond Fossil Fuels
Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
Energy, Transport, & the Environment: Addressing the Sustainable Mobility Paradigm
Engaging Learners Through Emerging Technologies: International Conference on ICT in Teaching and Learning, ICT 2012, Hong Kong, China, July 4-6, 2012. Proceedings
Engineering Applications of Neural Networks: 13th International Conference, EANN 2012, London, UK, September 20-23, 2012. Proceedings
Engineering Asset Management and Infrastructure Sustainability: Proceedings of the 5th World Congress on Engineering Asset Management (WCEAM 2010)
Engineering Education and Management: Vol 2, Results of the 2011 International Conference on Engineering Education and Management (ICEEM2011)
Engineering Education and Management: Vol 1, Results of the 2011 International Conference on Engineering Education and Management (ICEEM2011)
Engineering Secure Two-Party Computation Protocols: Design, Optimization, and Applications of Efficient Secure Function Evaluation
Engineering, Development and Philosophy: American, Chinese and European Perspectives
English as an International Language in Asia: Implications for Language Education
Enlightenment, Creativity and Education: Polities, Politics, Performances
Ensemble Machine Learning: Methods and Applications
Enterprise Information Systems: 13th International Conference, ICEIS 2011, Beijing, China, June 8-11, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Enterprise Interoperability: 4th International IFIP Working Conference, IWEI 2012, Harbin, China, September 6-7, 2012. Proceedings
Enterprise Interoperability V: Shaping Enterprise Interoperability in the Future Internet
Enterprise, Business-Process and Information Systems Modeling: 13th International Conference, BPMDS 2012, 17th International Conference, EMMSAD 2012, and 5th EuroSymposium, held at CAiSE 2012, Gdansk, Poland, June 25-26, 2012. Proceedings
Entreplexity = Entrepreneurship + Complexity: The Writing and Thoughts of Gene Luczkiw
Entrepreneurship, Governance and Ethics
Entropy Guided Transformation Learning: Algorithms and Applications
Environmental and Food Safety and Security for South-East Europe and Ukraine
Environmental Archaeology
Environmental Chemistry for a Sustainable World: Volume 2: Remediation of Air and Water Pollution
Environmental Chemistry for a Sustainable World: Volume 1: Nanotechnology and Health Risk
Environmental Issues in Supply Chain Management: New Trends and Applications
Environmental Modeling: Using MATLAB
Environmental Monitoring using GNSS: Global Navigation Satellite Systems
Environmental Protection Strategies for Sustainable Development
Environmental Security in Watersheds: The Sea of Azov
Environmental Sensing: Analytical Techniques for Earth Observation
Environmental Silicate Nano-Biocomposites
Environmentally Friendly Machining
Eosinophilic Esophagitis. - 1
Epistemology versus Ontology: Essays on the Philosophy and Foundations of Mathematics in Honour of Per Martin-Löf
EPSA Philosophy of Science: Amsterdam 2009
Equity in Discourse for Mathematics Education: Theories, Practices, and Policies
eReaders ed eBooks nelle università
Error Control for Network-on-Chip Links. - 1
Errors in Radiology
Essays on Law and War at the Fault Lines
The Essential Guide to HTML5 and CSS3 Web Design
Essential Urology: A Guide to Clinical Practice. - Second edition 2012.
Essentials of Neurosurgical Anesthesia & Critical Care: Strategies for Prevention, Early Detection, and Successful Management of Perioperative Complications
Essentials of Regional Anesthesia. - 1
Essentials of Sleep Medicine: An Approach for Clinical Pulmonology
ESSKA Instructional Course Lecture Book: Geneva 2012
Eta Carinae and the Supernova Impostors
Eternal Systems: First InternationalWorkshop, EternalS 2011, Budapest, Hungary, May 3, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
The Ethics of Anthropology and Amerindian Research: Reporting on Environmental Degradation and Warfare. - 1
The Ethics of Screening in Health Care and Medicine: Serving Society or Serving the Patient?
Ethnocinema: Intercultural Arts Education
EU External Relations Law and Policy in the Post-Lisbon Era
Eurofuse 2011: Workshop on Fuzzy Methods for Knowledge-Based Systems
European Data Protection: In Good Health?
European Energy Markets Observatory: 2009 and Winter 2009/2010 Data Set Twelfth Edition, November 2010
European Energy Security: Analysing the EU-Russia Energy Security Regime in Terms of Interdependence Theory
European Founders at Work
European Higher Education at the Crossroads: Between the Bologna Process and National Reforms
European Instructional Lectures: Volume 12, 2012, 13th EFORT Congress, Berlin, Germany
European Perspectives on Taiwan
The European Union after Lisbon: Constitutional Basis, Economic Order and External Action
The European Union and Member State Territories: A New Legal Framework Under the EU Treaties
European Yearbook of International Economic Law (EYIEL), Vol. 3 (2012)
The Europeanization of Domestic Legislatures: The Empirical Implications of the Delors' Myth in Nine Countries
Evaluating AAL Systems Through Competitive Benchmarking. Indoor Localization and Tracking: International Competition, EvAAL 2011, Competition in Valencia, Spain, July 25-29, 2011, and Final Workshop in Lecce, Italy, September 26, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Evaluating Philosophies
Evapotranspiration in the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere System
Event-Driven Surveillance: Possibilities and Challenges
Evidence-Based Counterterrorism Policy
Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical Social Work
Evidence-Based Practice in Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Perspectives, Protocols, Problems and Potential in Ayurveda
Evidence-Based Procedural Dermatology
Evolution 2.0: Implications of Darwinism in Philosophy and the Social and Natural Sciences
Evolution in a Toxic World: How Life Responds to Chemical Threats
Evolutionary Games in Complex Topologies: Interplay Between Structure and Dynamics
Evolutionary Hierarchical Multi-Criteria Metaheuristics for Scheduling in Large-Scale Grid Systems
Evolutionary Psychology and the Propositional-attitudes: Two Mechanist Manifestos
EXA 2011: Proceedings of the International Conference on Exotic Atoms and Related Topics (EXA 2011) held in Vienna, Austria, September 5-9, 2011
Exciton Polaritons in Microcavities: New Frontiers
Exercise Cardiopulmonary Function in Cardiac Patients
Exoplanets: Finding, Exploring, and Understanding Alien Worlds
Expanding the Frontiers of Visual Analytics and Visualization
Experience from the DARPA Urban Challenge
Experience of School Transitions: Policies, Practice and Participants
Experiencing Grandparenthood: An Asian Perspective
Experimental and Theoretical Advances in Fluid Dynamics
Experimental Study of Multiphase Flow in Porous Media during CO2 Geo-Sequestration Processes
Experimentation in Software Engineering
Expert F# 3.0
Expert MySQL. - Second edition.
Expert Performance Indexing for SQL Server 2012
Explicit Nonlinear Model Predictive Control: Theory and Applications
Exploiting Nonlinear Behavior in Structural Dynamics
Explorations in Narrative Research
Explorations in the History of Machines and Mechanisms: Proceedings of HMM2012
Exploring Central and Eastern Europe's Biotechnology Landscape
Exploring Macroscopic Quantum Mechanics in Optomechanical Devices
Exploring the Abyss of Inequalities: 4th International Conference on Well-Being in the Information Society, WIS 2012, Turku, Finland, August 22-24, 2012. Proceedings
Exploring the Theory, Pedagogy and Practice of Networked Learning
External Fixation in Orthopedic Traumatology
Extraction and Representation of Prosody for Speaker, Speech and Language Recognition
Extreme States of Matter in Strong Interaction Physics: An Introduction
Extremum-Seeking Control and Applications: A Numerical Optimization-Based Approach
Fading and Shadowing in Wireless Systems
Families, Education and Giftedness: Case Studies in the Construction of High Achievement
Family and HIV/AIDS: Cultural and Contextual Issues in Prevention and Treatment
The Family, the Market or the State?: Intergenerational Support Under Pressure in Ageing Societies
Fast Boundary Element Methods in Engineering and Industrial Applications
Fast Spectrum Reactors
Fatigue of Beta Processed and Beta Heat-treated Titanium Alloys
Fault Analysis in Cryptography
FDG PET/CT in Clinical Oncology: Case Based Approach with Teaching Points
Feedback Control of MEMS to Atoms
Feminism and Migration: Cross-Cultural Engagements
Femoroacetabular Impingement
Femtosecond Laser Micromachining: Photonic and Microfluidic Devices in Transparent Materials
Fertility Preservation: Emerging Technologies and Clinical Applications
FESTSCHRIFT The Institute of Nuclear Medicine 50 Years
Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites for Infrastructure Applications: Focusing on Innovation, Technology Implementation and Sustainability
Fiber-Optic Transmission Networks: Efficient Design and Dynamic Operation
Fibre Optic Communication: Key Devices
A Field Guide to Deep-Sky Objects
Field Informatics: Kyoto University Field Informatics Research Group
Field Theoretic Method in Phase Transformations
Fifty Years of Quasars: From Early Observations and Ideas to Future Research
Fighting, Loving, Teaching: Exploration of Hope, Armed Love and Critical Urban Pedagogies
Financial Literacy Education: Neoliberalism, the Consumer and the Citizen
The Finnish Language in the Digital Age
Fire Detection in Warehouse Facilities
Fire Safety Challenges of Green Buildings
First Principles Modelling of Shape Memory Alloys: Molecular Dynamics Simulations
First-Person Methods: Toward an Empirical Phenomenology of Experience
Fisica del Plasma: Fondamenti e applicazioni astrofisiche
Fit for Business: Pre-Vocational Education in European Schools
Flexible AC Transmission Systems: Modelling and Control. - Second edition 2012.
Flows of Faith: Religious Reach and Community in Asia and the Pacific
Fluid Effects in Polymers and Polymeric Composites
Flux-Corrected Transport: Principles, Algorithms, and Applications. - Second edition 2012.
Forensic Histopathology: Fundamentals and Perspectives
Forensic Speaker Recognition: Law Enforcement and Counter-Terrorism
Forex for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide to Profiting from the Global Currency Markets
Formation and Cooperative Behaviour of Protein Complexes on the Cell Membrane
The Formation and Early Evolution of Stars: From Dust to Stars and Planets. - Second edition 2012.
