/* 29-NOV-1999 TJS v1.1 Adjusted destructor call 09-Dec-1999 TJS v1.2 Added some output (reset "flash") 10-Nov-2000 TJS v1.3 Removed output (reset "flash") 28-Nov-2005 GB v2.5.1.1 Added call to insert_stat_rec.glue (PRL 8413) 06-Mar-2009 TJS v8.0.0.1 OLB-8487 - Adjusted to resolve SSO problem that "prevented" logout. 18-Aug-2009 GB OLB-9935 - Moved insert_stat_rec.glue call above desctructor call. =========== OLIB 8.1 Developments =============================================== 11-Mar-2010 TJS OLB-10417 - Moved session management to Web_Session_Mgr 17-Mar-2010 GB OLB-10195 - Added OLIB_SESSION and authent_tokenname cookie updates. 27-Jul-2010 TJS OLB-9996 - Adjusted to reduce SGA usage - allowing share of cursor and reducing SQL Injection vulnerability 06-Sep-2010 GB OLB-10195 - Modified to destroy OLIB_SESSION and authen_tokenname cookies rather than changing their values. =========== OLIB Aquitaine Developments ========================================= 27-Sep-2010 GB OLB-10195 - Added redirect_url_logout. 11-Oct-2010 GB OLB-10195 - Added die() at end 12-Nov-2010 GB OLB-10195 - Modified logout_redir_url=true section ================================================================================= */ xif([cond=decode(statistics, "Y", true, false)], [stat_type = "99" run "insert_stat_rec.glue"], []) cookie_exp = SingleStringSQL("select to_char(to_date(to_char(sysdate, 'J') || '.00000', 'J.SSSSS'), 'Dy, DD-Mon-YYYY HH24:MI:SS') from dual") set_sso_cookie=[ xif("cond=decode(cookie_val, null, false, true)", concat("format(",q,"Set-Cookie: %cookie_nam%=%cookie_val%; expires=%cookie_exp% ",q,") "), "") ] xif([cond=decode(session, "", false, true)], [cookie_nam="OLIB_SESSION" cookie_val="99" Exec(set_sso_cookie) authent_tokenname=decode(authent_tokenname, "", SingleStringSQL("select authent_tokenname from web_sysglobs"), authent_tokenname) cookie_nam=authent_tokenname cookie_val="ZZZZZ" Exec(set_sso_cookie) ExecPLSQL1("begin Web_Session_Mgr.destroy(:a); end;", "session")], []) logout_redir_url = SingleStringSQL("select redirect_url_logout from web_sysglobs") xif([cond=decode(logout_redir_url, "", false, true)], [//Just set cgif to logout_redir_url here. config.glue will take care of redirection without displaying garbage on the screen cgif = logout_redir_url], [])