Foundation Adobe Edge Animate: For HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
Foundation Game Design with ActionScript 3.0. - Second edition.
Foundation Game Design with HTML5 and JavaScript
Foundation HTML5 with CSS3
Foundation iPhone App Development: Build An iPhone App in 5 Days with iOS 6 SDK
Foundation Version Control for Web Developers
Foundation Website Creation with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
Foundational Java: Key Elements and Practical Programming
Foundations of Algebraic Specification and Formal Software Development
Foundations of Intelligent Systems: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering, Shanghai, China, Dec 2011 (ISKE2011)
Foundations of Rule Learning
Founding Psychoanalysis Phenomenologically: Phenomenological Theory of Subjectivity and the Psychoanalytic Experience
Fowler-Nordheim Field Emission: Effects in Semiconductor Nanostructures
Fractional Dynamics and Control
Fractional Order Signal Processing: Introductory Concepts and Applications
Fractional Processes and Fractional-Order Signal Processing: Techniques and Applications
Fracture Classifications in Clinical Practice 2nd Edition
Fracture Mechanics
Friction Material Composites: Materials Perspective
From Justice to Protection: A Proposal for Public Health Bioethics
From Research to Practice in the Design of Cooperative Systems: Results and Open Challenges: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems, May 30 - 1 June, 2012
From scientific instrument to industrial machine: Coping with architectural stress in embedded systems
From Special Relativity to Feynman Diagrams: A Course of Theoretical Particle Physics for Beginners
From Text to 'Lived' Resources: Mathematics Curriculum Materials and Teacher Development
From the Atomic Bomb to the Landau Institute: Autobiography. Top Non-Secret
From the Earth's Core to Outer Space
From the PS to the LHC - 50 Years of Nobel Memories in High-Energy Physics
From the Universe to the Elementary Particles: A First Introduction to Cosmology and the Fundamental Interactions
From the Web to the Grid and Beyond: Computing Paradigms Driven by High-Energy Physics
From Ultra Rays to Astroparticles: A Historical Introduction to Astroparticle Physics
From West to East and Back Again: An Educational Reading of Hermann Hesse's Later Work
Frontiers in Computer Education
Frozen Section Library: Breast. - 1
Frozen Section Library: Gynecologic Pathology Intraoperative Consultation
Frozen Section Library: Lymph Nodes
Fuel Cells in the Waste-to-Energy Chain: Distributed Generation Through Non-Conventional Fuels and Fuel Cells
The Fullness of the Logos in the Key of Life: Book II. Christo-Logos: Metaphysical Rhapsodies of Faith (Itinerarium mentis in deo)
Functional Neuroradiology: Principles and Clinical Applications
Functional Observers for Dynamical Systems
Functional Respiratory Disorders: When Respiratory Symptoms Do Not Respond to Pulmonary Treatment
Fundamental Aspects of Plasma Chemical Physics: Thermodynamics
Fundamental Questions of Practical Cosmology: Exploring the Realm of Galaxies
Fundamentals of Biomechanics: Equilibrium, Motion, and Deformation. - Third edition 2012.
Fundamentals of Cosmic Particle Physics
Fundamentals of Digital Manufacturing Science
Fundamentals of GPS Receivers: A Hardware Approach
Fundamentals of Mass Determination
Fundamentals of Quantum Physics: Textbook for Students of Science and Engineering
Fundamentals of Roman Private Law
Fundamentals of Shallow Water Acoustics
Fundamentals of Surgical Simulation: Principles and Practice
Fundamentals of Sustainable Dwellings
Fundamentals of Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory
Future Communication, Computing, Control and Management: Volume 1
Future Communication, Computing, Control and Management: Volume 2
Future Computer, Communication, Control and Automation
Future Computing, Communication, Control and Management: Volume 2
Future Control and Automation: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Future Control and Automation (ICFCA 2012) - Volume 2
Future Control and Automation: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Future Control and Automation (ICFCA 2012) - Volume 1
Future Information Technology, Application, and Service: FutureTech 2012 Volume 1
Future Information Technology, Application, and Service: FutureTech 2012 Volume 2
The Future of Cities and Regions: Simulation, Scenario and Visioning, Governance and Scale
The Future of Vocational Education and Training in a Changing World
Future Security: 7th Security Research Conference, Future Security 2012, Bonn, Germany, September 4-6, 2012. Proceedings
Future Wireless and Optical Networks: Networking Modes and Cross-Layer Design
Future Wireless Networks and Information Systems: Volume 1
Fuzzy Computational Ontologies in Contexts: Formal Models of Knowledge Representation with Membership Degree and Typicality of Objects, and Their Applications
Fuzzy Engineering and Operations Research
Fuzzy Evidence in Identification, Forecasting and Diagnosis
Fuzzy Semirings with Applications to Automata Theory
Fuzzy Stochastic Optimization: Theory, Models and Applications
Gaither's Dictionary of Scientific Quotations: A Collection of Approximately 27,000 Quotations Pertaining to Archaeology, Architecture, Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Cosmology, Darwinism, Engineering, Geology, Mathematics, Medicine, Nature, Nursing, Paleontology, Philosophy, Physics, Probability, Science, Statistics, Technology, Theory, Universe, and Zoology. - Second edition 2012.
Game Theory for Networks: 2nd International ICST Conference, GAMENETS 2011, Shanghai, China, April 16-18, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Game Theory for Networks: Third International ICST Conference, GameNets 2012, Vancouver, BC, Canada, May 24-26, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
Gamers at Work: Stories Behind the Games People Play
GaN and ZnO-based Materials and Devices
GaN-Based Laser Diodes: Towards Longer Wavelengths and Short Pulses
Gastroparesis: Pathophysiology, Presentation and Treatment
General and Statistical Thermodynamics
General Reports of the XVIIIth Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law/Rapports Généraux du XVIIIème Congrès de l'Académie Internationale de Droit Comparé
The General Theory of Relativity: A Mathematical Exposition
Generalized Continua and Dislocation Theory: Theoretical Concepts, Computational Methods and Experimental Verification
Generalized Dermatitis in Clinical Practice
Geodesy for Planet Earth: Proceedings of the 2009 IAG Symposium, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 31 August 31 - 4 September 2009
Geographical Sociology: Theoretical Foundations and Methodological Applications in the Sociology of Location
The Geography of Wine: Regions, Terroir and Techniques
Geometric Aspects of Functional Analysis: Israel Seminar 2006–2010
Geometric Control of Patterned Linear Systems
Geometrical Charged-Particle Optics. - Second edition 2012.
The Geometry of Special Relativity - a Concise Course
Geophysical Studies in the Caucasus
Georges Lemaître: Life, Science and Legacy
Geospatial Free and Open Source Software in the 21st Century: Proceedings of the first Open Source Geospatial Research Symposium, OGRS 2009
Geospatial Techniques for Managing Environmental Resources
Geospatial Techniques in Urban Planning
Geriatric Gastroenterology
German Corporate Governance in International and European Context. - Second edition 2012.
The German Language in the Digital Age
Gestational Trophoblastic Disease: Diagnostic and Molecular Genetic Pathology
Getting There: Women's Journeys to and Through Educational Attainment
Ghrelin in Health and Disease
GIEE 2011: Gender and Interdisciplinary Education for Engineers: Formation Interdisciplinaire des Ingénieurs et Problème du Genre
GIMP for Absolute Beginners
Glaciations in North and South America from the Miocene to the Last Glacial Maximum: Comparisons, Linkages and Uncertainties
Global Aerospace Monitoring and Disaster Management
The Global Age: NGIOA @ Risk
Global Analysis of Nonlinear Dynamics
Global Change: Interviews with Leading Climate Scientists
Global Change and the Function and Distribution of Wetlands
Global Perspectives on Archaeological Field Schools: Constructions of Knowledge and Experience
Global Perspectives on Migration and Development: GFMD Puerto Vallarta and Beyond
Global Risk-Based Management of Chemical Additives I: Production, Usage and Environmental Occurrence
Global Security, Safety and Sustainability & e-Democracy: 7th International and 4th e-Democracy, Joint Conferences, ICGS3/e-Democracy 2011, Thessaloniki, Greece, August 24-26, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Global Tea Breeding: Achievements, Challenges and Perspectives
Global Trends in Computing and Communication Systems: 4th International Conference, ObCom 2011, Vellore, TN, India, December 9-11, 2011. Proceedings, Part I
Global Trends in Information Systems and Software Applications: 4th International Conference, ObCom 2011, Vellore, TN, India, December 9-11, 2011. Proceedings, Part II
The Global Victimization of Children: Problems and Solutions
Globalization and Human Rights: Challenges and Answers from a European Perspective
Globalization of Professional Services: Innovative Strategies, Successful Processes, Inspired Talent Management, and First-Hand Experiences
Google and the Law: Empirical Approaches to Legal Aspects of Knowledge-Economy Business Models
Governing the Uncertain: Adaptation and Climate in Russia and Finland
Governo clinico e medicina perioperatoria: Organizzazione, formazione, performance, eccellenza
Grammars for Language and Genes: Theoretical and Empirical Investigations
Graphene Nanoelectronics: From Materials to Circuits
Graphene Nanoelectronics: Metrology, Synthesis, Properties and Applications
Grappling with Gravity: How Will Life Adapt to Living in Space?
Grating Spectroscopes and How to Use Them
Gratitude in Education: A Radical View
Great Health Care: Making It Happen
Green and Smart Technology with Sensor Applications: International Conferences, GST and SIA 2012, Jeju Island, Korea, November 28-December 2, 2012. Proceedings
Green Cities of Europe: Global Lessons on Green Urbanism
Green Communications and Networking: First International Conference, GreeNets 2011, Colmar, France, October 5-7, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Green Communications and Networks: Proceedings of the International Conference on Green Communications and Networks (GCN 2011)
Green Growth: Managing the Transition to a Sustainable Economy: Learning By Doing in East Asia and Europe
Green Tribology: Biomimetics, Energy Conservation and Sustainability
Greening the Academy: Ecopedagogy Through the Liberal Arts
Groundwork in the Theory of Argumentation: Selected Papers of J. Anthony Blair
Group Cell Architecture for Cooperative Communications
GSN - The Goal Structuring Notation: A Structured Approach to Presenting Arguments
Guida alla Terapia antimicrobica nella pratica clinica
Guida alla valutazione medico-legale del danno neurologico
Guide to Assessment Scales in Schizophrenia. - Third edition 2012.
Guide to Cisco Routers Configuration: Becoming a Router Geek
Guide to Computational Geometry Processing: Foundations, Algorithms, and Methods
Guide to Effective Grant Writing: How to Write a Successful NIH Grant Application. - Second edition 2012.
Guide to FPGA Implementation of Arithmetic Functions
Guide to Medical Image Analysis: Methods and Algorithms
Guide to OCR for Arabic Scripts
Guide to Reliable Distributed Systems: Building High-Assurance Applications and Cloud-Hosted Services
Guide to Scientific Computing in C++
Guide to Software Development: Designing and Managing the Life Cycle
Guide to Web Development with Java: Understanding Website Creation
Guidebook to the Constellations: Telescopic Sights, Tales, and Myths
Gynécologie du sport: Risques et bénéfices de l'activité physique chez la femme
Hacking the Kinect
The Hamburg Lectures on Maritime Affairs 2009 & 2010
Hand Bone Age: A Digital Atlas of Skeletal Maturity
Handbook of Analytic Philosophy of Medicine
Handbook of Anthropometry: Physical Measures of Human Form in Health and Disease
Handbook of Burns: Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Volume 2
Handbook of Burns: Acute Burn Care Volume 1
Handbook of Children with Special Health Care Needs
Handbook of Climate Change Mitigation
Handbook of Endovascular Peripheral Interventions. - 1
Handbook of Environmental Isotope Geochemistry: Vol I
Handbook of European Homicide Research: Patterns, Explanations, and Country Studies
Handbook of Growth and Growth Monitoring in Health and Disease
Handbook of Intelligent Vehicles
Handbook of Memetic Algorithms
Handbook of Natural Computing
Handbook of Pain and Palliative Care: Biobehavioral Approaches for the Life Course. - 1
Handbook of Parathyroid Diseases: A Case-Based Practical Guide
Handbook of Particle Detection and Imaging
Handbook of Quantifiers in Natural Language
Handbook of Risk Theory: Epistemology, Decision Theory, Ethics, and Social Implications of Risk
Handbook of Service Description: USDL and Its Methods
Handbook of Social Indicators and Quality of Life Research
Handbook of Spectral Lines in Diamond: Volume 1: Tables and Interpretations
Handbook of Survey Methodology for the Social Sciences
Handbook of Theoretical Atomic Physics: Data for Photon Absorption, Electron Scattering, and Vacancies Decay
Handbook of Tourism and Quality-of-Life Research: Enhancing the Lives of Tourists and Residents of Host Communities
Handbook of Visual Display Technology
Handbook on Decision Making: Vol 2: Risk Management in Decision Making
Handbook Timing Belts: Principles, Calculations, Applications
Happiness Across Cultures: Views of Happiness and Quality of Life in Non-Western Cultures
Happiness in Children: Measurement, Correlates and Enhancement of Positive Subjective Well-Being
Haptic Systems Architecture Modeling
Haptics for Virtual Reality and Teleoperation
Hardware/Software Co-design for Heterogeneous Multi-core Platforms: The hArtes Toolchain
Harnessing VLSI System Design with EDA Tools
The Hatfield Lunar Atlas: Digitally Re-Mastered Edition
HCV Infection and Cryoglobulinemia
Head and Neck Cancer Imaging
Health Care Evaluation Using Computer Simulation: Concepts, Methods, and Applications
Health Care Reform Simplified: What Professionals in Medicine, Government, Insurance, and Business Need to Know
Health Education in Context: An International Perspective on Health Education in Schools and Local Communities
Healthcare Management Engineering: What Does This Fancy Term Really Mean?: The Use of Operations Management Methodology for Quantitative Decision-Making in Healthcare Settings
Healthcare Overview: New Perspectives
Heat Transfer: Basics and Practice
HEAVY!: The Surprising Reasons America Is the Land of the Free—And the Home of the Fat
Hegel and Global Justice
Helium Cryogenics. - Second edition 2012.
Hematologic Cancers: From Molecular Pathobiology to Targeted Therapeutics
Hemocoagulative Problems in the Critically Ill Patient
Hepatic Encephalopathy
Herbal Drugs and Fingerprints: Evidence Based Herbal Drugs
Hermeneutic Phenomenology in Education: Method and Practice
Heterogeneous Ferroelectric Solid Solutions: Phases and Domain States
Heterogeneous Multicore Processor Technologies for Embedded Systems
High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites 6: HPFRCC 6
High Performance Marine Vessels
High Quality Test Pattern Generation and Boolean Satisfiability
High Temperature Phenomena in Shock Waves
High-/Mixed-Voltage Analog and RF Circuit Techniques for Nanoscale CMOS
High-Field MR Imaging
High-Performance Scientific Computing: Algorithms and Applications
High-Temperature Superconductors. - Second edition 2012.
Higher Education in Portugal 1974-2009: A Nation, a Generation
Higher Education Management and Operational Research: Demonstrating New Practices and Metaphors
Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research: Volume 27
Highlights on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems: 10th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
Historic Mortars: Characterisation, Assessment and Repair
History as a Science: The Philosophy of R.G. Collingwood
History of Cartography: International Symposium of the ICA Commission, 2010
History of Virtual Work Laws: A History of Mechanics Prospective
HIV and Liver Disease
Homo immortalis: Una vita (quasi) infinita
Homogeneous Catalysis with Metal Complexes: Fundamentals and Applications
Hot Interstellar Matter in Elliptical Galaxies
Housing Density
How James Watt Invented the Copier: Forgotten Inventions of Our Great Scientists
How Likely is Extraterrestrial Life?
How to Create the Next Facebook: Seeing Your Startup Through, from Idea to IPO
How to Get Government Contracts: Have a Slice of the $1 Trillion Pie
How to Observe the Sun Safely. - Second edition 2012.
How to Recruit and Hire Great Software Engineers: Building a Crack Development Team
How to set up an Acute Stroke Service
HTML5 Games Most Wanted
HTML5 Programming for ASP.NET Developers
Hughes Syndrome: The Antiphospholipid Syndrome: A Guide for Students
Human Centric Technology and Service in Smart Space: HumanCom 2012
Human Fallibility: The Ambiguity of Errors for Work and Learning
Human ICT Implants: Technical, Legal and Ethical Considerations
Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 (HIV-1) and Breastfeeding: Science, Research Advances, and Policy
Human Pharmaceuticals in the Environment: Current and Future Perspectives
Human Security: Securing East Asia's Future
Human Transit: How Clearer Thinking About Public Transit Can Enrich Our Communities and Our Lives
Human – Computer Systems Interaction: Backgrounds and Applications 2: Part 2
Human – Computer Systems Interaction: Backgrounds and Applications 2: Part 1
Human-Computer Interaction: The Agency Perspective
Human-Environment Relations: Transformative Values in Theory and Practice
Humans on Earth: From Origins to Possible Futures
Humidification in the Intensive Care Unit: The Essentials
Hybrid Modeling and Optimization of Manufacturing: Combining Artificial Intelligence and Finite Element Method
Hydrocephalus: Selected Papers from the International Workshop in Crete, 2010
Hydrodynamic Instability and Transition to Turbulence
Hydrologic Time Series Analysis: Theory and Practice
Hydrologie quantitative: Processus, modèles et aide à la décision
Hyperbolic Chaos: A Physicist's View
Hyperkinetic Movement Disorders
Hypermobility of Joints
Ice Ages and Interglacials: Measurements, Interpretation, and Models. - Second edition 2012.
ICT Critical Infrastructures and Society: 10th IFIP TC 9 International Conference on Human Choice and Computers, HCC10 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 27-28, 2012. Proceedings
ICT Innovations 2011
ICU Protocols: A stepwise approach
Identification for Automotive Systems
Identity Construction and Science Education Research: Learning, Teaching, and Being in Multiple Contexts
Il Dentascan
Il fuoco dentro: Le malattie infiammatorie croniche dell'intestino Colloquio con Silvio Danese e Marco Greco
Il ginseng: Virtù terapeutiche di una droga adattogena
Ileoscopy: Technique, Diagnosis, and Clinical Applications
Illustrated Anatomical Segmentectomy for Lung Cancer
Illustrated C# 2012
Image Registration: Principles, Tools and Methods
Images in Mobile Communication: New Content, New Uses, New Perspectives
Images in Urology: Diagnosis and Management
The Images of Science Through Cultural Lenses: A Chinese Study on the Nature of Science
Imaging and Technology in Urology: Principles and Clinical Applications
Imaging Cardiovascolare TC e RM: Dalla tecnica all'interpretazione clinica
Imaging Endocrine Diseases in Children
Imaging for Pediatricians: 100 Key Cases
Imaging Gliomas After Treatment: A Case-based Atlas
Imaging in Pediatric Pulmonology
Imaging muscoloscheletrico: 100 casi dalla pratica clinica
Imaging of Acute Appendicitis in Adults and Children
Imaging of Gynecological Disorders in Infants and Children
Imaging the Cheops Pyramid
Imaging the Southern Sky: An Amateur Astronomer's Guide
Imaging Tumor Response to Therapy
Immersive Multimodal Interactive Presence
The Immigration & Education Nexus: A Focus on the Context & Consequences of Schooling
The Immutable Laws of Mankind: The Struggle For Universal Human Rights
The Impact of Climate Change and Bioenergy on Nutrition
The Impact of Virtual, Remote, and Real Logistics Labs: First International Conference, ImViReLL 2012 Bremen, Germany, February 28 – March 1, 2012 Proceedings
Impacts of Large Dams: A Global Assessment
The Implementation of the EU Services Directive: Transposition, Problems and Strategies
Implementing Evidence-Based Practices in Community Corrections and Addiction Treatment
The Importance of Assent: A Theory of Coercion and Dignity
In Search of William Gascoigne: Seventeenth Century Astronomer
In Vitro Fertilization: A Comprehensive Guide
Inborn Metabolic Diseases: Diagnosis and Treatment
Incentivos a la I+D+i de Medicamentos
Inclusive Communities: A Critical Reader
Incomplete Information System and Rough Set Theory: Models and Attribute Reductions
Indications and techniques of percutaneous procedures: Coronary, peripheral, and structural heart disease
Indigenous Education: A Learning Journey for Teachers, Schools and Communities
Industrial Applications of Evolutionary Algorithms
Industrial Engineering: Innovative Networks: 5th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management "CIO 2011", Cartagena, Spain, September 2011, Proceedings
Industrial Process Identification and Control Design: Step-test and Relay-experiment-based Methods
Infected Total Joint Arthroplasty: The Algorithmic Approach
Infection Control in the Intensive Care Unit. - Third edition 2012.
Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics: Volume 2
Information and Business Intelligence: International Conference, IBI 2011, Chongqing, China, December 23-25, 2011. Proceedings, Part I
Information and Business Intelligence: International Conference, IBI 2011, Chongqing, China, December 23-25, 2011. Proceedings, Part II
Information and Software Technologies: 18th International Conference, ICIST 2012, Kaunas, Lithuania, September 13-14, 2012. Proceedings
Information Computing and Applications: Third International Conference, ICICA 2012, Chengde, China, September 14-16, 2012. Proceedings, Part I
Information Computing and Applications: Third International Conference, ICICA 2012, Chengde, China, September 14-16, 2012. Proceedings, Part II
Information Engineering and Applications: International Conference on Information Engineering and Applications (IEA 2011)
Information Ergonomics: A theoretical approach and practical experience in transportation
Information Flow Based Security Control Beyond RBAC: How to enable fine-grained security policy enforcement in business processes beyond limitations of role-based access control (RBAC)
Information from Processes: About the Nature of Information Creation, Use, and Representation
Information Security and Privacy Research: 27th IFIP TC 11 Information Security and Privacy Conference, SEC 2012, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, June 4-6, 2012. Proceedings
Information Sharing and Data Protection in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: Towards Harmonised Data Protection Principles for Information Exchange at EU-level
Information Systems, Technology and Management: 6th International Conference, ICISTM 2012, Grenoble, France, March 28-30, 2012. Proceedings
Information Technologies for Remote Monitoring of the Environment
Information Technology and Agricultural Engineering
Information Technology Convergence, Secure and Trust Computing, and Data Management: ITCS 2012 & STA 2012
Informational Limits in Optical Polarimetry and Vectorial Imaging
Informed Consent, Proxy Consent, and Catholic Bioethics: For the Good of the Subject
Ingegneria degli acquiferi
Inglese per chirurghi
Injury Research: Theories, Methods, and Approaches
The Innovation Butterfly: Managing Emergent Opportunities and Risks During Distributed Innovation
Innovation Design: Creating Value for People, Organizations and Society
Innovation in Esophageal Surgery
Innovation Law and Policy in the European Union: Towards Horizon 2020
Innovation Management by Promoting the Informal: Artistic, Experience-based, Playful
Innovations in Intelligent Machines – 2: Intelligent Paradigms and Applications
Innovative Materials and Techniques in Concrete Construction: ACES Workshop
Insider Dealing and Criminal Law: Dangerous Liaisons
Institutional Learning and Knowledge Transfer Across Epistemic Communities: New Tools of Global Governance
Institutional Partnerships in Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems: A Compilation of Seven National Good Practices and Guiding Principles. - 1
Instrumentation, Measurement, Circuits and Systems
Instruments and Methods for the Radio Detection of High Energy Cosmic Rays
Insulin-like Growth Factors and Cancer: From Basic Biology to Therapeutics
Insurance Systems in Times of Climate Change: Insurance of Buildings Against Natural Hazards
Integral Biomathics: Tracing the Road to Reality
Integrated Filters for Short Range Wireless and Biomedical Applications
Integrated Frequency Synthesis for Convergent Wireless Solutions
Integrating Ecology and Poverty Reduction: Ecological Dimensions
Integrating Ecology and Poverty Reduction: The Application of Ecology in Development Solutions
Integration by Cooperation: A Constructivist Social Theory and a Theory of the State and the Law
Integration of Medical and Dental Care and Patient Data
Integration of World Knowledge for Natural Language Understanding
Integrative Pediatric Oncology
Integrative Production Technology for High-Wage Countries
Integrative Therapies in Lung Health and Sleep
Intelligent Adaptation and Personalization Techniques in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning
Intelligent Computer Graphics 2011
Intelligent Control and Innovative Computing
Intelligent Decision Technologies: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Intelligent Decision Technologies (IDT' 2012) - Volume 2
Intelligent Decision Technologies: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Intelligent Decision Technologies (IDT'2012) - Volume 1
Intelligent Distributed Computing V: Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Intelligent Distributed Computing – IDC 2011, Delft, The Netherlands – October 2011
Intelligent Information Processing VI: 7th IFIP TC 12 International Conference, IIP 2012, Guilin, China, October 12-15, 2012. Proceedings
Intelligent Interactive Multimedia: Systems and Services: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services (IIMSS 2012)
Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment: 4th International ICST Conference, INTETAIN 2011, Genova, Italy, May 25-27, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Intelligent Textiles and Clothing for Ballistic and NBC Protection: Technology at the Cutting Edge
Intelligent Tools for Building a Scientific Information Platform
Intelligent Transportation and Evacuation Planning: A Modeling-Based Approach
Interactive 3D Multimedia Content: Models for Creation, Management, Search and Presentation
Interface Oral Health Science 2011
Interfacial Compatibility in Microelectronics: Moving Away from the Trial and Error Approach
Interfacial Fluid Mechanics: A Mathematical Modeling Approach
Interference Calculus: A General Framework for Interference Management and Network Utility Optimization
Intermittent Hypoxia and Human Diseases
International Advances in Foot and Ankle Surgery
International Disaster Response Law
International Handbook of Migration, Minorities and Education: Understanding Cultural and Social Differences in Processes of Learning
International Handbook of Protestant Education
International Handbook of Rural Demography
International Judicial Lawmaking: On Public Authority and Democratic Legitimation in Global Governance
International Law of Victims
International Neurolaw: A Comparative Analysis
International Perspectives on Teaching and Learning with GIS in Secondary Schools
International Students in the Asia Pacific: Mobility, Risks and Global Optimism
International Workshop on Evidence-Based Technology Enhanced Learning
Internet - Technical Developments and Applications 2
Internet of Things: International Workshop, IOT 2012, Changsha, China, August 17-19, 2012. Proceedings
Interoperable Electronic Safety Equipment: Performance Requirements for Compatible and Interoperable Electronic Equipment for Emergency First Responders
Interpersonal Relationships in Education: An Overview of Contemporary Research
Interplanetary Outpost: The Human and Technological Challenges of Exploring the Outer Planets
Interpreting Imperatives
Interpreting Physics: Language and the Classical/Quantum Divide
Intersections of Hirzebruch–Zagier Divisors and CM Cycles
Intersphincteric Resection for Low Rectal Tumors
Interventional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Interventional Oncology: A Practical Guide for the Interventional Radiologist. - 1
Interworking of Wireless LANs and Cellular Networks
Intra-Operative Neuropathology for the Non-Neuropathologist: A Case-Based Approach. - 1
Intracranial Pressure and Brain Monitoring XIV
Intraseasonal Variability in the Atmosphere-Ocean Climate System. - Second edition 2012.
Introducing .NET 4.5
Introduction to Computer Graphics: Using Java 2D and 3D. - Second edition 2012.
Introduction to Earth and Planetary System Science: New View of Earth, Planets and Humans
Introduction to Hardware Security and Trust
Introduction to International and European Sports Law: Capita Selecta
An Introduction to Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations of Surface Reactions
Introduction to Modern Sleep Technology
Introduction to Network Simulator NS2. - Second edition.
An Introduction to Non-Abelian Discrete Symmetries for Particle Physicists
Introduction to Open Core Protocol: Fastpath to System-on-Chip Design
Introduction to Phytoremediation of Contaminated Groundwater: Historical Foundation, Hydrologic Control, and Contaminant Remediation
Introduction to Programming Concepts with Case Studies in Python
Introduction to Programming with Fortran: With Coverage of Fortran 90, 95, 2003, 2008 and 77. - Second edition 2012.
Introduction to the Mechanics of Space Robots
An Introduction to the Regularity Theory for Elliptic Systems, Harmonic Maps and Minimal Graphs
Introduction to Video and Image Processing: Building Real Systems and Applications
Introduzione ai metodi inversi: Con applicazioni alla geofisica e al telerilevamento
Intuitionistic Fuzzy Aggregation and Clustering
Inventors at Work: The Minds and Motivation Behind Modern Inventions
Inverse Analyses with Model Reduction: Proper Orthogonal Decomposition in Structural Mechanics
An Invitation to Quantum Field Theory
Ion Beam Therapy: Fundamentals, Technology, Clinical Applications
iOS 5 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach
iOS 6 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach
Iron Physiology and Pathophysiology in Humans
IS Olympics: Information Systems in a Diverse World: CAiSE Forum 2011, London, UK, June 20-24, 2011, Selected Extended Papers
Is There a Court for Gaza?: A Test Bench for International Justice
Is Water H2O?: Evidence, Realism and Pluralism
Isotope Low-Dimensional Structures: Elementary Excitations and Applications
Isotope-Based Quantum Information
Isotopes of the Earth's Hydrosphere
ISSE 2012 Securing Electronic Business Processes: Highlights of the Information Security Solutions Europe 2012 Conference
Issues and Challenges in Science Education Research: Moving Forward
IT Revolutions: Third International ICST Conference, Córdoba, Spain, March 23-25, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
It Takes a Village: A Collaborative Assault on the Struggling Reader Dilemma
ITIL 2011 At a Glance
JIMD Reports - Case and Research Reports, 2011/2
JIMD Reports - Case and Research Reports, 2011/3
JIMD Reports - Case and Research Reports, 2012/1
JIMD Reports - Case and Research Reports, 2012/3
The Jobs Act: Crowdfunding for Small Businesses and Startups
Journeys to Data Mining: Experiences from 15 Renowned Researchers
Judicial Independence in Transition
K Taping: An Illustrated Guide
Kanerva's Occupational Dermatology. - 2
Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca and Filamentary Keratopathy: In Vivo Morphology in the Human Cornea and Conjunctiva
Key Demographics in Retirement Risk Management
Kidney Cancer: Principles and Practice
The Kidney in Heart Failure
The Knee Joint: Surgical Techniques and Strategies
Knowledge and Technologies in Innovative Information Systems: 7th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems, MCIS 2012, Guimaraes, Portugal, September 8-10, 2012. Proceedings
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
The Knowledge Economy and Lifelong Learning: A Critical Reader
The Knowledge Economy and Lifelong Learning: A Critical Reader
Knowledge Engineering and Management: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering, Shanghai, China, Dec 2011 (ISKE2011)
Knowledge Perspectives of New Product Development: A Comparative Approach
Knowledge Representations for Planning Manipulation Tasks
Knowledge Technology: Third Knowledge Technology Week, KTW 2011, Kajang, Malaysia, July 18-22, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Koss's Cytology of the Urinary Tract with Histopathologic Correlations
La cardio-TC
La chirurgia estetica: Come, quando e perché Intervista con il Chirurgo
La colonscopia virtuale: Guida pratica all'esame, dalle indicazioni all'interpretazione dei dati
La comunicazione radiologica nella società del benessere
La connaissance des huiles essentielles : qualitologie et aromathérapie: Entre science et tradition pour une application médicale raisonnée
La dose al paziente in diagnostica per immagini
La respirazione artificiale: Basi e pratica. - Seconda edizione.
La sfida del trasferimento tecnologico: Le Università italiane si raccontano
La TCMD nel trauma ad elevata energia
La turbinoplastica inferiore modificata: Un nuovo approccio chirurgico
Land-Use and Land-Cover Changes: Impact on Climate and Air Quality
Landslide Analysis and Early Warning Systems: Local and Regional Case Study in the Swabian Alb, Germany
Language Grounding in Robots
Laparoscopic Entry: Traditional Methods, New Insights and Novel Approaches
Laparoscopic Gastrectomy for Cancer: Standard Techniques and Clinical Evidences
Laser Diode Beam Basics, Manipulations and Characterizations
Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy: Fundamentals and Applications
Lasers in Dermatology and Medicine
Latest Advances in Robot Kinematics
LaTeX and Friends
Law and Regulation of Commercial Mining of Minerals in Outer Space
The Law of Business Organizations: A Concise Overview of German Corporate Law
Law, Order and Freedom: A Historical Introduction to Legal Philosophy
Lawyers and Mediation
Lawyers at Work
Le vivant et sa naturalisation: Le problème du naturalisme en biologie chez Husserl et le jeune Merleau-Ponty
Lead Free Solder: Mechanics and Reliability
Lead-Free Piezoelectrics
Leading Student Assessment
Learn C on the Mac: For OS X and iOS. - Second edition.
Learn Cocoa Touch for iOS
Learn cocos2D 2
Learn Electronics with Arduino
Learn GameSalad for iOS: Game Development for iPhone, iPad, and HTML5
Learn HTML5 and JavaScript for Android
Learn HTML5 and JavaScript for iOS
Learn Objective-C on the Mac: For iOS and OS X
Learning Abdominal Imaging
Learning and Doing Policy Analysis in Education: Examining Diverse Approaches to Increasing Educational Access
Learning at the Crossroads of Theory and Practice: Research on Innovative Learning Practices
Learning Genitourinary and Pelvic Imaging
Learning in Non-Stationary Environments: Methods and Applications
Learning Neuroimaging: 100 Essential Cases
Learning Progressions in Science: Current Challenges and Future Directions
Learning Trajectories, Innovation and Identity for Professional Development
Learning Ultrasound Imaging
Learning with Adults: A Critical Pedagogical Introduction
Learning, Social Interaction and Diversity – Exploring Identities in School Practices
Learning-Through-Touring: Mobilising Learners and Touring Technologies to Creatively Explore the Built Environment
Learnning and Educationfor a Bettter World: The Role of Social Movements
Lectures on LHC Physics
Lee de Forest: King of Radio, Television, and Film
The Legacy of the Baby Boomers or the French Social System?: Issues of Equality and Brain Drain
Legislative Delegation: The Erosion of Normative Limits in Modern Constitutionalism
Leprosy: A Practical Guide
Les annonces en cancérologie: Le médecin face au malade Témoignages et repères méthodologiques
Les biomarqueurs en médecine d'urgence: Des données biologiques au lit du malade
Let's Call it What it is: A Matter of Conscience
Leukemia and Related Disorders: Integrated Treatment Approaches
Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, Verification, and Validation: International Workshops, SARS 2011 and MLSC 2011, Held Under the Auspices of ISoLA 2011 in Vienna, Austria, October 17-18, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Leveraging Technology for a Sustainable World: Proceedings of the 19th CIRP Conference on Life Cycle Engineering, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, USA, May 23 - 25, 2012
Lex Sportiva: What is Sports Law?
Lezioni di Cosmologia Teorica
Life, Subjectivity & Art: Essays in Honor of Rudolf Bernet
Life-Cycle Assessment of Semiconductors
Light Pollution: Responses and Remedies. - Second edition 2012.
Light Scattering Reviews, Vol. 6: Light Scattering and Remote Sensing of Atmosphere and Surface
Lighter than Air Robots: Guidance and Control of Autonomous Airships
Linear and Nonlinear Models: Fixed effects, random effects, and total least squares
Linked Data in Linguistics: Representing and Connecting Language Data and Language Metadata
Liver Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Living Intersections: Transnational Migrant Identifications in Asia
Living with Paradoxes: Victims of Sexual Violence and Their Conduct of Everyday Life
The Llobregat: The Story of a Polluted Mediterranean River
Local Climate Action Planning
Localization in Wireless Networks: Foundations and Applications
Loewy Decomposition of Linear Differential Equations
Loft P: Tracing the Architecture of the Loft
Logic and the Organization of Information
Logic Circuit Design: Selected Methods
Logistic Core Operations with SAP: Inventory Management, Warehousing, Transportation, and Compliance
Long-Term Oxygen Therapy: New Insights and Perspectives
Low Complexity MIMO Detection
Low Power Design with High-Level Power Estimation and Power-Aware Synthesis
Low Power RF Circuit Design in Standard CMOS Technology
Low Rank Approximation: Algorithms, Implementation, Applications
Low-Power Smart Imagers for Vision-Enabled Sensor Networks
Low-Power Wireless Sensor Networks: Protocols, Services and Applications
Luciano Floridi's Philosophy of Technology: Critical Reflections
Lucius Burckhardt Writings. Rethinking Man-made Environments: Politics, Landscape & Design
Lupus Erythematosus: Clinical Evaluation and Treatment
L'ambientalista nucleare: Alternative al cambiamento climatico
L'ambulatorio in psichiatria dell' età evolutiva: Screening, orientamento diagnostico, consultazione breve
L'angio-TC dell' aorta
L'ecocardiografia nella valvulopatia mitralica
L'enigma dei raggi cosmici: Le più grandi energie dell' universo
L'erreur médicale, le burnout et le soignant: De la seconde victime au premier acteur
L'échographie corps entier chez le patient critique
Machine Vision Handbook
Machining of Complex Sculptured Surfaces
Machining of Metal Matrix Composites
Magnetic Particle Imaging: An Introduction to Imaging Principles and Scanner Instrumentation
Magnetic Particle Imaging: A Novel SPIO Nanoparticle Imaging Technique
Magnetic Resonance Angiography: Principles and Applications
Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Congenital Heart Disease
Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Bone Marrow
Magnetism: Basics and Applications
Magnetism and Superconductivity in Iron-based Superconductors as Probed by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Magnetoelectric Response in Low-Dimensional Frustrated Spin Systems
Maintenance Management in Network Utilities: Framework and Practical Implementation
Major Aspects of Chinese Religion and Philosophy: Dao of Inner Saint and Outer King
Making India: Colonialism, National Culture, and the Afterlife of Indian English Authority
Making it Real: Case Stories for Secondary Teachers
Making It to the Forefront: Nanotechnology—A Developing Country Perspective
Making Sense of Education: Fifteen Contemporary Educational Theorists in their own Words
Making the Moment Matter: Care Theory for Teacher Learning
Male Infertility: Contemporary Clinical Approaches, Andrology, ART & Antioxidants
Management Intelligent Systems: First International Symposium
Management of Complications of Cosmetic Procedures: Handling Common and More Uncommon Problems
Management of Mountain Watersheds
Management of Myocardial Reperfusion Injury
Management of Prostate Cancer: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Management of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: Evidence, Tricks, and Pitfalls
Managing Green Business Model Transformations
Managing Humans: Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager
Managing Temperature Effects in Nanoscale Adaptive Systems
Managing the Kidney when the Heart is Failing
Manifestations dermatologiques des maladies d' organes: Dermatologie et médecine, vol. 4
The Manual of Dermatology
Manual of Fast Track Recovery for Colorectal Surgery
Manual of Neonatal Respiratory Care. - Third edition 2012.
Manual of Outpatient Cardiology
Manual of Spine Surgery
Manufacturing Outsourcing: A Knowledge Perspective
The Many Faces of Youth Crime: Contrasting Theoretical Perspectives on Juvenile Delinquency across Countries and Cultures
Maps for the Future: Children, Education and Internet
Marconi's Wireless and the Rhetoric of a New Technology
Markov Networks in Evolutionary Computation
Mars and How to Observe It
Mass Metrology
A Master of Science History: Essays in Honor of Charles Coulston Gillispie
Materia Medica of New and Old Homeopathic Medicines
The Material Realization of Science: From Habermas to Experimentation and Referential Realism
Materials with Complex Behaviour II: Properties, Non-Classical Materials and New Technologies
Maternal Obesity and Pregnancy
Mathematical Logic for Computer Science. - Third edition 2012.
Mathematical Modeling in Biomedical Imaging II: Optical, Ultrasound, and Opto-Acoustic Tomographies
Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computation: International Conference, ICMMSC 2012, Gandhigram, Tamil Nadu, India, March 16-18, 2012. Proceedings
Mathematical SETI: Statistics, Signal Processing, Space Missions
Mathematics of Discrete Structures for Computer Science
The Matrix of Derivative Criminal Liability
Matrix Transforms for Computer Games and Animation
Matter, Dark Matter, and Anti-Matter: In Search of the Hidden Universe
MDCT Protocols: Whole Body and Emergencies
Measurement of the Inclusive Jet Cross Section with the ATLAS Detector at the Large Hadron Collider
Measurement Uncertainties: Physical Parameters and Calibration of Instruments
Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation in Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Behaviour of Materials: Volume 1: Micro- and Macroscopic Constitutive Behaviour
Mechanical Behaviour of Soils Under Environmentally Induced Cyclic Loads
Mechanical Design Optimization Using Advanced Optimization Techniques
Mechanical Engineering and Technology: Selected and Revised Results of the 2011 International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Technology, London, UK, November 24-25, 2011
Mechanical Vibrations: Modeling and Measurement. - 1
Mechanics: An Intensive Course
Mechanics of Crustal Rocks
Mechanics of Failure Mechanisms in Structures
Mechanics, Models and Methods in Civil Engineering
Mechanisms, Transmissions and Applications
Mechatronic Systems: Analysis, Design and Implementation
Mechatronic Systems Design: Methods, Models, Concepts
Mechatronics: Recent Technological and Scientific Advances
Medical Response to Major Incidents and Disasters: A Practical Guide for All Medical Staff
The Mediterranean Diet: A Clinician's Guide for Patient Care
The Mekong Delta System: Interdisciplinary Analyses of a River Delta
Memory Controllers for Real-Time Embedded Systems: Predictable and Composable Real-Time Systems
Merleau-Ponty: une ontologie de l'imaginaire
Mesoscopic Quantum Hall Effect
Metacognition in Science Education: Trends in Current Research
Metadata and Semantics Research: 6th Research Conference, MTSR 2012, Cádiz, Spain, November 28-30, 2012. Proceedings
Metal-Dielectric Interfaces in Gigascale Electronics: Thermal and Electrical Stability
Metals and Society: An Introduction to Economic Geology
Metaphorical Management: Using Intuition and Creativity as a Control Mechanism for Complex Systems
The Metaphysics of Henry More
Methodological Cognitivism: Vol. 1: Mind, Rationality, and Society
Methods, Theories, and Empirical Applications in the Social Sciences
Metro Revealed: Building Windows 8 Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript
Metro Revealed: Building Windows 8 Apps with XAML and C#
Microbial Degradation of Xenobiotics
Micromechanics and Microactuators: Proceedings of MAMM 2010, Aachen, Germany, May 27-29, 2010
Microseismic Monitoring and Geomechanical Modelling of CO2 Storage in Subsurface Reservoirs
Microstructure and Properties of High-Temperature Superconductors. - Second edition 2012.
Midfacial Rejuvenation. - 1
The Mie Theory: Basics and Applications
Migration and Transformation: Multi-Level Analysis of Migrant Transnationalism
Migration on Wings: Aerodynamics and Energetics
Migrations: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Millimeter-Wave Receiver Concepts for 77 GHz Automotive Radar in Silicon-Germanium Technology
Milnor Fiber Boundary of a Non-isolated Surface Singularity
MIMO Communication for Cellular Networks
Minerals as Advanced Materials II
Minimal Residual Disease and Circulating Tumor Cells in Breast Cancer
Minimally Invasive Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery: Textbook and Atlas
Minimally Invasive Thyroidectomy
Mining for Strategic Competitive Intelligence: Foundations and Applications
Mining Text Data
Mining the Earth's Heat: Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Energy
Miracle of Education: The Principles and Practices of Teaching and Learning in Finnish Schools
Mistake of Law: Excusing Perpetrators of International Crimes
Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Neurodegenerative Disorders
Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking, and Services: 7th International ICST Conference, MobiQuitous 2010, Sydeny, Australia, December 6-9, 2010, Revised Selected Papers
Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking, and Services: 8th International ICST Conference, MobiQuitous 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark, December 6-9, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Mobile Computing, Applications, and Services: Second International ICST Conference, MobiCASE 2010, Santa Clara, CA, USA, October 25-28, 2010, Revised Selected Papers
Mobile Computing, Applications, and Services: Third International Conference, MobiCASE 2011, Los Angeles, CA, USA, October 24-27, 2011. Revised Selected Papers
Mobile Context Awareness
Mobile Intention Recognition. - 1
Mobile Lightweight Wireless Systems: Third International ICST Conference, MOBILIGHT 2011, Bilbao, Spain, May 9-10, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Mobile Multimedia Communications: 7th International ICST Conference, MOBIMEDIA 2011, Cagliari, Italy, September 5-7, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Mobile Multimedia Communications: 6th International ICST Conference, MOBIMEDIA 2010, Lisbon, Portugal, September 6-8, 2010. Revised Selected Papers
Mobile Networks and Management: Third International ICST Conference, MONAMI 2011, Aveiro, Portugal, September 21-23, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Mobile Phone Security and Forensics: A Practical Approach
Mobile Wireless Middleware, Operating Systems, and Applications: 4th International ICST Conference, Mobilware 2011, London, UK, June 22-24, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Model Predictive Vibration Control: Efficient Constrained MPC Vibration Control for Lightly Damped Mechanical Structures
Model-Based Development and Evolution of Information Systems: A Quality Approach
Model-Based Engineering of Embedded Systems: The SPES 2020 Methodology
Modeling and Control of Sustainable Power Systems: Towards Smarter and Greener Electric Grids
Modeling and Simulation in Engineering, Economics and Management: International Conference, MS 2012, New Rochelle, NY, USA, May 30 - June 1, 2012. Proceedings
Modeling Multi-commodity Trade: Information Exchange Methods
Modeling the Dynamics and Consequences of Land System Change
Modeling Time in Computing
Modeling, Control and Coordination of Helicopter Systems
Modeling, Learning, and Processing of Text Technological Data Structures
Modellistica Numerica per Problemi Differenziali. - Quinta edizione.
Models of Science Dynamics: Encounters Between Complexity Theory and Information Sciences
Modern Advances in Intelligent Systems and Tools
Modern Clinical Molecular Techniques
Modern Compiler Design. - Second edition 2012.
Modern Energy Markets: Real-Time Pricing, Renewable Resources and Efficient Distribution
Modern Theories of Many-Particle Systems in Condensed Matter Physics
Modern Thermodynamics: Based on the Extended Carnot Theorem
Modern TRIZ: A Practical Course with EASyTRIZ Technology
Modified Inferior Turbinoplasty: A New Surgical Approach
Modular Neural Networks and Type-2 Fuzzy Systems for Pattern Recognition
Mohs Micrographic Surgery
Molecular and Translational Vascular Medicine
Molecular Genetics and Personalized Medicine
Molecular Modeling and Multiscaling Issues for Electronic Material Applications
Molecular Pathology of Lung Cancer
Molecular Theory of the Living Cell: Concepts, Molecular Mechanisms, and Biomedical Applications
Monitoring the Nervous System for Anesthesiologists and Other Health Care Professionals. - 1
Moon: Prospective Energy and Material Resources
Morphogenetic Engineering: Toward Programmable Complex Systems
Morphotactics: Basque Auxiliaries and the Structure of Spellout
Mortality and Causes of Death in 20th-Century Ukraine
Mother-Scholar: (Re)imagining K-12 Education
Movement Disorders: A Video Atlas
The MPEG Representation of Digital Media. - 1
MRI Handbook: MR Physics, Patient Positioning, and Protocols
Multi Criteria Analysis in the Renewable Energy Industry
Multi-Locomotion Robotic Systems: New Concepts of Bio-inspired Robotics
Multi-scale Dynamical Processes in Space and Astrophysical Plasmas
Multicore Programming Using the ParC Language
Multidimensional Ranking: The Design and Development of U-Multirank
Multidisciplinary Approaches to Allergies
Multidisciplinary Management of Rectal Cancer: Questions and Answers
Multifunctional Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery Applications: Imaging, Targeting, and Delivery
Multilingual Information Retrieval: From Research To Practice
Multimedia and Signal Processing: Second International Conference, CMSP 2012, Shanghai, China, December 7-9, 2012. Proceedings
Multimedia Communications, Services and Security: 5th International Conference, MCSS 2012, Krakow, Poland, May 31–June 1, 2012. Proceedings
Multimedia for Cultural Heritage: First International Workshop, MM4CH 2011, Modena, Italy, May 3, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Multimedia Signals and Systems
Multimedia, Computer Graphics and Broadcasting: International Conference, MulGraB 2011, Held as Part of the Future Generation Information Technology Conference, FGIT 2011, in Conjunction with GDC 2011, Jeju Island, Korea, December 8-10, 2011. Proceedings, Part I
Multiphase Flow Dynamics 1: Fundamentals
Multiphase Flow Dynamics 2: Mechanical Interactions
Multiphase Flow Dynamics 3: Thermal Interactions
Multiphase Flow Dynamics 4: Turbulence, Gas Adsorption and Release, Diesel Fuel Properties
Multiphase Flow Dynamics 5: Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics
Multiphase Microfluidics: The Diffuse Interface Model
Multiphoton Processes and Attosecond Physics: Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Multiphoton Processes (ICOMP12) and the 3rd International Conference on Attosecond Physics (ATTO3)
Multiple Fuzzy Classification Systems
Multiresonator-Based Chipless RFID: Barcode of the Future
Multiscale and Adaptivity: Modeling, Numerics and Applications: C.I.M.E. Summer School, Cetraro, Italy 2009, Editors: Giovanni Naldi, Giovanni Russo
Multislice-CT of the Abdomen
Multivariate Methods of Representing Relations in R for Prioritization Purposes: Selective Scaling, Comparative Clustering, Collective Criteria and Sequenced Sets
Muslim Merit-making in Thailand's Far-South
The Muslim World in the 21st Century: Space, Power, and Human Development
Myeloproliferative Neoplasms: Critical Concepts and Management
Nanodevices and Nanomaterials for Ecological Security
Nanodust in the Solar System: Discoveries and Interpretations
Nanometer CMOS Sigma-Delta Modulators for Software Defined Radio
Nanophotonic Fabrication: Self-Assembly and Deposition Techniques
Narrative Soundings: An Anthology of Narrative Inquiry in Music Education
National Security and Human Health Implications of Climate Change
National Strategies to Harness Information Technology: Seeking Transformation in Singapore, Finland, the Philippines, and South Africa
Natural Computing in Computational Finance: Volume 4
Natural Fabrications: Science, Emergence and Consciousness
Natural Hazard Mitigation Policy: Implementation, Organizational Choice, and Contextual Dynamics
Natural Language Processing and Chinese Computing: First CCF Conference, NLPCC 2012, Beijing, China, October 31-November 5, 2012. Proceedings
Natural Processes and Human Impacts: Interactions between Humanity and the Environment
Natural Resources, Sustainability and Humanity: A Comprehensive View
Nature Inspired Cooperative Strategies for Optimization (NICSO 2011)
The Nature of a House: Building a World that Works
Nature-Inspired Fluid Mechanics: Results of the DFG Priority Programme 1207 "Nature-inspired Fluid Mechanics" 2006-2012
Navier-Stokes-Fourier Equations: A Rational Asymptotic Modelling Point of View
The NCL Natural Constraint Language
The Need for an Integrated Regulatory Regime for Aviation and Space: ICAO for Space?
Negotiating Public Health in a Globalized World: Global Health Diplomacy in Action
Negotiation in Decentralization: Case Study of China's Carbon Trading in the Power Sector
Neighbourhood Effects Research: New Perspectives
Neonatal Cranial Ultrasonography. - Second edition 2012.
Neonatology: A Practical Approach to Neonatal Diseases
Netherlands Yearbook of International Law 2011: Agora: The Case of Iraq: International Law and Politics
Network Computing and Information Security: Second International Conference, NCIS 2012, Shanghai, China, December 7-9, 2012. Proceedings
Network Inference in Molecular Biology: A Hands-on Framework
Networked Digital Technologies: 4th International Conference, NDT 2012, Dubai, UAE, April 24-26, 2012. Proceedings, Part I
Networked Digital Technologies: 4th International Conference, NDT 2012, Dubai, UAE, April 24-26, 2012, Proceedings, Part II
A Neural Network Approach to Fluid Quantity Measurement in Dynamic Environments
The Neurologic Diagnosis: A Practical Bedside Approach. - 1
Neurology: An Evidence-Based Approach. - 1
Neuropsychiatric Dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis
Neurorehabilitation Technology
Neuroscienze dell' attività motoria: Verso un sistema cognitivo-motorio
Neutron Capture Therapy: Principles and Applications
Nevogenesis: Mechanisms and Clinical Implications of Nevus Development
New Approaches in Modeling Multiphase Flows and Dispersion in Turbulence, Fractal Methods and Synthetic Turbulence
New Connectivities in China: Virtual, Actual and Local Interactions
New Environmentalism: Managing New Zealand's Environmental Diversity
New Eyes on the Sun: A Guide to Satellite Images and Amateur Observation
New Eyes on the Universe: Twelve Cosmic Mysteries and the Tools We Need to Solve Them
The New Inheritors: Transforming Young People's Expectations of University
New Media and Sport: International Legal Aspects
New Perspectives on Individual Differences in Language Learning and Teaching
The New Politics of the Textbook: Problematizing the Portrayal of Marginalized Groups in Textbooks
The New Politics of the Textbook: Critical Analysis in the Core Content Areas
A New Target Detector Based on Geometrical Perturbation Filters for Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (POL-SAR)
New Trends in Agent-Based Complex Automated Negotiations
The New Uranium Mining Boom: Challenge and Lessons learned. - 1
The Newcom++ Vision Book: Perspectives of Research on Wireless Communications in Europe
Newton's Gravity: An Introductory Guide to the Mechanics of the Universe
The Next Generation of Distance Education: Unconstrained Learning
Next Generation of Photovoltaics: New Concepts
NGOs as Legitimate Partners of Corporations: A Political Conceptualization
Niels Bohr and Complementarity: An Introduction
Nocturia: Causes, Consequences and Clinical Approaches
Noise and Vibration Mitigation for Rail Transportation Systems: Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on RailwayNoise, Nagahama, Japan, 18–22 October 2010
Non-Centrosymmetric Superconductors: Introduction and Overview
Non-Destructive Assessment of Concrete Structures: Reliability and Limits of Single and Combined Techniques: State-of-the-Art Report of the RILEM Technical Committee 207-INR
Non-Renewable Resource Issues: Geoscientific and Societal Challenges
Nongynecologic Cytopathology: A Practical Guide. - 1
Nonlinear Approaches in Engineering Applications
Nonlinear Control Synthesis for Electrical Power Systems Using Controllable Series Capacitors
Nonlinear Dynamic Phenomena in Mechanics
Nonlinear Flow Phenomena and Homotopy Analysis: Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
Nonlinear Internal Waves in Lakes
Nonlinear Optics and Laser Emission through Random Media
Nonlinear Optics and Solid-State Lasers: Advanced Concepts, Tuning-Fundamentals and Applications
Nonlinear Optics in the Filamentation Regime
Nonlinear Photonics and Novel Optical Phenomena
Nonlinear Waves and Solitons on Contours and Closed Surfaces. - Second edition 2012.
Nordic Contributions in IS Research: Third Scandinavian Conference on Information Systems, SCIS 2012, Sigtuna, Sweden, August 17–20, 2012. Proceedings
Normal Ultrasound Anatomy of the Musculoskeletal System: A pratical guide
Note di fotonica
Novel Insights in the Neurochemistry and Function of Pulmonary Sensory Receptors
Novel Techniques for Dialectal Arabic Speech Recognition
Nuclear Endocrinology
The Nuclear Environmentalist: Is There a Green Road to Nuclear Energy?
Nuclear Medicine Imaging: An Encyclopedic Dictionary
Nuclear Physics with Polarized Particles
Numerical Analysis of Vibrations of Structures under Moving Inertial Load
Nutrient Indicator Models for Determining Biologically Relevant Levels: A case study based on the Corn Belt and Northern Great Plain Nutrient Ecoregion
Nutritional Health: Strategies for Disease Prevention. - Third edition 2012.
Nutritional Management of Cancer Treatment Effects
Obama and The End of the American Dream: Essays in Political and Economic Philosophy
Obama and The End of the American Dream: Essays in Political and Economic Philosophy
Objective-C Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach
Observation and Ecology: Broadening the Scope of Science to Understand a Complex World
Observational Astrophysics. - Third edition 2012.
Observing and Measuring Visual Double Stars. - Second edition 2013.
Observing the Messier Objects with a Small Telescope: In the Footsteps of a Great Observer
Ocean Dynamics
Ocean Governance: A Way Forward
Ocular Blood Flow
Offshore Wind Energy Cost Modeling: Installation and Decommissioning
On Gauge Fixing Aspects of the Infrared Behavior of Yang-Mills Green Functions
On Integrating Unmanned Aircraft Systems into the National Airspace System: Issues, Challenges, Operational Restrictions, Certification, and Recommendations. - Second updated edition.
On Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets Theory
On Location: Heritage Cities and Sites
On the Edge: (Auto)biography and Pedagogical Theories on Religious Education
On the Formation of the Most Massive Stars in the Galaxy
On the Mathematics of Modelling, Metamodelling, Ontologies and Modelling Languages
On the Periphery of the Periphery: Household Archaeology at Hacienda San Juan Bautista Tabi, Yucatán, Mexico
Onboard Computers, Onboard Software and Satellite Operations: An Introduction
Oncofertility Medical Practice: Clinical Issues and Implementation
One-Day, One-Problem: An Approach to Problem-based Learning
One-dot Theory Described, Explained, Inferred, Justified, and Applied
One-Shot Color Astronomical Imaging: In Less Time, For Less Money!
Online Maps with APIs and WebServices
Ontology Engineering in a Networked World
Open Quantum Systems: An Introduction
Open Source Systems: Long-Term Sustainability: 8th IFIP WG 2.13 International Conference, OSS 2012, Hammamet, Tunisia, September 10-13, 2012. Proceedings
Open, Laparoscopic and Robotic Hepatic Transection: Tools and Methods
Opening the Cage: Critique and Politics of Mathematics Education
Operational and Environmental Consequences of Large Industrial Cooling Water Systems
Operational Semantics and Verification of Security Protocols
Operative Dictations in General and Vascular Surgery. - Second edition.
Opportunities and Challenges for Applied Demography in the 21st Century
Optical Coherence Tomography: A Clinical and Technical Update
Optical Cooling Using the Dipole Force
Optical Interferometry for Biology and Medicine
Optical Properties of Nanostructured Metallic Systems: Studied with the Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method
Optical Transmission: The FP7 BONE Project Experience
Optimal Mobile Sensing and Actuation Policies in Cyber-physical Systems
Optimal Sensor Networks Scheduling in Identification of Distributed Parameter Systems
Optimised Projections for the Ab Initio Simulation of Large and Strongly Correlated Systems
Optimization and Performance Analysis of High Speed Mobile Access Networks
Optimization Based Clearance of Flight Control Laws: A Civil Aircraft Application
Optimization of Photovoltaic Power Systems: Modelization, Simulation and Control
Organising the Firm: Theories of Commercial Law, Corporate Governance and Corporate Law
The Origins of the Horizon in Husserl's Phenomenology
Our Explosive Sun: A Visual Feast of Our Source of Light and Life
Overactive Bladder in Clinical Practice
Packaging for Sustainability
The Paleogene and Neogene of Western Iberia (Portugal): A Cenozoic record in the European Atlantic domain
Paleontology in Ecology and Conservation
Palliative Care in Clinical Practice
Parallel Architectures and Bioinspired Algorithms
Parametric Analog Signal Amplification Applied to Nanoscale CMOS Technologies
Parametric Resonance in Dynamical Systems
Particelle e interazioni fondamentali: Il mondo delle particelle. - Segunda Edición.
Particle Accelerators, Colliders, and the Story of High Energy Physics: Charming the Cosmic Snake
Particles and Fundamental Interactions: An Introduction to Particle Physics
Particles and Fundamental Interactions: Supplements, Problems and Solutions: A Deeper Insight into Particle Physics
Party-Voter Linkage in Africa: Ghana and Senegal in Comparative Perspective
Passion, Death, and Spirituality: The Philosophy of Robert C. Solomon
Passive Methods as a Solution for Improving Indoor Environments
Pastoral practices in High Asia: Agency of 'development' effected by modernisation, resettlement and transformation
Patch Testing and Prick Testing: A Practical Guide Official Publication of the ICDRG. - Third edition 2012.
Patenting Nanomedicines: Legal Aspects, Intellectual Property and Grant Opportunities
Pathologie vasculaire du tube digestif: Physiopathologie, diagnostic et traitement
Pathology of the Human Placenta. - Sixth edition 2012.
Patient-Specific Computational Modeling
Patient-Specific Modeling in Tomorrow's Medicine
Pattern Recognition: Chinese Conference, CCPR 2012, Beijing, China, September 24-26, 2012. Proceedings
Patterns, Programming and Everything
Pedagogies for Development: The Politics and Practice of Child-Centred Education in India
The Pedagogy of the Open Society: Knowledge and the Governance of Higher Education
Pediatric Critical Care Study Guide: Text and Review
Pediatric Dialysis. - Second edition 2012.
Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery
Pediatric Metabolic Syndrome: Comprehensive Clinical Review and Related Health Issues
Pediatric Neoplasia: Advances in Molecular Pathology and Translational Medicine
Pediatric Orthopedic Surgical Emergencies
Pediatric Sedation Outside of the Operating Room: A Multispecialty International Collaboration
Peeking at Peak Oil
Peer-to-Peer Query Processing over Multidimensional Data
PEM Fuel Cells with Bio-Ethanol Processor Systems: A Multidisciplinary Study of Modelling, Simulation, Fault Diagnosis and Advanced Control
Penetrating Trauma: A Practical Guide on Operative Technique and Peri-Operative Management
Pensare l'impossibile: Dialogo infinito tra arte e scienza
PeopleSoft for the Oracle DBA
Percutaneous Treatment of Left Side Cardiac Valves: A Practical Guide for the Interventional Cardiologist. - Second edition.
Performance Metrics for Haptic Interfaces
Perioperative Addiction: Clinical Management of the Addicted Patient
Perioperative Two-Dimensional Transesophageal Echocardiography: A Practical Handbook
Peripheral and Cerebrovascular Intervention
Permafrost Hydrology
Personalisation of Education in Contexts: Policy Critique and Theories of Personal Improvement
Personnes âgées et réanimation
The Persons in Relation Perspective: In Counselling, Psychotherapy and Community Adult Learning
Perspectives in Business Informatics Research: 11th International Conference, BIR 2012, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, September 24-26, 2012. Proceedings
Perspectives on Environmental Management and Technology in Asian River Basins
Perspectives on Human Suffering
Perspectives on Males and Singing
Perspectives on Scientific Argumentation: Theory, Practice and Research
Perspectives on Teaching and Learning Chinese Literacy in China
Perspectives on Teaching and Learning English Literacy in China
Pervasive Mobile and Ambient Wireless Communications: COST Action 2100
PET-CT and PET-MRI in Oncology: A Practical Guide
PET-CT: Rare Findings and Diseases
Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence for the Regulatory Affairs Professional
Phase Interaction in the Metal - Oxide Melts - Gas -System: The Modeling of Structure, Properties and Processes
Philosophical Dimensions of Human Rights: Some Contemporary Views
Philosophical Faith and the Future of Humanity
Philosophy and Cognitive Science: Western & Eastern Studies
Philosophy of Behavioral Biology
The Philosophy of Computer Games
Phosphate Phosphors for Solid-State Lighting
Photomodulated Optical Reflectance: A Fundamental Study Aimed at Non-Destructive Carrier Profiling in Silicon
Photons in Natural and Life Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Photophysics of Carbon Nanotubes Interfaced with Organic and Inorganic Materials
Phronesis as Professional Knowledge: Practical Wisdom in the Professions
Physeal Injury Other Than Fracture
Physical Systems: Conceptual Pathways between Flat Space-time and Matter
Physicians' Pathways to Non-Traditional Careers and Leadership Opportunities
Physicomimetics: Physics-Based Swarm Intelligence
Physics of Collisional Plasmas: Introduction to High-Frequency Discharges
The Physics of Ferromagnetism
The Physics of Invisibility: A Story of Light and Deception
The Physics of Music and Color. - 1
Physics of Nanostructured Solid State Devices
Physics of Transitional Shear Flows: Instability and Laminar–Turbulent Transition in Incompressible Near-Wall Shear Layers
Phytothérapie anti-infectieuse
The Pi-Theorem: Applications to Fluid Mechanics and Heat and Mass Transfer
The Picture Book of Quantum Mechanics. - Fourth edition 2012.
PID Control in the Third Millennium: Lessons Learned and New Approaches
Pitfalls of Shoreline Stabilization: Selected Case Studies
Planetary Nebulae and How to Observe Them
The Plant Family Brassicaceae: Contribution Towards Phytoremediation
Plant Reintroduction in a Changing Climate: Promises and Perils
Plasma Astrophysics, Part I: Fundamentals and Practice. - Second edition 2012.
Plasma Turbulence in the Solar System
Plasmonics: From Basics to Advanced Topics
Plastic Surgery: A Problem Based Approach
Plexus brachial Actualités et perspectives: Compte rendu du XXVIe congrès ANMSR
Police Organization and Training: Innovations in Research and Practice
Policing Muslim Communities: Comparative International Context
Policy, Discourse and Rhetoric: How New Labour Challenged Social Justice and Democracy
The Politicization of Parenthood: Shifting private and public responsibilities in education and child rearing
Politics and Development in a Transboundary Watershed: The Case of the Lower Mekong Basin
A Politics of Inevitability: The Privatisation of the Berlin Water Company, the Global City Discourse, and Governance in 1990s Berlin
The Politics of Military Reform: Experiences from Indonesia and Nigeria
Politics, Participation & Power Relations: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Critical Citizenship in the Classroom and Community
Polyfluorinated Chemicals and Transformation Products
Population Aging: The Transformation of Societies
Population Dynamics in Muslim Countries: Assembling the Jigsaw
Portraits of 21st Century Chinese Universities: In the Move to Mass Higher Education
Possibility Theory and the Risk
Post 9/11 and the State of Permanent Legal Emergency: Security and Human Rights in Countering Terrorism
Power Distribution and Performance Analysis for Wireless Communication Networks
Power Electronic Packaging: Design, Assembly Process, Reliability and Modeling
Power in the 21st Century: International Security and International Political Economy in a Changing World
The Power Makers' Challenge: And the Need for Fission Energy
Power Plays: Energy Options in the Age of Peak Oil
Power Scaling of Enhancement Cavities for Nonlinear Optics
Power Theories for Improved Power Quality
Powered Flight: The Engineering of Aerospace Propulsion
Practical 3D Printers
Practical Applications of Evolutionary Computation to Financial Engineering: Robust Techniques for Forecasting, Trading and Hedging
Practical Applications of Intelligent Systems: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering, Shanghai, China, Dec 2011 (ISKE2011)
Practical Aspects of Design Science: European Design Science Symposium, EDSS 2011, Leixlip, Ireland, October 14, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Practical AVR Microcontrollers: Games, Gadgets, and Home Automation with the Microcontroller Used in Arduino
Practical ECG Holter: 100 Cases. - 1
Practical Handbook for Small-Gauge Vitrectomy: A Step-By-Step Introduction to Surgical Techniques
Practical Handbook of Endoscopic Ultrasonography
Practical Handbook of Thoracic Anesthesia. - 1
Practical HTML5 Projects
Practical Issues in Anesthesia and Intensive Care
Practical Load Balancing: Ride the Performance Tiger
Practical Manual of In Vitro Fertilization: Advanced Methods and Novel Devices
Practical Procedures in Elective Orthopaedic Surgery: Pelvis and Lower Extremity
Practical Procedures in Elective Orthopedic Surgery: Upper Extremity and Spine
Practical Procedures in Orthopedic Surgery: Joint Aspiration/Injection, Bone Graft Harvesting and Lower Limb Amputations
Practical SharePoint 2010 Information Architecture
The Practice of Enterprise Modeling: 5th IFIP WG 8.1 Working Conference, PoEM 2012, Rostock, Germany, November 7-8, 2012. Proceedings
The Practice of Theoretical Curiosity
Practice, Learning and Change: Practice-Theory Perspectives on Professional Learning
Practice-Based Education: Perspectives and Strategies
Practice-Driven Research on Enterprise Transformation: 4th Working Conference, PRET 2012, Gdansk, Poland, June 27, 2012. Proceedings
A Practitioner's Guide to Prescribing Antiepileptics and Mood Stabilizers for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
Pragmatics and Prosody in English Language Teaching
Pratique de la défibrillation cardiaque implantable
Precarious International Multicultural Education: Hegemony, Dissent and Rising Alternatives
Precipitation Modeling and Quantitative Analysis
Precision Assembly Technologies and Systems: 6th IFIP WG 5.5 International Precision Assembly Seminar, IPAS 2012, Chamonix, France, February 12-15, 2012. Proceedings
Predicting Prosody from Text for Text-to-Speech Synthesis
Preliminary Reconnaissance Report of the 2011 Tohoku-Chiho Taiheiyo-Oki Earthquake
Preparation, Practice, and Politics of Teachers: Problems and Prospects in Comparative Perspective
Prevention and Treatment of Complications in Proctological Surgery
Prevention of Bone Metastases
Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes: From Science to Therapy
Primary Liver Cancer: Surveillance, Diagnosis and Treatment
Primary Liver Cancer: Challenges and Perspectives
Prime Divisors and Noncommutative Valuation Theory
A Primer for Chiral Perturbation Theory
A Primer of Multicast Routing
A Primer of Neuroimmunological Disease
Principles of Electronic Prescribing. - Second edition 2012.
Principles of Health Interoperability HL7 and SNOMED. - Second edition 2012.
Principles of Human Joint Replacement: Design and Clinical Application
Principles of Metabolic Surgery
Principles of Mobile Communication
Principles of Renal Physiology. - Fifth edition 2012.
Principles of Research Methodology: A Guide for Clinical Investigators
Principles of Tidal Sedimentology
Prisoners of the International Community: The Legal Position of Persons Detained at International Criminal Tribunals
Privacy and Identity Management for Life: 7th IFIP WG 9.2, 9.6/11.7, 11.4, 11.6/PrimeLife International Summer School, Trento, Italy, September 5-9, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
Privacy Impact Assessment
Pro .NET Performance
Pro Android 4
Pro Android Apps Performance Optimization
Pro Android Augmented Reality
Pro Android C++ with the NDK
Pro Android Games. - Second edition.
Pro Android Web Game Apps: Using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
Pro Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2012. - Second edition.
Pro Business Applications with Silverlight 5